ScoutLook Success Stories: North-Country Buck Crashes Late-October Bowhunt

Finding a new hunting area is always exciting. After securing permission your next step should be leaning on your HuntStand app, as this Success Story clearly shows.

by Mark Melotik

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Finding a new hunting area is always exciting. After securing permission your next step should be leaning on your HuntStand app, as this Success Story clearly shows. MeltonSuccess2 900

Some of you might remember northern Wisconsin’s Nathaniel Melton as the Week 2 Winner in our Big Buck HIT LIST contest, but his name is not new to Team HuntStand. Last fall Melton was able to make great use of his HuntStand app, and his exciting late-October hunt ended up becoming another HuntStand Success Story. Here’s how it shook down:

“Last fall I had a new place to hunt and hunted it a few times,” Melton explained. “Once on stand I saw some small bucks come from a particular area, and then used my HuntStand app to get a better visual of where I was, and how everything pieced together. MeltonSuccess1 900“With the app’s satellite view you can really see the ‘big picture,’ and that helped me dial-in my stand placement. Before I went out to hunt my new stand on the evening of Oct. 26, I used the HuntStand app again to check my ScentCone, and the wind direction couldn’t have been better. Once I got into my stand, and after getting everything settled, I thought I would grunt and use a can bleat call. I made a few loud grunts and used the can a couple of times, and then used another grunt call. Shortly thereafter I heard something moving. MeltonSuccess3 900“As I turned toward the sounds, there he was, coming toward me at a fast trot. I quickly ranged the trail where I thought the buck was headed, then put the rangefinder in my pocket and grabbed my bow and pulled back. The buck stopped at the opening I had ranged, then started to move. He was at 25 yards, and that’s when I released my arrow. He went no more than 50 yards and laid down, and that’s where I recovered him. I hadn’t been in my stand more than 10 minutes. It had been six or seven years since I had shot a buck, I’d been holding out for a good one. My successful hunt ended up falling on the day after my birthday. What a special night to celebrate with my sons, my dad, brothers, nephew, and friends. The buck is 17 inches wide and field dressed 207 pounds. Thanks for developing the HuntStand app; it’s a great tool that allowed me to have a successful hunt here in NW Wisconsin.”

Congrats Nathaniel on an awesome hunt, and one beauty of a northern-Wisconsin whitetail. Your story not only shows the effectiveness of the HuntStand app, but also how it can help with “dialing-in” stand placement on unfamiliar tracts. Nice work!

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