Next-Level Archery Targets For 2021

The year's new standouts include larger faces, more-affordable 3Ds, and models built to stop arrows traveling at more than 500 fps.

by Mark Melotik

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The year’s new standouts include larger faces, more-affordable 3Ds, and models built to stop arrows traveling at more than 500 fps.

DeltaSidewinder 900Delta SideWinder Bag Target. Few are the times a bigger archery target isn’t the better option. The SideWinder Bag ($39.99) is designed for field points and is compatible with both vertical bows and crossbows; it measures a nicely oversized 24x20x8 inches, for extra stability and longer-lasting use. You’ll also find effortless one-handed arrow removal, and high-contrast aim-points (printed on both sides) that make target acquisition easy. Delta’s higher-density fill offers more arrow stopping control and adds durability; you’ll also appreciate the high-quality sewn-in handles. NOTE: For a limited time, Delta is offering FREE shipping on a SideWinder target, order with code: DMFREESHIP.DeltaGreenline 900Delta McKenzie Greenline. Who wouldn’t like to own a block-style target built to last up to two times longer? That was the result of recent head-to-head shooting tests with the Greenline and similar designs, and it all starts with the Greenline’s unique made-in-the-USA construction. The foundation is its exclusive heavy-duty Mo’Foam layers, but Delta didn’t stop there. The Greenline ($79.99) uses Delta’s patented process that welds the layers together into a single block; the resulting solid target offers four-sided shooting and further extends durability. Another nice touch? Permanent integrated handles molded into the sides of the block.RinehartMuley 900Rinehart Woodland Mule Deer & Woodland Antelope. Realistic 3D archery target specialist Rinehart is at it again for 2021, expanding its target lineup to include two new members to its proven Woodland Series of 3D targets: the new Woodland Mule Deer ($299.99, shown above) and Woodland Antelope ($224.99). Their solid Woodland Foam body construction and Signature Series self-healing foam core means they can take on countless shots from both compounds and crossbows from every possible angle without compromising integrity. You’ll also notice easy arrow removal thanks to the targets’ self-healing foam cores, which are replaceable and come complete with scoring rings. The new full-size Woodland Mule Deer measures 58 inches tall with a shoulder height of 32 inches, and a length of 31 inches, simulating a 200-pound buck.Rinehartantelope 900The Woodland Antelope (shown above) measures 36 inches tall and 31inches long and incorporates realistic sculpted features; in addition, all Woodland Series targets are resistant to UV rays and the harshest weather the winter months can dish out, making them ideal for year-round practice in the backyard or in the field.SEVR Target 900SEVR HD Archery Target. Who’s more qualified than a broadhead company to build a better archery target?  That was the thinking behind the SEVR HD ($169.99), a premium poured-foam design featuring an oversized rectangular face that measures a generous 21 inches wide by 17 inches high by 13 inches deep, which can be shot horizontally for more stability; the target can also be turned and shot vertically for added confidence at longer distances. Handy integrated tie-down channels allow multiple targets to be strapped together to create a larger range-type target. The first-of-its-kind rear face has a molded 1-inch grid pattern for sighting-in bows and crossbows, and canbe used with the included 10 wooden marker pins. A handy molded channel stores the free arrow puller that is included with each target. The easy-to-pull, high-density urethane foam was designed exclusively for SEVR; its direct-to-consumer model allows for a 40-percent better value versus the leading retail brands.MorrellTransformerBuck 900Morrell Transformer Buck. Are you ready for a whole new level of target performance? The new-for-2021 Transformer Buck  from Morrell features a shooting core made with the company’s proven High Roller Foam that offers ultra-easy arrow removal with any type of bow (vertical or crossbow) using any type of tip (fixed or mechanical), shot at any speed. But that’s not all. In addition to its ultra-realistic 3D detail with head that revolves 360 degrees, the Transformer’s removable shooting core can also be used as a stand-alone target complete with handy carry handle, so you can take it most anywhere. Look for this exciting new design to be available this summer.BLOCK INFINITY 20 900The BLOCK Infinity & Infinity Crossbow Targets. As you might know crossbow performance has recently eclipsed a blistering 500 fps; more good news is that the BLOCK is now offering compatible targets with the type of extreme stopping power and extended life built to tame that performance. The BLOCK Infinity ($179.99 to $199.99, shown above) and Infinity Crossbow ($139.99 to $189.99) offer six-sided shooting and  BLOCK’s exclusive PolyFusion Technology that features high-density layered-foam inner core encased with an exterior foam wall that delivers extreme stopping power and exceptional durability, while still offering easy arrow removal. The six-sided exterior of the InfinityBLOCK INFINITY 20 Crossbow 900Series features six individual shooting faces with five unique designs strategically placed to offset aiming areas for extended target life and maximum durability. Safe for use with field points, and both fixed and expandable broadheads, the standard Infinity targets (available in 20×20 and 22×22 inches) are capable of stopping standard-diameter arrows at speeds up to a raging 500 fps; the Infinity Crossbow targets (shown above, available in 16×16 and 20×20 inches) use a beefed-up core to stop standard-diameter bolts up to a blazing 520 fps.



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