How to Use Hunt Areas in HuntStand

by HuntStand


One of the neat aspects of HuntStand is that it makes it easy to organize and otherwise keep track of your hunts. If you’re creating and using Hunt Areas in HuntStand, the process is simple.

Creating a Hunt Area

Start this process by logging into your HuntStand account. Your next step will be to create a Hunt Area. Think of a Hunt Area as anywhere you do a lot of your hunting. Maybe it’s a hunting club or a hunting lease.  Maybe it’s a particular tract of land that you own, or where you have hunting permission. It could be anywhere. But remember, it’s an area where you want all of your related Map Objects and Map Markers to be grouped, for easy access. This is an area that you will revisit continually.

Hunt Areas Can Be Shared

It’s important to note that if you’re going to be hunting with some buddies, Hunt Areas are invaluable. Why? Because everyone has the ability to see and learn the same things about a particular tract of land. If you’re going to be hunting with just one buddy, or maybe a whole hunt club, Hunt Areas offer some cool options. You can quickly and easily turn your Hunt Area into a Group Hunt Area, and give people different levels of access. You can choose to have your buddies simply view the area, or they can be a member. They can even be allowed to be an admin. The different levels of access allow your group to do different things, and make a variety of changes, within a particular Hunt Area. The goal might be to collaborate with others on a particular Hunt Area, so you can develop a more-successful strategy as a group.

Hunt Area Knowledge is Power

The more map objects and map markers you add to your Hunt Area, the more you will learn. Maybe you enjoy e-scouting from home and picking out different terrain features that look promising. Mark them while you e-scout. And then, be sure to check them out during your “boots-on-the-ground” scouting missions to the land. While you’re there on site, be sure to mark any promising sign. In no time, your Hunt Area will show you the best spots for hunting, access, parking, and much more. Creating and using Hunt Areas in HuntStand will take your hunting to the next level.

Upgrade to Pro

Don’t forget that upgrading to HuntStand Pro unlocks some truly amazing features and tools including Real 3D. With this feature all of your markers, lines, and shapes will conform perfectly to the 3D base map. This allows you to understand the topography of your Hunt Area like never before.

With HuntStand Pro’s Property Boundaries, you’ll have unlimited nationwide property info. This includes boundaries, owner names, property size, and property perimeter.

HuntStand Pro’s Hunting Land layer will expand your awareness of huntable land everywhere with our nationwide database of publicly accessible hunting land. And there are many more Pro features to experience. Upgrade today!

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