HuntStand Success Stories: Extra-Wide PA Buck Follows The Script

A young hunter captures a few impressive game cam buck images. Then a twist: HuntStand tells him the best stand for the next hunt is a full quarter mile away. Can you guess if HuntStand delivers?

by Mark Melotik

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A young hunter captures a few impressive game cam buck images. Then a twist: HuntStand tells him the best stand for the next hunt is a full quarter mile away. Can you guess if HuntStand delivers?   HartBuck4 900

The tagline for the HuntStand app is simple and to the point: Right place. Right time. Team HuntStand believes these two brief but powerful statements perfectly capture the essence of what the proven HuntStand app delivers to our users regularly, but we always enjoy hearing the proof: Your exciting in-the-field experiences. One of the very best from last fall involved a couple different stand sites, one big buck, and a young hunter who put his faith in the HuntStand app. Here’s how one truly amazing hunt unfolded.

“My name is Jacob Hart and I am 17 years old. I shot this buck with my Bowtech bow on Monday, October 10th in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. He is a main-frame 7-point with kickers off both brow tines, and also a 2-inch inside kicker off his right main beam, which makes him a 10 pointer. He has an inside spread of 22 ¾ inches, and an outside spread of 24 ¼ inches.

HartBuck2 900 “I got very few trail camera pictures of this buck throughout last summer, but the photos I did get of him were typically at 1 or 2 a.m. in the morning. On Saturday, October 8th I checked my HuntStand app and saw a perfect wind to hunt a quarter mile away from where I had been getting photos of this buck, and I had no clue In my mind that I would see him. But once on stand, out he strolled at 55 yards.

“Even though I had practiced shooting at that distance, I wasn’t sure I could make a clean ethical shot. So I gave him the pass and hoped he would give me a shot on the coming Monday (we can’t hunt Sundays in PA). So the first thing Monday I kept checking my HuntStand app to see if I had a good wind to sit the same stand that evening, and every time I checked conditions were perfect! I was so excited going in; I had practiced at 50 yards all day so if he gave me that shot I knew I would take it.

HartBuck3 900“As it came time to head out I checked the app one more time and confirmed, again, a perfect wind. As I sat in my tree, it didn’t seem long before the sun was starting to set and the buck was nowhere in sight. Then all of a sudden, just 15 minutes before the end of legal shooting hours, I saw him coming straight for my stand. HartBuck1 900“I grabbed my bow and he walked right under my tree, giving me a 5-yard shot, and I whacked him! He ran about 80 yards and dropped. It’s funny that I had so much confidence but didn’t really think I would see him; it’s also kind of funny that I practiced all day at 50 yards and then ended up with just a 5-yard shot. Thank you HuntStand!”

Congrats Jacob on an awesome hunt, and one beauty of a Pennsylvania whitetail. Your story not only shows the effectiveness of the HuntStand app, but also how showing restraint, and hunting smart, can really pay off. Nice work!

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