First Look: A Mighty Handful Of Hunt Gear Innovation [New For 2020]

When hunt gear gets lighter, smarter and more affordable, hunters everywhere need to know.

by Mark Melotik

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When hunt gear gets lighter, smarter and more affordable, hunters everywhere need to know.

HSS Shadow 900

Hunter Safety System Shadow. Proven safety technology that’s now lighter and more affordable? Kudos to Hunter Safety System for introducing the new Shadow harness ($49.99) that is the latest and lightest harness in the proven HSS lineup. Simple by design yet also built to be comfortable and rugged, the Shadow weighs a mere 27 ounces, and, like all HSS harnesses, it features a comfortable fit design and tactical release buckles so that it goes on easy and has no dangling straps or weave-through buckles. It can be worn over lightweight clothes or underneath cold-weather gear for all-season use. Available in brown, the Shadow comes with a standard tree strap, suspension relief strap, safe-use instructions and DVD.

WildgameInsiteCell 900

Wildgame Innovations Insite Cell & Insite Air Game Scouting Cameras. Here are two neat new ways to monitor the game using your hunt areas, while minimizing human disturbance. The all-new Insite Cell trail camera (above, $199.99) lets you take your favorite hunt spot with you wherever you go, by pairing with your cell phone to send an automatic photo update anytime, anywhere. You also get premium upgrades, including Adaptive Illumination, invisible Lightsout illumination and an industry-leading 32-megapixel image clarity. It works nationwide on any network.

WildGameInsiteAir 900With the new Insite Air (above, $149.99) you can download from a distance without disrupting your hunting area. The Insite Air uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the WGI app, sending all photos and videos to your device with the simple press of a button. Just get within 150 yards of your camera, and you’ll receive a notification to download. The Insite Air delivers a 100-yard illumination range, half-second trigger speed, 24-megapixel images and HD 720p videos. No cell service is required! On both cameras, 42 black infrared LEDs mask illumination to keep your camera location completely hidden.SummitHeatedSeat2.0 900

Summit Handwarmer & Heated Seat 2.0. Here’s a company that knows there are few shortcuts to hunting success; few things trump spending more time in the woods and these smart new products can help. The Heated Seat 2.0 (above, $79.99) improves on the company’s original Heated Seat with improved ergonomics and design that attaches more securely to treestand seats. The battery and heating unit, which can be removed so that the seat can be washed as needed, provides up to four hours of constant warmth. The lithium battery is rechargeable and features dual USB ports that can be used to charge smartphones or other portable electronic devices.SummitHandwarmer 900Summit’s new Handwarmer (above, $79.99) uses a rechargeable lithium battery (also with USB ports for charging portable devices) to power an internal heating element. The Handwarmer has a durable nylon shell with a zippered accessory pocket and an adjustable waist strap.Vine 900TheVine by ScrapeFix. Most avid whitetailers know that vertically hanging licking branches are the key to building deer-attracting mock scrapes. Whitetails can’t resist vertically hanging branches and will travel long distances to visit these locations. TheVine ($33.99) is the answer when the goal is a perfect licking branch, or licking branch/mock scrape combo near your trail camera locations or shooting lanes. TheVine Package comes with a 5-foot fully adjustable vine and a bottle of ScrapeFix scent. Simply place The Vine on any tree, adjust to desired height and watch it work.   

 HuntersKloak-Ghost 900

Kloak Mister Ghost by Hunter’s Kloak. Consistently attracting bucks to scent setups is now easier than ever with the improved Kloak Mister Ghost ($42.99), which offers a revamped rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours for longer-lasting coverage. The mist from the lightweight, compact device travels naturally with the wind, and the virtually silent operation won’t spook target animals. The Mister’s transducer converts scent from the chosen cartridge into a fine mist emitted into the air, covering your scent or attracting your target with the smell of estrous or a chosen food source. The adjustable time-control mist flow offers 6-, 9-, or 15-second delay options.

ScentCrusherGearBag 900

Scent Crusher Halo Series Ozone Gear Bag. Remember when hunting gear bags were just…bags? This new offering from Scent Crusher shows how far we’ve come, with plenty of features that include eliminating odors before and after a hunt. That comes with the bag’s maintenance-free Digital Ozone Generator, which includes a 12V adapter and 110V charger, and is airport/TSA compliant. Simply place your gear in the bag, zip it up and set the timer. The 28×10.5×12-inch Gear Bag features three pockets and backpack straps along with Techno-lite fabric construction with weather-resistant base, and is completely complementary to carbon/silver-lined scent-control clothing and extends the life of the item with reduced laundering.



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