High-Tech 2017 Hunting Arrows You Gotta See [New]

From killer bargains to new fletching options to the reappearance of a vintage shaft color, the newest hunting arrows are ready to hit the mark.   

by Bob Humphrey


From killer bargains to new fletching options to the reappearance of a vintage shaft color, the newest hunting arrows are ready to hit the mark.   

FleetwoodArrows 900_edited2Fleetwood Carbon Arrows. One of the few drawbacks of premium arrows is their price. New Fleetwood Arrows are bucking that trend, and bowhunters everywhere stand to benefit. These fine carbon arrows come Team ScoutLook approved (see them in use on The Chronicles and in our upcoming Ultimate Broadhead Field Test) and feature multi-layer rolled construction; they’re built to .006 straightness and a +/- 2 grain weight tolerance per dozen. They even include 100-grain points, fairly amazing when you consider they cost just $60 per dozen (fletched with Blazer vanes for compound users; $70 per dozen fletched with 5-inch feathers suitable for traditional bow setups). The makers of Fleetwood Arrows (arrows shown above feature optional wraps) have been in the archery industry for three generations, and know what archers look for in a quality arrow. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option when buying quality arrows (and who isn’t?) your search should start here. Fleetwood Carbon arrows are available in spines from 350 to 800, to fit virtually every archer on the planet.

CXMayhem Hunter 900CXMayhem Hunter 900CXMayhem Hunter 900

Carbon Express Mayhem DS Series. Carbon Express is now incorporating technology from its high-performance arrows into the mid-tier price class with the new Mayhem DS Series of performance arrows. Most bowhunters already familiar with the Maxima Red and Blue arrows are also well aware of the advantages of Carbon Express’ proprietary Dual Spine (DS) Weight Forward technology, which fuses different carbon materials at different locations on the shaft to better manage dynamic spine and energy for improved speed, accuracy and penetration. You can now get DS technology in the Mayhem DS Hunter (as well as standard Mayhem DS and Mayhem DS Hot Pursuit) as well as CX’s BuffTuff finish, which enhances both durability and penetration. Available in 12-pack shafts ($120) or 6-pack fletched ($65) in 250 and 350 spine sizes, DS Hunters feature weight sorting tolerance of +/- 1.0 grains, laser-checked straightness to 1/10,000 of an inch, Launchpad precision nocks, Quad Raptor performance vanes and Mossy Oak Obsession camo. EastonAutumnOrange900EastonAutumnOrange900EastonAutumnOrange900Easton Autumn Orange 6MM FMJ. In an interesting union of retro and modern, Easton has incorporated the same Autumn Orange finish that adorned their original XX75 arrows from the 1970s through the 90s, into their new Autumn Orange 6MM FMJ shafts. The aluminum jacket over high-strength carbon core construction of the full metal jacket arrows provides increased velocity and downrange energy. Meanwhile, the trendy 6MM reduced diameter enhances penetration and accuracy. The 6MM retro ($80 per 6) are available in three spine sizes: 470, 390 and 320 with pre-installed 6MM (H) nocks and 6MM RPS 8-32 inserts.

GTValkyrie 900GTValkyrie 900GTValkyrie 900Gold Tip Velocity Valkyrie. In addition to aggressive graphics and lightweight construction the new Velocity Valkyrie comes factory-fletched with four low-profile vanes. Why four? According to Gold Tip Senior Product Manager Jason Harris, “… four vanes give you increased stability, faster stabilization and tighter groupings.” In

VIDEO: More On New Gold Tip Velocity Valkyrie Arrow

fact, Gold Tip claims group size reductions of 20 to 75 percent with broadheads. Valkyrie arrows ($130 per 12) also boast 0.003-inch straightness and +/- .5 grain weight tolerances and are offered in five spines: 300, 340, 400, 500 and 600.RageArrow3Pack 900Rage Simply Lethal Arrow Package. You gotta wonder why nobody thought of this before. The new Rage Simply Lethal Arrow package ($65) combines three Gold Tip pre-fletched carbon arrows—pre-cut and fully equipped with nocks, inserts and 2-inch GT vanes installed—with your choice of either the Rage SC 2-Blade 100-gr. or the Rage SC 2-Blade Chisel Tip 100-gr. broadheads and a set of field points. Arrows are pre-cut to 29.5 inches, based on what will fit most archers, are spined for draw weights up to 70 pounds, and feature ±.006-inch straightness and weight tolerance of ±2.0 grains. Meanwhile, the cut-on-contact Rage SC 2-Blade offers a proven 2-blade Slip Cam design with advanced Shock Collar technology to keep blades in place until contact and the Rage SC 2-Blade Chisel Tip incorporates a bone-crushing chisel-tip design and features the Shock Collar retention system.

VAPTKO350 900VAPTKO350 900VAPTKO350 900Victory VAP TKO Elite. The primary goal of a hunting arrow is to maximize accuracy, penetration and transfer of kinetic energy. The latest addition to Victory’s recently launched line of VAP Low Torque arrows, the VAP TKO Elite ($160 per 12), boasts an industry-leading straightness rating of +-.0001, which means greater consistency among and between shafts for improved accuracy. This 100-percent carbon micro-diameter shaft is manufactured through a MaxxKe Technology process, which uses a unique 45-degree carbon weave to reduce torque imparted during launch for quicker and better flight stability for still greater accuracy. The minuscule .166 inch (ID) also means less surface area and wind drift for improved speed and penetration. The latter is further enhanced by the increased FOC afforded by aluminum or optional 303 stainless steel Shok inserts and a Nano Ceramic “ICE” coating.



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