Impressive Trio Of Michigan Bucks [Big Buck HIT LIST]

Combine a small clover plot with a few well-positioned game cams and, like Michigan's Scott Pretzer, you just might end up a weekly HIT LIST winner.

by Mark Melotik

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Combine a small clover plot with a few well-positioned game cams and, like Michigan’s Scott Pretzer, you just might end up a weekly HIT LIST winner.

Michigan’s Scott Pretzer, 53, captured these fine images of his state’s healthy bucks on July 29; they seem to be growing nicely with help from his clover field that’s located in mixed hardwoods/marshland habitat. For his efforts Pretzer is the Week Five Winner of the HuntStand Big Buck HIT LIST contest that makes him eligible for a sweet new hunting optic from Burris.Digital Camera“Not the biggest bucks in the world, but for my area here in Michigan most guys would be impressed,” Pretzer wrote. “It’s hard to beat the composition of the image showing the posing bachelor group buddies [at top]. This photo was taken a few hours before I headed out to work on my little quarter-acre clover food plot (in the background) behind my house, on my 10 acres of rolling hardwoods and marshland. It’s still too early to tell but I think these guys were around my area last year, based on the shapes of their brow tines. I mainly bowhunt and only get out the gun later in the season if I need to take a doe for some venison. I also attached a pic of a big non-typical I was seeing all last summer.”M2E1L0-7R350B300To enter the HuntStand 2018 Big Buck HIT LIST Contest, simply send us a few clear, digital trail cam photos (two to four) of a buck (or bucks) TAKEN IN THE SUMMER OF 2018 (Day or night images, photos accepted NOW THROUGH SEPT. 6). Be sure to include the date and state the images were taken, and a few sentences detailing the type of terrain/area where the image(s) were captured (i.e. funnel leading to soybean field, favorite stand site near creekbed, etc.) and some info on the buck(s) pictured. Do you have any history with the buck? Is the buck a likely newcomer to your area? Is it somehow unusual or unique for the area? What weapons/seasons will you use to hunt the pictured buck(s)?M2E45L108-108R390B311Along with your photos, include your full name and age, and also be sure to include your mailing address. Your e-mail subject line should read: Big Buck HIT LIST! Send photo(s) and requested info to: [email protected] BurrisDroptine 900Team HuntStand will choose 10 weekly winners (that we began showcasing July 6). At the end of the 10 weeks, all weekly winners will be placed in a drawing to receive a Burris Droptine 10×42 Binocular (MSRP $299; see image above).M2E53L178-178R390B323Burris, which has recently introduced the exciting new-for-2018 Oracle rangefinding bowsight that all bowhunters need to see, built the Team HUntStand -approved Droptine binocular line to deliver hunter-friendly ruggedness. You’ll also find this fine bino comfortable and lightweight enough for extended glassing, with an easy-grip exterior that makes for a rock-solid hold, even in the wettest conditions, and even with gloves. ENTER TODAY! Don’t miss this opportunity to snare some sweet hunting glass!



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