First Look: New Hunting Arrows For 2020

Exotic materials. New spines and diameters. Tighter tolerances promising better accuracy. It's time to launch some next-gen arrows.

by Mark Melotik

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Exotic materials. New spines and diameters. Tighter tolerances promising better accuracy. It’s time to launch some next-gen arrows.


VictoryVAPSS300 900Victory VAP-SS Hunting Arrow. Stainless steel…built into hunting arrows? Absolutely. The new VAP-SS from carbon arrow specialist Victory features an infusion of patented technologies from the company’s legendary micro-diameter VAP arrow, and its revolutionary carbon stainless steel Xtorsion

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arrow. The VAP-SS features a bone-crushing, micro-diameter shaft with stainless steel layers infused into a 90-degree carbon fiber weave. This arrow is lighter and faster than its predecessor, the Xtorsion, with the same durability and even tighter tolerances. Offered in a ±.001-inch straightness with Victory’s new SHOKTL broadhead adaptors in 50 and 75 grains, this shaft has higher FOC and the same sledge-hammering momentum, all designed to punch through anything in its path and stay straight shot after shot.

Victory V-TAC 23 900Victory V-TAC 23 Target Arrows. Can these new carbon arrows bring home the gold? And help you pocket more competitive prize money? Both are the goals of the new V-TAC, Victory’s most-advanced target arrow series to date—The V-TAC 23, 25, and 27 diameter arrows meld the latest in carbon fiber weave technology from Victory’s parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical America, with insight from Olympic gold medal archers and industry top professionals. The result? Victory believes it has created the most accurate, consistent, and forgiving arrows on the market. Whether you shoot WAF, ASA, IBO or 3D, the proprietary 90-degree weave of the new line-cutting V-TAC 23 (the largest-diameter arrow allowed under World Archery Federation (WAF) Regulations) allows for faster arrow recovery in flight and yields unprecedented tolerances with incredible spine uniformity, ±0.001-inch straightness and ±0.5 grain batch weights. CX Triad 900Carbon Express Maxima Triad.  This exciting new premium hunting arrow takes extra-small-diameter technology to a new level. How? It’s the first of its kind to combine Carbon Express’s exclusive Tri-Spine technology in an XSD (Extra Small Diameter) hunting shaft. Inner diameter is just .166, and you’ll also find CX’s REDZONE Technology where the front and rear sections of the arrow are comprised of a stiffer carbon material, while the center maintains a third weaker carbon material for increased recovery out of the bow and ultimate control of dynamic spine. The result is less than 1/3 the oscillation of single spine arrows and four times the accuracy for easier tuning, and exceptional broadhead flight. More good news is the 97-grain, two-part in/outsert system that creates extreme front-end durability, and +/- .002-inch straightness that’s laser-tested to 1/10,000 of an inch. Each package of Triad shafts ($149.99/6-pack fletched arrows; $279.99/12-pack bare shafts) is a Laser Match Set, sorted and matched by spine and weight.

CX DStroyerMX 900CX DStroyer SD 900CX DStroyer 900

Carbon Express D-Stroyer Hunting Arrow Series. Three new arrows, all focused on a primary goal: Better hunting accuracy. CX has made it happen by infusing its proven Dual Spine Weight Forward technology (weaker up front and stiffer at back, reducing oscillation by 50 percent vs single spine arrows) into the new D-Stroyer, D-Stroyer MX Hunter, and D-Stroyer SD. The D-Stroyer MX Hunter (shown above at top, $159.99/12 shafts & $84.99/6 fletched) offers a standard diameter and tough, silent, Camo Buff Tuff outer layer construction that’s easier to remove from targets. The D-Stroyer SD (shown above center, $149.99/12 shafts) offers a small diameter (.203-inch inside diameter) and slightly heavier design for maximum kinetic energy and greater penetration with less wind drift, while the economical D-Stroyer (shown above, $119.99/12 shafts) offers a standard diameter without the Camo Buff Tuff coating.

Easton6.5Bowhunter 900Easton 6.5mm Carbon Hunting Arrow. Here’s more proof that premium hunting arrow accuracy and performance doesn’t have to come at a steep price. The USA-made 6.5mm uses Easton’s proprietary Acu-Carbon Uniform Spine process—a continuous-fed, single-die manufacturing method. This consistent method is designed to

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deliver the most-reliable tolerances, eliminating the need for the spine-alignment and weight sorting required by arrows made overseas. The Easton 6.5 lineup includes three base models, the Bowhunter (±.006”), the Hunter Classic (±.003”), and the Match Grade (±.001”) The 6.5 will also be offered in a ready-to-shoot version.

EastonProComp 900

Easton A/C Pro Comp Hunting Series Arrows. True tournament-grade arrows are among the most-precise available; Easton has now rolled that top-level technology into a premium arrow for field and hunting use. The new Pro Comp Hunting Series ($299/dozen shafts) is based on Easton’s patented micro-diameter 4mm parallel shaft profile, making the Pro Comp an ideal solution for hunters and competitive compound target and field shooters who demand exacting performance. The made-in-the-USA Pro Comp are ultra-lightweight arrows built on the proven 7075 aluminum core and fused with a high-strength, high-modulus carbon jacket. With precise ±.0015-inch straightness tolerance and minimal +/- 0.5-grain weight variance, they’re available in sizes 380, 340, 300, and the new 250, and come with aluminum 8-32 half-outs and 4mm Deep Six Nocks included. An optional Titanium 8-32 half out is also available separately.



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