LaCrosse Alpha Agility Boots [Tested, Trusted]

Looking for a versatile, waterproof boot that will take you from spring turkey and bear seasons right into (and through) fall upland gunning and bowhunting for deer? Look no further.

by HuntStand


What boot do you depend on for turkey hunting? How about upland hunting for Midwest grouse and woodcock in swampy river drainages? Could you also use that boot for bowhunting whitetails? You could if your choice is the ultra-versatile, 100-percent waterproof Alpha Agility from LaCrosse.

LaCrosse built this boot to help you move further and faster in the type of comfort not often found in rubber boots, and it all begins with its lightweight, flexibile construction using premium hand-laid rubber, over 5mm of naturally insulating neoprene.  And nothing helps deliver a custom fit quite like the company’s signature adjustable gusset, designed to fit any size calf snugly and securely.

Truth be told, lots of boots sound good on paper but ultimately, you find their true worth only after time spent in the field. Team HuntStand’s Mike Nelson (pictured at top) used the uninsulated Alpha Agility covered in Mossy Oak Greenleaf camo extensively this spring, including during his recent hunt in eastern Oregon’s scenic Blue Mountains that delivered a fine Rio/Merriam’s hybrid gobbler.


“Like many HuntStand users I’m an unabashed turkey hunting fanatic, and over the last several years I’ve become a big advocate of rubber/neoprene boots when chasing the big birds—whether I’m running and gunning or waiting in ambush in blinds, or as typical, a little bit of both,” Nelson said.  “I found the Alpha Agility ideal for repelling the heavy morning dew that can so often soak you to the bone and make those long sits challenging, and even in warmer conditions and on longer hikes I found the Alpha Agility kept my feet dry and comfortable.”

In addition to uninsulated versions, you can also find the Alpha Agility with 800- and 1,200-gram Thinsulate Insulation, designed to take you right through most deer seasons with waterproof, scent-reducing performance.



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