NEW Covert ThermX Thermal Optics [First Look]

by Mark Melotik

HuntStand Pro Contributor MORE FROM Mark

From a thermal hand scanner to a laser rangefinder to a thermal scope, new Covert ThermX Thermal Optics are weapons mountable. So right out of the package they’re usable in-hand as a scanner to help recover downed game animals. In addition, they’re mountable on a variety of firearms, and in some cases vertical bows and crossbows. Feral hog hunting under the cover of darkness becomes a whole new world.

All three of these Covert thermal optics feature a brightness control with four different color palettes. They also feature programmable reticles that enables them to be weapons mountable.

The thermal laser rangefinder can be used as a scanner, and a stand-alone rangefinder. In addition, it’s usable as a weapon-mounted optic. It mounts to a vertical bow, a crossbow, or to any weapon with a picatinny rail.

The ThermX TS1 Thermal Scope has a quick-detach mount built in, so it’s usable as both a scope or scanner. What’s unique is that this scope is the only thermal optic in the hunting industry with optical zoom capability. The big difference? You’ll find that scopes possessing digital zoom will decrease the image quality. Conversely, optical zoom optimizes the scope lenses to give you up to 8 power, just like a traditional riflescope.

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