How to Use HuntStand for Predator Hunting

by HuntStand


Follow along with Brian Murphy and Will Cooper as they break down how to use HuntStand for predator hunting, on a piece of property you’ve never set foot on before. Learn about Hunt Area sharing, the HuntStand Trace feature, and the Property Info and HuntZone layers to increase success on your next predator quest.

Sometimes it can be hard to describe just how valuable HuntStand can be to hunters “going in blind.” And by this, we mean arriving at a piece of property you’ve never seen, hunted, or even set foot on before. In a case like this, can HuntStand lead you to hunting success that very same day? Indeed it can! Even better, there are many ways to win the day with HuntStand.

Some Real-World HuntStand Testing

To get a good grasp of this whole process, two HuntStand team members were recently dropped into just such a situation. To start, Team HuntStand members Brian Murphy and Will Cooper descended on a 4,700-acre ranch in South Texas. The ranch was new territory to both predator hunters.

The began their predator quest by using HuntStand to mark property boundaries. While meeting with the landowner they observed some areas where coyotes and bobcats had been sighted. After that, pins were dropped on their HuntStand Hunt Area maps. Lo and behold, the duo soon determined, via HuntStand map layers, some interesting findings. One was that most all of the many pins were located in and around the same large gulley. Jackpot! Using that information the duo then picked about six different areas to hunt. They plotted their hunt strategy in a sequence that meshed with HuntStand’s forecasted wind and weather conditions. The result? Coyote success that very first afternoon.

Come along as Brian and Will show you many ways to more success, by using HuntStand for predator hunting. Get yourself a HuntStand subscription and start experiencing more predator hunting success today.

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