ScoutLook Success Stories: Wind Is Right For Sooner State Trophy Buck

An Oklahoma stud buck. An approaching cold front. Here's what happens when an avid bowhunter ties the two together with help from HuntStand.

by Mark Melotik

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An Oklahoma stud buck. An approaching cold front. Here’s what happens when an avid bowhunter ties the two together with help from HuntStand.

When it comes to getting the drop on big mature bucks, knowing when not to hunt a particular stand can be some of the most-important information you learn all fall. Luckily, nothing helps you tune into forecasts that accurately predict both favorable and non-favorable hunting conditions like the proven HuntStand app, and its many hunter-friendly features such as the patented ScentCone that delivers hour-to-hour wind direction forecasts from all your many stand sites, up to 10 days in advance. For more proof of the app’s amazing capabilities we turn to Oklahoma’s Cody Freeman Brown, 31, who used the HuntStand app to waylay a Sooner State stud last October. Here’s Brown’s exciting story in his own words:

“This was a buck I was very familiar with, a deer I had nicknamed the ‘BIG 10,’ and finally caught up with last Oct. 14,” Brown wrote. Big Buck3 900“Previously, I had only one daytime trail cam photo of this buck, dating back to November of 2016 on our family farm. At that time I guessed him as a 4-year-old main-frame 10. I had a few nighttime photos of this particular deer before the 2017 deer season, but by Oct. 1st of last year he had vanished.

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“Fast forward to the week of October 14th. I have a particular stand I call ‘The Meadow.’ Simply put, to access this stand I have to walk across a large meadow to a small cut that funnels like a snake down into a treeline along the edge of an adjacent hay meadow. The deer like to use this area to transition in early morning and late evening, as it is the only means of cover between the two large open meadows. Over the years I have learned that a North-NW wind is literally the only wind that is suitable for hunting the stand, and however inconvenient that may sound, it is also my best stand.Big Buck2 900“Using the data from my HuntStand Hunting app, I knew that a front was pushing through on the 14th of October, and HuntStand was predicting a strong northwest wind which I knew was the most crucial aspect of hunting this stand. In anticipation, and with the knowledge I had, I pulled out of hunting this area for the entire week up until the morning of the 14th.Big Buck4 900“It was a wet, windy morning (my personal favorite), and I just happened to forget my rain pants. I climbed into my stand and hung my bow well before daylight. With the rain I was forced to pull my jacket over myself to shed some rain from my lower extremities, while occasionally peeking to look across the meadow. Suddenly out of nowhere, at 7:05 a.m. in low light, I see what looks to be ‘BIG 10.’ He was quartering hard away, and I drew my Hoyt Defiant compound and let an arrow fly at 19 yards. With much reserve and doubt, I waited well over an hour to start the recovery. Almost instantly after climbing down I came to the realization that I had put a good shot on him, likely hitting the lungs and heart. And that assessment proved correct. The buck made it a mere 30 yards, where I was happy to confirm that it was indeed the buck I’ve been after. I love the HuntStand Hunting app!”



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