10 Questions With HuntStand: Ozonics

Those are strong words, but over the past several years the company and its unique product line has been gaining steady support from some of the country’s most-avid hunters. So what’s all the fuss?

by Mark Melotik

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After creating plenty of industry buzz over the last few years with its unique ozone-generating products, for 2016 Ozonics has taken a huge leap, bringing its human-scent-destroying technology to hunters everywhere.

MarkOzonicsLEAD2Log on to the Ozonics website and you are hit immediately with a powerful message, which incorporates a clever mathematical equation but just two words: “Undetectable” and “Undeniable.”

Those are strong words, but over the past several years the company and its unique product line has been gaining steady support from some of the country’s most-avid hunters. So what’s all the fuss? Plenty. Ozonics products feature technology that transforms ordinary, ambient oxygen into scent-destroying ozone, a molecule that has two important characteristics: First, ozone is highly unstable so it readily bonds with human scent molecules, and second, ozone is heavy, which assures it will “fall through” your scent zone when projected from above.

How effective is Ozonics? An eye-opening moment for HuntStand Executive Editor Mark Melotik came recently when he was interviewing accomplished Minnesota whitetail bowhunter Mark Herr (pictured above with a 175-class buck), and discovered the veteran outdoorsman considers the technology invaluable for closing the deal on cagey, hard-hunted bucks living in the Minneapolis suburbs.

To get more insight into this ground-breaking technology, and how it’s being used in some very unique new hunting products, HuntStand spoke recently with Buddy Piland, Ozonics’ director of marketing.

HuntStand: What sets Ozonics apart from the competition—what makes your company unique?
Ozonics is the first and the only brand on the market to offer in-the-field ozone generators, utilizing oxidation technology, to provide hunters with continuous active scent elimination. We provide scent-elimination products for both the stand/blind hunter and the hunter on the move. Above all, we understand that top-notch customer service is at the core of our current and future success, and everything we do here at Ozonics ultimately revolves around improving on, and growing that facet of our business.

HR300Ozonics 600HuntStand: What are some new developments at Ozonics for 2016?
A: We launched three major new products for 2016:

  1. The HR300, which produces 45 percent more ozone than the original HR200 unit, and has the new DRiWASH garment/gear-cleansing mode.
  2. The DRiWASH Bag that allows hunters to de-odorize and sanitize their clothing anywhere, any time, with either an HR300 or HR200 unit.
  3. The KiNETiC is the perfect solution for hunters looking to utilize the odor-destroying capabilities of ozone while on the move. Whether hunting, checking trail-cams, looking for sheds or simply scouting for a stand location, the KiNETiC delivers active scent control no matter where you are.

HuntStand: How and when did Ozonics get its start, and where are you currently based?
Ozonics got its start in 2007, the brainchild of Dr. Scott Elrod and a handful of his close friends. The group had—and still have—an overwhelming desire to provide hunters with innovative tools that not only maximize existing hunting opportunities, but can also create hunting opportunities that didn’t exist previously. All operations are handled in the Ozonics Mason City, Iowa, facility, and the corporate office is located in Lake Jackson, Texas.

Kenetic Ozonics 600HuntStand: What accomplishment is Ozonics most proud of over the last year?
A: As a brand, Ozonics has “turned the corner.” In early 2016 we created a jaw-dropping product lineup, and have continued to build the necessary internal infrastructure to support our growth. We’ve also focused on putting the best personnel in place to continue providing industry-leading customer service and cutting-edge products. The 2016 ATA Show was an overwhelming success, with the introduction of our new look and three dynamic new product offerings.

HuntStand: How does  Ozonics engage its customers for feedback, ideas, or suggestions for improvement?
Because we are hunters ourselves, we understand the necessity of engaging and interacting with our customers to not only help them understand correct product application, but to also hear their stories and insights based on their individual hunting experiences and perspectives. This unique mix of collective intelligence helps us innovate and build better products, which in turn increases the quality of the overall hunting experience—which is what we are all after in the end. Ozonics is very active on all social media outlets, whether it’s providing new/educational information, or responding to private messages on Facebook. In addition, we recently hired Mary Lou Flick to lead and continue to improve our outstanding customer service department.

HuntStand: What are two things most people don’t know about Ozonics?
The founders of Ozonics originally started the company out of a passion for hunting, as a side project, never imagining the impact we would make on the hunting world. Also, when used correctly, Ozonics will truly revolutionize the way you hunt, making you more successful than you ever imagined, by destroying human scent continuously, whether hunting from a static location or hunting on the move.

DriWashBagOzonics 600HuntStand: What is your company mission statement?
A: At Ozonics, our mission is to build products that consistently deliver intimate, unforgettable, and positive hunting experiences for the passionate hunter, by utilizing active and continuous scent elimination technology that molecularly fractures the human scent code, resulting in unforgettable hunting experiences.

HuntStand: How many people do you employ, and are you currently hiring?
Ozonics currently employs about 16 full-time employees and three part-time employees. We are not currently hiring at the present time.

Carry Bag 2016HuntStand: If you could change one thing about Ozonics right now, what would it be?
A: Honestly, I don’t think I would change anything at this point. The journey is part of the learning process and to short-circuit that process might change the outcome. Every new learning experience, every error and every success have helped shape the company we are today, and I believe that by working through that sometimes-painful process we have created the most-reliable and effective line of scent-elimination products currently available to the hunting community.

HuntStand: What are some short-range (less than two years) company goals?
Of course, we will continue to develop new products to add to our existing lineup. That’s an on-going goal for Ozonics. Also—and we’re nearly there—but becoming fully established in our Mason City facility is a huge milestone for Ozonics. Not only will it streamline all processes to have everything under one roof, but it will allow us to take our customer service to unprecedented levels, and that is extremely important to everyone on the Ozonics team.



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