Hide In Plain Sight: 7 Stand-Out Hunting Blinds [New]

No longer a “second-best” option to treestands for deer and other big game, today’s newest blinds offer concealment and portability veteran hunters crave. 

by Mark Melotik

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No longer a “second-best” option to treestands for deer and other big game, today’s newest blinds offer concealment and portability veteran hunters crave. Mantis2 900

New Archery Products Mantis 2 & Mantis 3. From the mind of Double Bull Blinds co-founder Keith Beam comes the new Mantis series of hub-style deploying hunting blinds. Inside, they’re designed to maximize usable space, providing more floor space for laying out and storing gear and much more room for drawing a bow or shouldering a long gun. With the new patent-pending DragNet adjustable window system a hunter can simply stretch and hook the elastic net


easily using one finger, to allow a sneak-peek in complete silence. And the black-backed inner fabric improves concealment. Outside, their innovative peaked shape, NAP’s stunning Wicked Intent camouflage, and brush loops and tie downs allow them to melt into their surroundings. At just 14.5 pounds and 22 pounds, respectively, the Mantis 2 ($199; 2 hubs) and Mantis 3 ($299; 3 hubs) are touted as 30- to 50-percent lighter than competing five-hub blinds.

PrimosSurroundview900Primos Double Bull SurroundView Blinds. Speaking of Double Bull, the stunning new SurroundView models promise to offer an entirely new ground blind hunting experience. Their exclusive, one-way see-through walls eliminate the sight- and sound-blocking walls of conventional


blinds allowing you to see and hear all of your surroundings without being seen. Three options let you choose from 180 degrees ($299), 270 degrees ($399) or a full 360 degrees ($499) with four one-way, see-through walls and one movable black out wall to place on any wall you choose. And like previous models each SurroundView blind features a patented hub system for easy, solid set up as well as dependable Double Bull materials and construction.Alps2018Blind 900ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Deception Blind. The latest from a long-standing collaboration between ALPS and the National Wild Turkey Federation, the uniquely designed NWTF Deception Blind ($152.99) features a low profile of just 46 inches, a smaller footprint and unique four-hub design that makes for easy and quiet setup. Aluminum hubs are constructed with engineered tips and pins and the frame uses strong, flexible fiberglass poles. Durable polyester fabric with blacked-out backing enhances concealment and the 270-degree Silent-Trac window system offers limitless window positions. An extra-large door opening allows for easy access while carrying gear and an oversized No. 10 zipper on the door ensures smooth and hassle-free operation. Two interior gear pockets keep you organized and ready for action and included stakes and tie-downs secure your position. To learn more about the NWTF click here.

RedneckBigCountry900Redneck Big Country 6×7 Platinum Blind. For hunters who prefer comforts and amenities over braving the elements, there’s the Big Country 6×7 Platinum Blind, an XL version of the popular Redneck 360 Platinum 6X6 Buck Palace. A combination of 46-inch-tall vertical corner windows, 14-inch-high x 36-inch-wide front and side windows, massive 80-inch-high x 84-inch- wide x 70-inch-deep interior and innovative window functionality gives a compound bow, crossbow or gun hunter


ample room, visibility and angles to make the shot under any condition. Like all Redneck Blinds, the Big Country 6×7 Platinum ($2,999.99) is made from a long-lasting fiberglass with a durable gel-coat finish. Its two-inch roof overhang helps keeps rain off the windows while its spray foam covered ceiling, acoustical covered upper and lower walls and high-density foam floor covered with marine carpet provide both sound control and insulation, and there’s ample room for several adults or even a comfortable overnight stay when you need that extra edge for an early morning hunt. The blind includes three pre-installed gear consoles and shelves with holders for easy access gear organizing. Large tinted, tempered automotive-glass windows feature whisper-quiet hinges and vertical windows have silk screen camo on the bottom to help hide movement. And, automotive window gaskets and door molding keep your scent in and moisture out. AmeristepDeadwoodStump 900Ameristep Deadwood Stump Blind. This clever new design ($279.99) combines a field-proven wall-hub design with all-new patent-pending floor kick-outs that taper out at the bottom to create the amorphous, yet realistic profile of a large, dead tree stump, which is enhanced by proprietary TRUBark HD camo. Kick-out technology also adds room, utility and maneuverability inside. Three floor kick-outs provide extra storage space for gear and equipment that would otherwise be underfoot, and offer the extra utility of attached floors and sewn-in shelves. The efficient design gives hunters improved access to the Deadwood’s versatile and inconspicuous windows with adjustable silent window covers, which are also abstract in form to better blend in with the environment. Up top, dual roof kick-outs add height and headroom for standing and improved visibility. Inside, a generous 104×84-inch footprint and 75-inch shooting width allow ample space for up to three occupants, and the Shadowguard interior eliminates shadows and silhouettes while helping to contain odors. A hinged silent door offers easy and silent access and the blind’s wrap-style carrying sling delivers value-added utility, serving double duty as a handy, hanging storage system.BigMike 900Barronnet Big Mike 2.0. This smart new design combines classic “shoot while standing” height with an all-new Ninja adaptable window system. Like previous Big Mike models it features 12 replaceable shoot-through mesh camo windows, a “stand tall: hunt small” design with compact 59” x 59” footprint, and tall 80-inch height that’s ideal for archers. You’ll also find a durable five-hub design for easy set-up and take-down, and brush holders for additional concealment. The new Ninja windows open horizontally from the center, and can silently slide to any desired width or height. Available in BloodTrail Backwoods camo the Big Mike 2.0 ($199.99) weighs 19 pounds and is designed to fit two people.

BanksBlind 900Banks Outdoors The Stump 3. All Banks Stump Blinds are made in America from heavy-duty, UV-stabilized polyethylene to withstand the elements and time while providing safe, comfortable concealment for every season in any weather. Windows open silently and seal tight to keep scent contained and the elements out while offering a 360-degree view and ample shot angles for both bow and gun hunters. But the Stump 3 ($2,040) was completely re-designed for hunters who want a more open box blind. This deer hunting tower blind is equipped with the same vertical window design and door system as the company’s proven Stump 4. A rigid heavy-duty steel-plate base provides easy, secure mounting on an elevated platform, though the blind functions just as well at ground level. Includes two gun shelves and vent kit.



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