How to Score Big with Your Hunting Side-by-Side

by HuntStand


Can today’s modern ATVs and side-by-sides help you be a better deer hunter? Or at least more efficient? They can, but in most cases it comes down to following a set of rules in the deer woods. Most are centered on one thing: Can your ATV help you access your stand undetected?

When it comes to modern side-by-sides, today’s latest models offer jaw-dropping performance. A great example is Yamaha’s new Wolverine RMAX2 1000 XT-R. Team HuntStand has been using one to haul targets and gear around the 3-D range. And we’ve been impressed with this unit’s speed and power, and back-saving convenience.

Know Your Best Option

But when it comes to hunting, you’ve got to know your best option. Is it sneaking quietly to your stand on foot? Or using your new side-by-side to get you there faster and more efficiently?

A great example of when to ride is when hunting ag fields or other farm-country field-edge areas. These areas see regular traffic from tractors, trucks and even ATVs. So deer are accustomed to these sights and noises. Have a friend or family member drop you off on the way in, and pick you back up after dark, when fields are likely full of deer.

Drive Right to Treestands

Similarly, we know deer outfitters who like to take this to even higher extremes. They will place stands across varied terrain, not necessarily field edges. The goal is to drive ATVs on narrow two-tracks right up to well-placed ladder stands. And we don’t just mean close. The idea will be for the client to step from the side-by-side directly onto the bottom ladder rung. This virtually eliminates human ground scent. And of course, the process is reversed after dark.

We’re told it works like a charm. And so does laying out a system of trail cams on a property. Do it right and you can check SD cards on a regular basis, while remaining under the radar. That is, of course, if your arsenal of cams does not have the latest cellular capability.

Know When to Hike

But just because you have a sweet new side-by-side doesn’t mean it’s the wisest play in ALL your hunting travels. Those pin-drop-silent, early-morning hunts require a different approach. They’re tailor-made for parking as far as you’re able from your chosen stand. And then, stalking slowly in on foot. And if your goal is to sneak into the edge of a known bedding area, caution reigns once again.

If you opt to use the smarter choice of foot power for those types of hunts, you will likely be in luck. Odds are, you’ll soon be firing up your shiny new Wolverine RMAX 1000 anyway. You’ll need it to haul back a heavy-tined trophy.

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