QAD EXODUS | Broadhead Test & Review 2022

by Mark Melotik

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Our broadhead test & review of the QAD Exodus three-blade fixed head in its “Full Blade” configuration showed impressive consistency. We gave it high marks for penetration and durability.

8 Premium 100-Grain Test Heads

This year our annual Field Test contained a mix of 8 premium 100-grain broadheads—3 mechanicals, and 5 fixed-blade heads. This group represents some of the newest technology from many of the most-respected broadhead companies on the planet.

Our stable of test broadheads included the new G5 Deadmeat V2 mechanical, the Slick Trick Standard 100, and the Wasp Z-Force mechanical. In addition, we also tested the Muzzy Merc, the QAD Exodus full blade, and the Iron Will Single Bevel. Finally, our test included the Swhacker #261 Levi Morgan series mechanical, and the Wac’em 3 blade.

All heads were competing for one of our three awards: The 2022 Best Value Award, a gauge of ultimate bang for your buck that considered both features and performance. In addition, the coveted 2022 Editor’s Choice is the head we’d pick from this deadly group if limited to just a single model. The 2022 Silver award could be considered a “Second-Place” finisher to our Editor’s Choice.

How We Tested

We put these 8 broadheads through a battery of tests that sought to tell the story of what bowhunters value most. The results, as usual, were eye-opening.

Our tests included Accuracy (with help from a shooting machine, and some Delta McKenzie Targets). For each broadhead tested, we shot three different heads from 40 yards using the same Easton 5mm Full Metal Jacket carbon/aluminum arrow. We then measured the resulting three-shot groups. Arrows were fletched with New Archery Products Quikfletch Quikspin vanes.

We also tested for penetration using some Clear Ballistics Gel that delivers true “apples to apples” comparisons. In addition, we tested for deflection with the help of a 4×8-foot sheet of premium half-inch Birch plywood, and a Delta-McKenzie 3-D buck target for reference.

We also used a digital scale to check for broadhead weight consistency that was one component of our evaluation of overall design and manufacturing quality. For each brand we weighed three separate heads and noted the variance gap.

Broadhead Test Gear

For all three of our tests requiring an arrow launch we used a finely-tuned new Bear Alaskan compound. It was set at 65 pounds and 27.5-inch draw.

For a sight we chose the exciting new Trophy Ridge Digital REACT 1, and paired it with a Trophy Ridge V-Max Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, and a Trophy Ridge 8-inch Shock Stop stabilizer.

More Broadhead Videos On The Way!

If you’ve got interest in learning about the QAD Exodus three-blade fixed head, we’re pretty sure this video will help. However, in addition, don’t forget to check back in the coming days and weeks. Why? We’ll also be posting individual videos highlighting each of the tested broadheads. Thanks for watching!

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