ScoutLook Success Stories: ScentCone Helps Anchor Early Muzzleloader Buck

Checking your ScentCone not only helps determine the day's best stand, but also your best shot opportunities once in the field. 

by Mark Melotik

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Checking your ScentCone not only helps determine the day’s best stand, but also your best shot opportunities once in the field. BucknerBuck1 900

No matter what kind of weapon we’re using, we all want to take our shots at game animals that are unaware and undisturbed. The benefits are many with the most obvious being increased, deadly accuracy on targets that are likely motionless or inching along slowly.  Here’s when it’s important to remember that checking the patented ScentCone feature in your HuntStand app can help lead the way…not only to the right time and place for your hunt, but also, the right moment to take your shot. Once on stand, double-check your ScentCone often to see how your scent might affect incoming deer. Last fall Michael Buckner did, and it led him to take a relaxed shot at a bruiser incoming buck. With help from HuntStand Buckner knew to take the shot with his muzzleloader before the buck hit Buckner’s ScentCone and spooked; for doing his homework Buckner was awarded with a great buck, and another stellar HuntStand Success Story.

“I had been using the HuntStand app regularly all throughout last fall, while watching the wind around my stands and my feeder,” Buckner explained. “With HuntStand’s help, I shot this 225-pound, 140-inch Kansas buck with my muzzleloader on September 18th, 2016. HuntStand helped me know exactly when I had to take the shot, before the deer would cross my ScentCone, and I was able to do so.

BucknerBuck3 900

“I TRULY cannot thank HuntStand enough,” Buckner continued. “I am serious when I say that the HuntStand app showed my ScentCone perfectly across the field I was watching. My stand was on the northern side of a field, with the wind that day coming from the northwest. The aerial view of my scent allowed me to see when I had to take the shot before this buck would wind me and get spooked. As it was, he never knew I was there, and I made the shot with complete confidence.

BucknerBuck2 900

“Enclosed are a couple more pics of this buck from my trail cams last summer… you’ll see that the real Alpha buck survived. Maybe, with more help from HuntStand, I’ll bag that one this fall.”

Congrats Michael on one awesome hunt, and one beauty of an early season Kansas whitetail. Your story not only shows the effectiveness of the HuntStand app, but also the benefits of showing patience and hunting smart. Nice work!

Tundra-Series-Set 900

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