LOOKIN’ UP | Squirrel Hunting Action on Public Land

by HuntStand


A ragtag group of hunting buddies get together to kick down the doors to squirrel hunting season in Kentucky. It’s opening weekend, and everyone is eager to chip away at limits of tree rats—especially first-time squirrel hunter Josh Dahlke.

Back in the day, it was pretty typical for folks to start out shooting rimfires and squirrel hunting as kids to lead their hunting evolution. Squirrels offer an ideal entry-level hunting experience, helping to build the critical hunting fundamentals such as woodsmanship, marksmanship, and butchering skills. It was no big deal for a youngster to keep a .22 in their school locker and swing through the squirrel woods for a quick hunt on the way home. Times have certainly changed, but it seems squirrel hunting is seeing a resurgence in conjunction with the public-land hunting movement.

The mountain backcountry and majestic big-game animals might be the first visions that enter your mind when you consider a public-land hunting adventure, but this HuntStand Original Film might swing you in a different direction. Squirrel hunting in the southern and eastern hardwoods is fun, accessible and full of rewards.

HuntStand Pro is an extremely useful tool for squirrel hunting. Trace your path through the woods to make sure you’re covering as much ground as possible while scouting for squirrels. Use the app to mark food sources (nut-bearing mast trees), as squirrels will frequently return to a reliable food source. The distance measurement tool is great for considering likely setup spots for waiting on squirrels to offer a shot. It’s also always a good idea to share your current location with hunting buddies or loved ones as part of a safety protocol.

Most squirrel seasons across the country open early in the fall, so squirrel hunting is a perfect opportunity to say goodbye to summer and lean into our favorite time of year. While you’re out there busting bushytails, don’t forget to keep your eyes open and scout for other species.


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