New Arrow Rests: The Hard-Hunting Best Of 2019

More compact. Lighter. Stronger. Arrow rests designed for truly hard hunting are progressing nicely.

by Mark Melotik

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More compact. Lighter. Stronger. Arrow rests designed for truly hard hunting are progressing nicely.

VaportrailGen7Red 900Vapor Trail Gen 7. Here’s proof that not all fall-away rests are created equal. The new side-load, full-capture containment design of this limb-driven rest utilizes carbon-core technology, creating what Vapor Trail is calling the strongest and lightest containment system in the industry. Weighing in at a mere 2.9 ounces, the Gen 7 ($159.99) is one of the lightest fully-machined aluminum rests available in its class. With bow-specific model options that are even lighter (2.5 ounces), the user is able to choose an exact-fit for certain popular bow models. Got a hankering to customize? The Gen 7 is available in 12 different cage colors (replacement cages sold separately, $25 each), which can easily be swapped out for a new, custom look.TRidgeSync-MD 900Trophy Ridge Sync & Sync MD. Veteran bowhunters know one of the smartest additions to an arrow rest is micro-adjustability. Fast and precise tuning are the benefits. Trophy Ridge has done just that with the new Sync and Sync MD fall-aways. The Sync features a removable full-containment arm to ensure your bow is

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ready when you are, as well as laterally adjustable launcher arms that allow bowhunters to fine-tune their shot, while cable-driven technology delivers a smooth, reliable draw cycle. The Sync MD (shown above) takes adjustability up a notch with micro-adjustable windage and elevation, with the same removable full containment arm and laterally adjustable launcher arms.QADintegrate2angles 900Quality Archery Designs Ultrarest Integrate MX. Two great companies, one sweet new arrow rest. QAD’s partnership with Mathews has resulted in the ground-breaking new Integrate MX drop-away rest ($249.99). Instead of mounting to the time-honored bow riser berger button hole, this new rest uses a patent-pending dovetail mounting system integrated into the back of the bow riser.QADtintegrateRight 900The design allows the ultra-compact rest to automatically level itself once attached, and unlike most all other rests, this rock-solid design eliminates any chance of movement. You’ll also find precise micro-click adjustments designed to deliver extreme hunting accuracy. TRUGLO EZ-REST 900TruGlo EZ-Rest. Lots of bowhunters can benefit by tapping a simple and dependable, proven biscuit-style design that is the TruGlo EZ-Rest ($23.99). This ultra-affordable, full-containment design features no moving parts; maybe just as helpful it effectively holds nocked arrows silently and securely no matter how you tilt or torque your bow during an awkward draw, or while covering those final critical yards on your next spot-and-stalk adventure.HHAVirtus 900HHA Sports Virtus. This recent introduction ($130) features full containment and fall-away operation, and is constructed with the same quality as HHA’s proven Optimizer sights. It’s also available in both Universal and Mathews Edition models. It comes out-of-the-box ready to mount on your bow with the launcher silencing kit pre-installed. Windage adjustments ensure perfect center-shot alignment, while

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witness marks on all adjustments ensure precise alignment and timing. Every day in America, 22 military veterans take their lives, struggling to cope with the physical and mental scars sustained during their service. To raise awareness, the number 22 is being used in the part numbers for the Virtus (VR-22 and MA-VR-22). Additionally, 2.2 percent of profits from all Virtus sales go to Operation HHAUSA, a program directed at involving veterans in archery/hunting.



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