Savage A17 Sporter Rimfire Rifle [Review]

by Josh Dahlke

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The semi-automatic Savage A17 rifle is an ideal rimfire companion if your goal is to bag some bushytails. Staying on target for fast and accurate follow-up shots is important for squirrel hunters, and the A17 is built for reliable repeatability. Watch “Lookin’ Up,” a HuntStand Original Film, to see it in action.

Savage was the first to offer a semi-auto for the flat-shooting . 17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR). Popularity of the A17 has lead to a continuous line expansion, so now it’s easy to find a perfect model to match your rimfire pursuits. Whether you’re looking for a thumbhole stock, a lightweight synthetic stock, a heavy barrel, or other specific variations, Savage comes to the table with many unique options.

The A17 featured in the video above is the A17 Sporter. It’s built on a sweet-looking Boyd’s gray laminated wood stock, providing a rigid platform that’s well balanced for continuous accuracy. Savage’s AccuTrigger makes it easy to adjust the trigger pull weight on your own (no need to visit a gunsmith). Another practical benefit of the AccuTrigger is its two-stage design, which forces you to make contact with the bladed portion of the trigger before finally squeezing through for a controlled shot. This is especially helpful if you’re wearing gloves, or trying to ease into the trigger when your hands are cold and numb.

What’s a repeater without enough rounds to work with? A 10-round rotary magazine in the Savage A17 gives you a solid cartridge capacity for target shooting or hunting applications.

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