Matthew Antle Is Our 2022 Big Buck ALERT Grand Prize Winner

First he used HuntStand to help ambush a stunning Kentucky buck in velvet. Now he's a Grand Prize winner.

by HuntStand


Matthew Antle of Kentucky is the Grand Prize Winner of the 2022 HuntStand Big Buck ALERT contest, earning him our largest Grand Prize package ever: A ground blind/chair combo from Browning/ALPS OutdoorZ and two premium Burris hunting optics with a total value of $1,278! As you might recall, Antle, 27, became our Week 6 winner after sending in his HuntStand success story of a Kentucky giant buck in velvet. Following our 10-week contest, Antle’s good fortune continued. He was lucky enough to nab our Grand Prize after having his name selected in a drawing of all 10 weekly winners.

Matthew Antle Is Our 2022 Grand Prize Winner

Giant buck tailgate

“I had been watching this deer for months leading up to the season, and knew him well from last season,” Antle wrote. “This year, beginning in June, it was obvious he had put some size on. I would say at least 20 inches, with about 10 inches of “trash” points, or kickers, that he didn’t have the year before. I knew I needed to hunt him early.

Tailgate buck

“Sept. 3rd, opening day, HuntStand forecasted a perfect SE wind for the corner edge of the bean field where this particular stand sits. I had nearly every buck I captured on camera emerge from that direction. There was about three different bachelor groups. But I never saw my target buck. Sunday, Sept. 4 HuntStand forecasted the same wind and I went right back to the same stand. This time when 7 p.m. rolled around I hadn’t seen a single deer. Then about 15 minutes later I heard one coming. I pulled up my binos and the first thing I saw was the unmistakable kickers on his right G2. I knew it was him! When he reached 39 yards all felt good, and I let it fly!

Giant buck sunlight


10 Weekly Winners!

ALPS Trail Blazer Pack

This fall Team HuntStand chose 10 weekly winners that we began sharing with the extensive HuntStand community Sept. 23; EACH weekly winner will receive the versatile Trail Blazer hunt pack (valued at $119.99) from ALPS OutdoorZ (see above). The Trail Blazer offers 2,500 cubic inches of space and is loaded with features. Included are an expandable pocket that can securely hold your compound bow or gun, a hydration pocket and port, and multiple gear pockets. In addition, it offers a large main compartment, mesh pockets and a handy front lashing system. You’ll also find a blaze orange rain cover.

Our Largest-Ever Grand Prize Package!

Browning Eclipse Blind & Huntsman Chair
Antle takes home our Grand Prize after having his name selected in a drawing of all 10 weekly winners. The Grand Prize Package includes the Browning Eclipse Blind ($299.99) and Huntsman Chair ($199.99) (see image above). In addition, it includes TWO premium hunting optics from Burris: A Burris Signature HD 10×42 binocular valued at $539, and a Burris Fullfield IV 2.5‑10×42 riflescope valued at $239 (see images below).
Burris Signature HD 10x42Team HuntStand would like to thank all who submitted entries for our 2022 Big Buck ALERT contest. There were many outstanding entries, and some very tough decisions. But this contest is truly a labor of love. We never tire of learning when (and how) you score while using HuntStand!



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