Is This KY’s New Record Typical Bow Buck? [Big Buck ALERT]

A long-awaited hunt. Some unwelcome weather. When a bowhunter powers through some less-than-ideal conditions the result is a run-in with a many-tined legend.

by Mark Melotik

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A long-awaited hunt. Some unwelcome weather. When a bowhunter powers through some less-than-ideal conditions the result is a run-in with a many-tined legend.

If you’re a bowhunter you’ve likely seen the pattern. A hunt you’ve waited weeks or months for finally arrives—and suddenly weather conditions take a turn for the worse. But somehow, when you put in your time and persevere, good things happen. Alabama’s Jason Terry can relate, and how. For submitting the story of his giant Kentucky buck taken Nov. 1—a buck that might challenge the current state typical archery record of 188 2/8—Terry is the latest weekly winner in the HuntStand Big Buck Alert contest. The win earns Terry a sweet pack combination from ALPS OutdoorZ: The Bino Harness X with Vital X (see below). The weekly win also makes Terry eligible for our Grand Prize drawing (more on that below).

Here is the story of Jason Terry’s amazing Kentucky hunt, in his own words:

“In late October my best friend Will Garrett and I headed up to western KY for a hunt with Ironman Outdoors. It’s an organization that gets men together in the outdoors and allows us to combine Jesus and our love for the outdoors.

Week9Four 900

“We had never hunted KY, but upon arrival we quickly learned that on one of the farms we’d be hunting, a giant buck nicknamed ‘Brutus’ had been captured on trail cam over the past several years. There weren’t many photos of the big deer and most were taken at night, and no one had seen him during daylight hours while hunting this past fall. Little did I know that was all about to change!

“Fast-forward to the last day of our hunt; on this final attempt Will wanted to hunt a new location, where HuntStand would show the wind would be ideal, and the grounds would be unmarked by human traffic. We were told there was a new farm, which held only two stands that had not yet been hunted during the season to date. Better yet, according to the land layout and existing stand sites we examined using the aerial views on my HuntStand app, the forecasted SW wind would be perfect for our last afternoon hunt on Nov. 1!

“Will’s stand was located at the edge of a cut bean field, and my stand was just a short walk into the woods, or so I was told. Luckily, the trail to the stand was well marked and I could track my path with the HuntStand app to ensure I remained on course. As I was approaching the stand, now well over 400 yards into the woods, I bumped two bedded bucks. I wasn’t too happy about these encounters. Our hunts to this point had included a first day of sustained high winds and driving rain, while the second day featured 20-plus-mph winds and a morning that began at a chilly 26 degrees. Both days had delivered zero deer sightings. Now somewhat discouraged, I climbed into the treestand and prepared to make the most of my afternoon sit.

Week9One 900

“With my trusty Mathews Triax compound, NAP Bloodrunner broadheads and Easton Axis arrows, I was ready to take the first doe to show up, and about 5 p.m., a nice mature KY doe appeared. Soon she was 24 yards broadside—an ideal setup to add some backstraps to the freezer. The only problem, however, was that I’d heard an unmistakable buck grunt just before the doe had emerged. I knew I had to be patient and resist the urge to fill the freezer.

“Soon I saw more movement where the doe had first appeared. I guessed my big moment had arrived.  In seconds, I could make out a buck. It was a three-pointer! Now I was upset. I had just let some tasty dinners walk away, and all for a scrub buck. I told myself to be patient and wait. If the doe was hot, I figured she’d certainly attract more attention.

“At 5:08 p.m., a set of big chocolate antlers suddenly appeared, from the same spot the previous two deer had emerged. Instantly I knew the buck was a shooter but had no idea how big, as the cover was too thick. But I did know the deer was on the same trail, and would soon be broadside at 24 yards. As his head passed behind a tree, I drew my bow. He stopped one step too early, hidden behind some scrub brush. Still at full draw, I waited for just one more step. Finally, it came, and I squeezed my TruBall Max 3 Hunter release.

Week9Two 900
“The arrow hit the buck a little high near the spine, and he dropped in his tracks. I had to climb down and find a way to get another arrow in him, and finally, I did. Once I sent out the buck’s photo, the reaction from my campmates was immediate. Brutus was down! I had no idea of his size or score, but would soon learn he might be the new state record typical archery buck for KY. We will find out on Jan 1, 2020! By the way, I love the HuntStand app! I use it constantly to plan my hunts and look over new tracts of land.”

Editor’s note: According to Pope and Young Club records, the current Kentucky state record typical whitetailed buck measures 188 2/8, and was taken in 1996 by Tim Raikes in Marion County. We’ll continue to follow this story and report on the results of the official scoring of the Terry buck, reportedly set for Jan. 1, 2020.

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