ScoutLook Success Stories: ScentCone Leads Way To Delaware Buck

Hunting seasons can be lengthy, but just one simple mistake can ruin your chances at a trophy. The answer? Hedge your bets with help from HuntStand.

by Mark Melotik

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Hunting seasons can be lengthy, but just one simple mistake can ruin your chances at a trophy. The answer? Hedge your bets with help from HuntStand.

HastingsBuck3 900For those who lament the fact that the average age of today’s bowhunter seems to be rising, it’s good to know there are plenty of good, skilled young hunters out there as well. Yet another prime example is Marcus Hastings, 23, of Delaware. Hastings had been keeping tabs on a large local buck last fall when another hunt opportunity presented itself. Hastings then made the wise move to check his HuntStand app to see if conditions were prime, and just hours later, another HuntStand Success Story was born. Here’s how it went down that day last fall:

HastingsBuck5 900“September 21st, 2016 was kind of a slow day around the farm, there wasn’t much going on, so I made a plan to go hunting that evening,” Hastings recalled. “The decision wasn’t too difficult because I had experienced an early September encounter with a big 7-point buck, I had countless trail cam photos of him, and I knew my opportunity to harvest this deer was getting closer. HastingsBuck4 900“One of my first steps that September day was to check my HuntStand app ScentCone to see if the wind was good that evening, for the stand where this buck had been showing up. And what do you know, the app was forecasting a perfect east wind. As I walked into the woods with my bow and gear that afternoon I pulled the sim card out of my game camera to see if the buck had been through lately, and sure enough, he had been there the previous night. The buck appeared to have been heading from a bedding area to a bean field. HastingsBuck1 900“As 6:30 p.m. rolled around I had a couple of does walk through down wind of me, but luckily, I had my Ozonics unit running, and they never knew I was there. HastingsBuck2 900“Just five minutes later the big seven-point came down a trail in front of my stand, freshly rubbed velvet hanging from its antlers; I stopped him and managed to arrow the buck at 23 yards. This was by far the easiest buck I have ever patterned; thanks to the HuntStand app I was able to pinpoint where I had to be that night, to get my hands on this big Delaware seven-point.”

Congrats Marcus on one awesome hunt, and a very cool-looking mount complete with hanging velvet…well done! Your story not only shows the effectiveness of the HuntStand app, but also the benefits of hunting smart.

Tundra-Series-Set 900For sharing his HuntStand app success story, Hastings will receive a pair of Arctic Ice cooler packs: One Tundra Series X-Large cooler pack (complete Tundra Series set shown above) and one Chillin’ Brew X-Large cooler pack, a $60 total value.

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