HuntStand Success Stories: 2-Year Quest For A Michigan Monster Buck

Have you ever hunted one particular mature buck for a few days? How about across multiple seasons? When the stakes get that high it pays to have the HuntStand app in your corner.

by Mark Melotik

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Have you ever hunted one particular mature buck for a few days? How about across multiple seasons? When the stakes get that high it pays to have the HuntStand app in your corner.

MichBuck6 900Many of us enjoy the extreme chess game that is hunting one particular mature buck. Maybe it starts with a brief, long-distance sighting on stand; often a well-placed game cam, triggered at night, begins the chase. This isn’t a game for the weak of heart; mature bucks don’t come easy, and the odds aren’t in your favor.

Those who accept the challenge know their preparation and gear must be top-notch, and for a simple reason. Why would you leave anything to chance? Michigan’s Mike Brown knows what this feels like, but he did something very smart late last fall. Brown fired up his HuntStand app and selected the right stand for the conditions. Here is how Brown’s HuntStand Success Story unfolded.

MichBuck2 900“I had been after this buck for two seasons, since he first appeared on my trail cameras in October of 2015, as a big eight point scoring around the mid-140s,” Mike Brown recalled.

“I had never seen this buck on the hoof until opening day back in 2015, but I missed my opportunity and didn’t see him again until Dec. 18, 2015, so I knew he had made it through the season. MichBuck1 900“Time passed and the 2016 bow season kicked off, but I didn’t see him on camera at all until I had set up some mock scrapes with daytime scent drippers on them, which prompted the buck to make a new scrape about 10 yards from the ones I had set up, well within bow range of my stand. Finally, on Oct. 25 I got some pictures of him, but just the one set, and then he disappeared again.

MichBuck3 900“Opening day of gun season in Michigan arrives on Nov. 15th, and with the help of the HuntStand app and the ScentCone feature, I knew my southeast stand location would be the ticket, if I was to catch this buck cruising like he was doing the year before on the same day.

MichBuck5 900“With the wind coming from the south that day it was the best scenario I could hope for, as this buck always seemed to come from behind my stand, to scent-check all the fields and woods as he was passing thru. Just as I had planned, and dreamed, the buck appeared as predicted. MichBuck7 900“This deer is a buck of a lifetime for this hunter,” Brown said. “He gross-scored 162 1/8 and netted 158 5/8 green. Thank you HuntStand, and for letting me share my hunt with you.”

Congrats Mike on one true monster of a Michigan buck, and thanks for sharing your experience that not only proves the deadly effectiveness of the HuntStand appbut also shows that when you hunt hard and smart, even the largest and most-reclusive of bucks can be tagged in the end. Tundra-Series-Set 900For sharing his ScoutLook Hunting app success story, Brown will receive a pair of Arctic Ice cooler packs: One Tundra Series X-Large cooler pack (complete Tundra Series set shown above) and one Chillin’ Brew X-Large cooler pack, a $60 total value.

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