First Look: Best New Broadheads For 2020

Sweet fixed heads and mechanicals. Devastating hybrids. Don't be surprised if this brief glimpse of the year's new broadheads kick-starts your planning for new bowhunting adventures.

by Mark Melotik

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Sweet fixed heads and mechanicals. Devastating hybrids. Don’t be surprised if this brief glimpse of the year’s new broadheads kick-starts your planning for new bowhunting adventures.

G5StrikerX 900G5 Striker-X 4-Blade Broadhead. Four-blade broadheads have been hot, and for 2020 G5 Outdoors enters the fun with the Striker-X, the company’s first four-blade head. Constructed with replaceable Lutz blades, which G5 touts as the sharpest in the industry, the 100-percent stainless steel Striker-X has a 1.25-inch cutting diameter and packs 33-percent more cutting power when compared to the three-bladed Striker V2 (which took home the Silver award in the HuntStand 2019 Ultimate Broadhead Field Test). You will also find a machined ferrule and G5’s proven Anix Blade Locking System. The Striker-X is available in 100- and 125-grain options and is also available in crossbow versions.RamcatDiamondBack 900Ramcat Diamondback Hybrid Broadhead. At first glance most hybrid heads are among the deadliest-looking designs you’ve ever seen, and measured on this scale the new Diamondback Hybrid ($44.99) surely doesn’t disappoint. Out front is a fixed blade single bevel that delivers a 7/8-inch initial cut with a concave air foil scoop tip designed for lethal accuracy and penetration. Backing that up is a pair of mechanical blades that deploy to deliver a cutting diameter of just over a 2 inches on impact, yet are secured in flight with a dependable O-ring system.WaspHavalonNV 900Wasp Havalon HV 125. How do you improve on the Editor’s Choice winner in the HuntStand 2019 Ultimate Broadhead Field Test? Add a 125-grain version. As stated the three-blade, 100-grain Havalon HV fixed head took home our top honor last year and remains, while the new 125-grain version ($44.99/3) offers the same winning construction. Both offer an aerodynamic, ultra-compact, aerospace-grade aluminum ferrule that’s designed to provide field-point accuracy and easy tuning; the .035-inch thick surgical sharp stainless steel blades combine for a 1 3/16-inch cutting diameter. As with all Wasp fixed blade broadheads, the blades are easily replaced and each pack comes with three complete broadheads and 6 replacement blades.MuzzyOne2020 900Muzzy One Adds 85- & 125-grain Heads. For 2020 Muzzy is offering more of a good thing by expanding its Muzzy One lineup of one-piece, three-blade broadheads. The new 85- (1-inch cut) and 125-grain (1.25-inch cut) versions join the line’s proven 100-grain head and its 1.12-inch cut, to offer a solution for virtually any setup. The Muzzy One ($45.99/3) with its three deadly .046-inch-thick blades is machined from a single piece of premium stainless steel, giving the company the ability to precisely control all tolerances. The hybrid chisel/cut-on-contact tip is designed to blast through bone for incredible penetrating power, while precision-positioned blade vents help ensure the One flies with consistent accuracy. Maybe best of all, these heads can easily be resharpened on a flat stone. SIK SK2CB Top 900SIKSK2CB 900

SIK Broadheads SK2 CB. Good news for crossbow users everywhere: SIK has expanded its proven SK2 mechanical broadhead concept with the SK2 CB broadhead ($49.99/3), designed specifically for crossbows and engineered to handle all crossbow speeds. Featuring the ability to deliver a 2-inch offset entry wound and a 3.625-inch cutting surface, the SK2 CB uses the SIK patented FliteLoc Technology to guarantee the signature Offset Blade Design will deploy on impact. The key is the included FliteLoc clip, which holds the blades in place until the exact moment of impact. The Offset Blade Design creates a unique wound channel design, allowing for a larger wound channel resulting in a quick, ethical kill.G5MegaMeat 900G5 MegaMeat Broadhead.  Here’s another fine example of expanding a successful line. The new big brother to the original Deadmeat mechanical, the MegaMeat utilizes the same proven construction as its predecessor with an expandable three-blade design, but now features a massive 2-inch cutting diameter (25-percent more cutting diameter than the Deadmeat). You’ll also find super-tough machined 100-percent stainless-steel construction, with a tip that is perpendicular to the expanding blades. This allows the blades of the broadhead to open easier and sooner than ever before. The MegaMeat is available in 100- and 125-grain configurations, along with a crossbow version (all options are $46.95/3) for higher speeds and harder impacts. The standard edition retainers, which are blue in color, are good for all bows and crossbows up to 390 fps. All 390+ fps crossbows should use the crossbow edition retainer, which is red in color.RocketSiphonClosed 900RocketSiphonOpen 900Rocket Broadheads Siphon & Siphon XB. Looking for a true cutting-edge mechanical? Rocket’s new 100-grain Siphon (shown above) and crossbow-specific Siphon XB (both $39.99/3) offer all-new internal blade-locking technology, removing the need for broadhead bands or clips. It also provides reliable blade retention and prevents the blades from prematurely deploying until impact. The Siphon mechanical broadheads produce a large 1 ¾-inch cutting diameter, starting with the bone-crushing stainless steel tip and ending with three razor-sharp 0.035-inch stainless steel blades.RageXtremeNC 900Rage X-Treme NC. The redesigned two-blade X-Treme NC now features the exclusive NC (No Collar) fail-safe blade retention system that “anchors” the blades in place while in the closed position, completely eliminating the need for a Shock Collar, dental band or O-ring. You’ll also find a high-strength 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum ferrule and two .039-inch thick blades built to instantly deploy to an enormous 2.3 inches upon impact. Available in two new 100-grain versions (either a cut-on-contact leading-blade tip or a bone-crushing chisel tip), both are available in a two-pack for an MSRP of $34.99.Rage+P NC 900RageHypo+P NC 900Rage Hypodermic NC +P. Don’t believe that mechanicals can deliver extreme penetration? This head is designed to change your mind. With dramatically swept-back blades post deployment and a slightly narrower cutting diameter, Hypodermic NC +P broadheads are built to provide impressive penetration on large and dangerous game with standard archery setups, while offering an excellent option for those using lower-energy bows for regular big game. The newly incorporated NC (No Collar) technology eliminates the need for a Shock Collar, dental band or O-ring, while still providing a 100-percent reliable blade-retention system. Upon impact, the machine-stamped, razor-sharp blades instantly deploy to a gaping 1.75-inch cutting diameter. Available in 100 grains, and a 125-grain crossbow version ($54.99/3).G5 M3 900G5 Montec M3 broadhead. Improving on the company’s best-selling fixed-blade Montec head was no easy task, but the new 100-grain Montec M3 is now stronger, sharper and quieter. The M3’s unique non-vented one-piece design has created increased strength, and removed the possibility of whistling during flight, resulting in extremely quiet, consistent arrow flight. The 100-percent stainless steel design is not only stronger and more durable, it also has a higher Rockwell than any previous Montec. This allows the broadhead to carry a much sharper edge, and it can easily be re-sharpened on a flat diamond stone or with a number of other common broadhead sharpeners. The Montec M3 is also available in a crossbow version (both versions $46.95/3)ShankOpen 900ShankClosed_ 900Muzzy Shank Expandable. No, your eyes do not lie. You’re looking at Muzzy’s first-ever expandable broadhead, the nicely affordable Shank 2-blade, 1.75-inch-cut ($39.99/5). Built to the meticulous specifications of Brian “Pigman” Quaca, the new Shank features an aluminum ferrule, and deep-penetrating two-blade design built to produce monster wounds without significant energy loss—thanks to an easy-deploying over-the-top blade system. The head’s acute blade angle and classic Muzzy Trocar tip are built to smash through bone and slice flesh to deliver exceptional blood loss. More good news? The tapered ferrule and concealed blade system produce a low-profile in-flight diameter of just .75 inches, for fieldpoint-like accuracy at any distance.




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