NEW Trophy Ridge Digital React 1 Bowsight

by HuntStand


More accuracy, with less movement. For bowhunters that might sound like a dream come true, but for 2022, it’s become reality with the new Trophy Ridge Digital React 1 bowsight. It’s easily the most-groundbreaking new bowsight of the year.

At the Archery Trade Show back in January we tabbed this as one of the most-innovative bowhunting products of the year. In addition, we’ve since found firsthand that its benefits are real. As you might have seen, we used this innovative new sight in the recent HuntStand 2022 Broadhead Field Test. After putting it through its paces, we can’t wait to use it come fall.

Pinpoint Accuracy and Speedy Adjustment

Now, unlike some other digital sights on the market, the Digital React Sight does not range your target. You’re still making use of your favorite rangefinder. However, the huge benefits with this sight are its pinpoint accuracy, and its ease—and speed—of adjustment in the presence of game. In addition, we like its speedy, virtually foolproof setup all the way out to 100 yards or more.

Large LED Readout Shows Yardage

With this sight, once you know the exact range to your target it’s a simple matter of turning the sight dial to the precise yardage. With the large, easily visible LED readout that’s in-line with your arrow, you never have to take your eyes off your target. This sight eliminates the need to bring your bow in close and squint at a little sight tape. That’s more movement, and hassle, that’s required with most every other movable sight. For bowhunters, that’s a huge difference, and a great improvement.

And setup is incredibly fast and easy. Simply sight in your top pin for 20 yards using the tool-less windage and elevation knobs. Then power up your sight and enter your verified bow speed (after a trip through a chronograph). All distances are instantly dialed in! So yes, that means shooting one arrow, and you’re done.

Super-Fast Setup

That’s crazy cool, or, you can do what we did, and sight in your 20-yard pin, and one other yardage, say 30 or 40 yards. In a couple minutes, the sight is once again set, all the way out to 100 yards. It’s the closest thing to magic that you can find in the hunting industry. But there’s no smoke and mirrors here. This sight runs on a rechargeable battery; fully charged and left on it should last for 48 hours. As a fail safe, it also comes with sight tapes that allow it to be used as a standard movable sight.

Next-Level React Technology

For many years Team HuntStand has been a huge fan of Trophy Ridge React technology. However, the Digital React sights take this concept to the next level. If you’re in the market for a new bowsight, do yourself a favor and check out the new Digital React 1 Pin. Two more choices include the Digital React Trio Pro, and the Digital React One Pin with Mathews Bridge-Lock.

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