PRIME INLINE 3 | Compound Bow Test & Review 2022

by Mark Melotik

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Our bow test & review of the PRIME INLINE 3 found it one of our 2022 test’s standouts. Armed with an all-new cam system, the many-featured PRIME INLINE 3 blew us away with its ultra-steady hold and consistent accuracy, and is our well-deserved 2022 Editor’s Choice Award winner.

Our Stable Of Premium Test Bows

In addition to the Prime Inline 3 featured here, our stable of 2022 test bows included the new PSE EVO XF 30, and the Bear Refine EKO. In addition, we tested the Elite EnVision, the Bowtech SR350, and the Mathews V3X 33.

All bows were competing for one of our three awards: The 2022 Best Value Award is a gauge of ultimate bang for your buck, which considered both features and performance. And the coveted 2022 Editor’s Choice is the bow we’d pick from this high-class, premium group if limited to just a single model. As you might guess the 2022 Silver award is the “Second-Place” finisher to our Editor’s Choice.

How We Tested

We put these six bows through a battery of tests that included speed (with help from a shooting machine and a chronograph)We also tested for Mass weight (with help from a digital scale), and silence (with help from a decibel meter).

In addition, we considered things like accuracy, fit and finish, ergonomics, in-the-field maneuverability, letoff, draw cycle, and price point. All of these can be important when choosing a new premium hunting rig.

Bow Test Accessories

All test bows were equipped with a proven G5 Outdoors Meta Peep Pro, as well as an all-new Redline RL-1 10-inch Stabilizer, and a Redline RL-3 5-Pin Dovetail Sight. In addition, we used the latest full-containment drop-away UltraRest models from Quality Archery Designs.

Also used in our test were Easton 5mm Full Metal Jacket arrows fletched with New Archery Products’ Quikfletch QuikSpin Vanes. And finally, we shot those arrows into a selection of Delta-McKenzie block-style and realistic 3-D targets.

Check Out More Bow Test Videos!

We hope you learned a few things from this bow test & review of the Prime Inline 3. If you’ve got interest in learning about more of the best new hunting bows of 2022, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to check out all of the individual videos highlighting each of the tested bows. Thanks for watching!

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