Map Updates [February 2023]

Check out more information on the new map updates to Property Info, Public Lands, and Hunting Lands maps.

by HuntStand


We’re always pushing updates to maps to make sure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information, right at your fingertips. Here are a few of the most recent updates to the Property Info, Public Lands, and Hunting Lands maps. For nationwide access to these essential maps in the app, upgrade to HuntStand Pro today.

Property Info

Property Boundaries and Landowner Data has been updated for all 50 states. All Property Boundaries have been updated in Ontario.

Public Lands

An update to the Public Lands map for all 50 states has been processed. Keep in mind, this map may include areas that are non-huntable as this map displays all publicly owned land that may (or may not) have open access to hunting. Areas that do not allow open access to hunting may allow other recreational activities of interest, like dispersed camping or fishing easements.

Hunting Lands

We’ve made some spot updates to the Hunting Lands map in several states, including a big update to North Dakota to include electronic postings for privately owned lands. Here’re the details broken down by state.

North Dakota

Electronic postings have now been added to the Hunting Lands map for North Dakota. These postings are gathered and updated from the state of North Dakota, the postings are not controlled by HuntStand. If you’d like to electronically post any land in North Dakota, please visit this link.

Electronic posting is an additional form of posting land for landowners who wish to prohibit hunting access. Landowners can still use traditional signage to prohibit access. FAQ’s on electronic postings can be found here.

South Dakota

Updates to all hunting lands, including adding school and public lands and updates to Game Production Areas.


Updates to Idaho Large Tract Access Agreements.


Updated Wyoming walk-in hunting areas.


Updated all public hunting lands including MRAP Private Hunting Lands, MDC Lands, Dove Fields, and Natural Areas.


Updates to public hunting lands and WMA’s.


Spot updates to New Jersey and other states.


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