Must-See Gear: 2021 Mathews V3 Compound

A longer more-stable riser. New limbs, damping and roller guard technology. Here's a must-see member of the Class of 2021.

by Mark Melotik

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A longer more-stable riser. New limbs, damping and roller guard technology. Here’s a must-see member of the Class of 2021.

Looking for a holiday gift most any bowhunter would cherish? The new-for-2021 Mathews V3 compound, available in two axle-to-axle lengths, offers some neat new innovations—to go along with some seriously good bloodlines.

HuntStand users know that 2020 started strong for Mathews with the amazing VXR 31.5 compound winning the HuntStand Editor’s Choice award in our 2020 Ultimate Compound Bow Field Test. But Mathews did not rest on those laurels. Not by a long shot. V327_FirstLite 900The all-new 2021 Mathews V3 is available in both 27-inch (shown above) and 31-inch models—$1,199 each, both with 6-inch brace height—and include features that answer the question: “How do you improve on an Editor’s Choice Winner?” For 2021 Mathews engineers didn’t stop at one new innovation, or even a couple.

We count at least four sweet new innovations on this great-looking new bow and they start with the V3’s new Centerguard Cable Containment system. What’s so cool? Well, the roller guard is now in the true center of the bow; it’s designed to deliver optimal cam timing to maximize tunability, while also adding additional vane clearance.

The new V3 also sports new deflected Limbs and past-parallel geometry, paired with redesigned Limb Cups. The goal here was to cut weight while increasing performance and efficiency. MathewsV3three 900Shoot a quick glance at these new bows and you’ll notice their long risers, and there’s a smart reason for those as well. The goal of the V3’s new Extended Bridged Riser is to increase stability, which veteran bowhunters know leads to increased accuracy. And along the way, Mathews was able to cut weight while maximizing length and rigidity in critical areas. The result? The longest riser-to-axle-to-axle ratio that Mathews has ever built.

Mathews bows have long been known for their silence and dead-in-hand performance at the shot, and hunt-friendly stealth was again a top priority for the new V3. The result is the new Nano 740 damping system, which includes both a new extended position to provide added balance at full draw, and it’s also calibrated and tuned to the specific harmonics of the new bows. After our first few shots with the new V3 31, it was obvious Mathews engineers know a thing or two about damping.MathewsV3two 900The V3 also sports some proven technologies we were happy to see carried over from the proven, award-winning VXR bows. First and foremost is SwitchWeight Technology that allows shooters to change peak draw length and draw weight in 5-pound increments. That comes  via the cam’s module—a much-easier alternative versus changing out limbs. Available in 60, 65, 70 and 75-pound peak weights, each set of SwitchWeight mods is designed for a smooth draw and maximum efficiency. Another nice feature? Mods are available in 80- or 85-percent letoff for further customization.

Most every bowhunter wants a great-looking bow, and here, again, the V3 offers some sweet customizable features. Your options start with eight separate bow finishes that include new First Lite Specter and Under Armour All-Season, as well as Realtree Edge, Green Ambush, Stone, Black, Optifade Subalpine, and Optifade Elevated II. You can also choose from a multitude of string, cable, serving, and harmonic damper colors.MathewsV3four 900We’re also happy to see Mathews brought back its very smart Dovetail rest Mount, incorporated directly into the V3 riser. The mount perfectly accommodates the Integrate MX Rest by QAD—an incredibly compact, micro-adjust rest that features what might just be the strongest and most-secure rest-to-riser connection in the industry. The mount/rest combo is a feature all hardcore bowhunters will appreciate—especially those who travel regularly into the remote, unforgiving backcountry where the durability of your gear can (and often does) define a hunt. MathewsV3five 900And just like the VXR, the new V3 allows for use with some unique Mathews-specific accessories that include the Flatline stabilizer (6, 8, 10 or 12 inches), Bow Sling and Bow Rope (shown in use above) using the proven Silent Connect System, and the all-new Q-Lite 2-piece Quiver that weighs just 7 ounces. This ultralight 2-piece design looks to be just the thing for everything from a bucket-list north country caribou hunt, to chasing elk out west, or your next high country mule deer adventure. Who’s excited for 2021?



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