NEW Bear X Constrictor LT Crossbow

by HuntStand


What segment of the hunting industry is seeing the most-exciting innovation? One of the most obvious is crossbows. We’ve never seen as many hunter-friendly advantages in crossbows, and a great example is the new-for-2022 Bear X Constrictor LT crossbow that you see here.

What makes this a great design? Plenty.

Compact Design With Shorter Stock

For starters, the Constrictor LT features a shorter stock than Bear’s original Constrictor design. And that means more hunter-friendly maneuverability.

And the ultra-compact nature of this crossbow continues. It measures a mere 10 inches wide cocked, and just 14 inches wide uncocked. So it’s great for tight quarters (such as even the most-compact ground blinds). And up in a treestand, it’ll help you get into position quickly on rutting bucks. The type that seem to be in near-constant motion. With bigger, bulkier designs, you might just be out of luck.

Ready-to-Hunt Package

We also like the ambidextrous top-mount 5-arrow quiver, that sits on a 360-degree pivot. It allows you to position the quiver on the right- OR left-hand side of the crossbow, at an angle or parallel to the bow. Everyone seems to have a preference; options are good.

The Constrictor LT also answers the often-confusing question of accessories. It comes Ready To Hunt with a top-mount 5-arrow quiver, three 425-grain arrows, and a 1-5×24 illuminated scope. You also get a handy sling, aluminum cocking sled, and rail lube/string wax.

Nicely Affordable Performance

And it gets even better. Maybe the most-impressive aspect of the Constrictor LT is its retail price. At an MSRP of $649.99 you get plenty of premium features—including speeds up to 415 feet per second. And it comes at a fraction of the cost of many premium crossbows. And let’s not forget the Constrictor LT comes Ready To Hunt with everything you need.

Are you ready to experience the excitement and challenge of hunting with a crossbow? The compact, many-featured Bear X Constrictor LT is ready to help.


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