Looking to Buy or Sell Hunting Land? AcrePro Can Help

AcrePro was formed to make hunting and other recreational land transactions quick and painless. If you're looking to buy or sell, this cutting-edge, high-tech company can help.

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Looking to buy or sell hunting land? Many of you are, and there’s an exciting new player in this highly competitive market—with a goal of making the process faster (and easier) than ever.

AcrePro helps buy or sell hunting land, and was formed to make these land transactions quick and painless. In addition, this growing company will help you put more money in your pocket along the way. Intrigued? We certainly were, and so we dug a bit deeper into what makes AcrePro different.

AcrePro Dock Fishing

Are you looking to buy or sell recreational land? AcrePro stands ready to help with a comprehensive high-tech approach.


Story Behind the Brand

According to the company website, the genesis of AcrePro, which is currently in its first year, was all about supply and demand. 

“AcrePro’s origin story is pretty common: we grew out of customer need,” the company says. “Through our sister company AcreTrader, we found more quality land opportunities than we could service. So, we began to thoughtfully weave proven technologies through fertile, typically disconnected data sources to develop a rich ecosystem of tools and services that would support top land sales specialists and their unique customers (you!).”

“While our story may be common, our results are not,” the company says. “Every AcrePro land specialist is exceptionally equipped to provide the expertise to identify and negotiate the best deal for you, and the service to get the deal done with certainty and convenience.”

AcrePro Turkeys

AcrePro grew out of customer need. Through its sister company AcreTrader, it found more quality land opportunities than it could service.


Dealing with the Competition

If you’ve been paying attention at all to outdoor-based land sales recently, you know names like Base Camp Country Real Estate, Whitetail Properties, and Mossy Oak Properties are heavy hitters in this space.

So how does AcrePro differ from other real estate businesses operating in the hunting land world? There are several distinguishing factors, according to Liz Slape, chief marketing officer.

“The outdoor land industry will benefit from access to more technology and data; we’re a tech-enabled company that allows us to truly understand a new property quickly. We have in-house proprietary tools for providing transparency to all the facets of land that help buyers and sellers understand value.”

A Rapidly Growing Company

Slape said AcrePro is currently specializing in tracts of 80-plus acres and is licensed in 17 states and is expanding rapidly, even as you read this. 

As stated, things are moving fast for AcrePro, which has been in business for just one year. But even the near future looks bright indeed. When we spoke to AcrePro in late May, the company was planning for rapidly growing the real estate agency to be operating in 48 states by the end of 2022. In addition, supporting that effort in May were 22 land sales specialists/agents, and that total was expected to climb to 100 land agents by Dec. 31.

AcrePro Duck Hunting

AcrePro is a tech-enabled company that allows it to truly understand a new property in minutes, benefitting both buyers and sellers.


Supporting Its Land Agents

As you might guess, AcrePro is currently on the hunt for “high-volume” land agents who are looking to work with some truly cutting-edge support technology. In addition, Slape explained, agents are supported in their efforts during every step of the sales process. AcrePro is streamlining the entire land-transaction process.

“With most land brokerages, agents are mostly on their own with things like marketing and administration, but with AcrePro, we can handle most any need in-house,” Slape said. “We offer complete transaction management that really streamlines the process, for both our agents and clients.”

Looking to Buy or Sell?


Who needs to consider working with AcrePro? Anyone looking to sell or purchase land tracts for a variety of outdoor uses, including hunting and other outdoor recreation, or even farming or ranching.

“Maybe you’re looking to sell or buy land exclusively for outdoor recreation, or maybe you’re a farmer or land manager who would like to grow your land-leasing opportunities,” Slape explained. “AcrePro agents can provide helpful advice and insight into that entire process, and help them buy other lease opportunities that make sense.”

AcrePro Flyfishing

AcrePro is currently specializing in tracts of 80-plus acres and is licensed mostly along the Mississippi River corridor states, but that is expanding rapidly, even as you read this.


How AcrePro Works

So let’s say you’ve got a tract of land you’d like to move. What does it look like to work with AcrePro? Here is a breakdown of how the five-step AcrePro system happens.

Intro Conversation. AcrePro gets aligned with the goals of each seller to determine if it is the best fit to sell any given property. In addition, it develops a sales approach specifically tailored to that customer.

Determine Value. The AcrePro team provides an honest, current market valuation of your property. In addition, the valuation will be based on its expertise, not inflated numbers in hopes of landing the listing.

Marketing Approach. Depending on your preferences and method of sale, AcrePro will develop a unique marketing strategy. In addition, the company will develop best-in-class marketing materials to find the right audience.

Sell Your Land. Once goals are aligned, AcrePro works daily to sell your property using its unique marketing approach, and experienced sales professionals. In addition, AcrePro will expose your property to local, national, and international buyers.

Closing. Once under contract, the AcrePro team oversees and directs the closing process, ensuring a seamless execution of the transaction.

New Digital Mapping Feature

To further hammer home AcrePro’s ability to take land sales technology to the next level, the company is set to launch its own internal digital mapping tool this summer. The feature will be called “” It will allow users to learn extensively about a property in just a few minutes. It’s just one more example of AcrePro flexing its land-technology muscles. There will be more innovations to come.

AcrePro Upland Hunting

Once goals are aligned, AcrePro works daily to sell your property using its unique marketing approach, and experienced sales professionals, to expose your property to local, national, and international buyers.

Are you ready to experience the difference that AcrePro can make with your next outdoor-focused land transaction? Slape sees their growing tech-savvy company at the forefront of revolutionizing the land industry.

“It’s inevitable that the land industry is going to go high-tech; the nice thing with AcrePro is that we are well ahead of the curve.” 


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