ScoutLook Success Stories: A Georgia Stud Buck Reads The Script

The dilemma: The temp is 92 degrees in the shade, but HuntStand says it's time to hunt. Can you guess the outcome of this Georgia adventure?

by Mark Melotik

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The dilemma: The temp is 92 degrees in the shade, but HuntStand says it’s time to hunt. Can you guess the outcome of this Georgia adventure?


As deer hunting seasons begin opening slowly across the country, many of you will be considering the heat, and maybe the local mosquitoes and some general tough hunting conditions. Lucky for you, we’ve got some motivation to get you out there and just do it, in the form of a HuntStand Success Story from last fall. Last November, a young but eager Nicholas Tranakos was dealing with conditions that many of you will face in the coming days. But Nicholas placed his faith in the ScoutLook Hunting app, and the rest, as you might guess, is history. Here’s another HuntStand Success Story, told in Nic’s own words:

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“I took this buck on November 4th, 2017,” Tranakos wrote. “If it weren’t for the ScoutLook Hunting app I wouldn’t even have been in my stand. Let me explain.NickBuck2“I do my hunting near Chauncey, GA. It was a sweltering 92 degrees that day and I was planning to pass on the afternoon hunt because it was so hot, but after opening the HuntStand app I saw that it was a “Best” day for hunting. Decision made!

“Just before I got into my stand I put out some Tink’s doe scent in front of my stand. I was hunting on a lease that is owned by a timber company; they had recently cut down pretty much all the pine trees on the property, and the property had held about 90 percent pines. A huge change. I was hunting a large clearcut, and soon had a little spike come all the way up to my stand; he was sniffing around where I’d placed the Tink’s scent.NickBuck1 900“I had just put cameras out a week before my hunt, because the property is so far away and I didn’t want my cameras to get damaged during the logging process. After the encounter with the spike I looked up and about 300 yards away, saw a nice mature buck. There was no clear shot so I passed him up, and decided to see if he would make his way closer.

“Later in the evening, on the same road the buck had been walking on, I could see his antlers pop up. So I decided to let out some short grunts. The buck lifted his head and suddenly began walking right toward me, all bowed up. When he got to 75 yards I decided it was time to take the shot. At the shot he ran off into a swamp next to the clearcut I was hunting over, and we blood-trailed him for about 60 yards or so. Suddenly, there he was!

“I love the HuntStand app; it is so helpful for planning your hunts in advance, tipping you off to accurate wind directions, temperatures, and major feed and movement times. Hunting would be a lot harder without HuntStand!



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