ScoutLook’s 2018 Hog Hunting Gear Guide

Optics. Ammo. Hunt accessories. If your goal is ambushing feral hogs, start your gear search here.

by Mark Melotik

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Optics. Ammo. Hunt accessories. If your goal is ambushing feral hogs, start your gear search here.


Birchwood Casey Pregame Splattering Boar Target. The latest addition to the popular Pregame Splattering Target series, this Boar Target ($13/3; 16.5×24 inches) meshes perfectly with the growth in popularity of feral hog hunting. Featuring a full-color graphic image of a mature boar hog, this target is ideal for sighting-in rifles, handguns and muzzleloaders; maybe the best part is that bullet holes “splatter” on impact, making it easy to see your shots. The vital area is clearly marked in red and hits there react with a highly visible fluorescent red circle. Shots outside of the vital area react with a white ring so it is easy to see if your gun is dialed in.MorrellDualThreat 900Morrell Yellow Jacket Dual Threat Combo Target. Ensure your next hog bowhunt is a success by practicing regularly with this ultra-durable design, which accepts every type of head, from field points to fixed and mechanical broadheads. The 100-percent weatherproof Dual Threat Combo ($94.99) design makes use of Poly-Fused Cellular Foam that is both compound and crossbow approved, with its ability to stop arrows traveling up to 380 fps; also handy is its E-Z Tote handle for quick and easy transport to and from camp, truck, or around your Hunting App: Now With Property Lines. Whether it’s helping you find and chase hogs, deer, or any game animals on the planet, your favorite hunting app is now the only hunting app you’ll ever need! The free HuntStand app delivers global pinpoint weather forecasts, advanced game logging, GobbleSpot gobbler marker for turkey hunters, distance and area measurement tools, and a growing suite of features to give hunters a digital edge in the field.


The latest Hunting app update contains a new Property Lines feature that covers all 50 states (97 percent of U.S. properties). This feature allows you to see: property lines, property sizes, landowner contact information and more! You can try Property Lines FREE for 7 days, or get unlimited access for $5.99/month. Available for Android and iOS. CLICK HERE to see a video and learn more.BurrisDroptine 900Burris Droptine 10×42 Binocular. Talk about a killer value. Burris Droptine binoculars ($249-$279) are available in both 10×42 and 8×42, and utilize the company’s time-tested Bak-4 glass with corrective coatings for clarity and maximum light transmission. They are rubber armored, rugged, lightweight, and designed for hunters who regularly brave the toughest conditions. fastfire, ffFastFire 3fastfire, ff300234, 300235, 300236, 300237Burris FastFire Reflex/Red Dot Series. Every hog shotgun or handgun can benefit from the ultra-durable, weatherproof Burris FastFire series that puts a bright red dot on your target to give you a serious speed and accuracy advantage. With bead or fiber optic shotgun sights, you need to get a solid cheek weld and look down the barrel for precise sight alignment. That’s not the case with reflex (red dot) sights: They’re parallax free, so as long as you can see the aiming point on a hog’s vitals you can make the shot. The FastFire 2 ($251, top photo with turkey) has a 4 MOA red dot with automatic illumination. The FastFire 3 ($299, shown above) has the option of a 3 or 8 MOA dot, with automatic or manual illumination settings.BurrisEliminatorIII 900Burris Eliminator III LaserScope 3-12×44. You’re looking at one of the most-advanced riflescopes on the planet, and an excellent choice for longer-range hog hunting. This sleek next-gen design is capable of ranging and knocking down targets out to 1,200-plus yards, using precise trajectory compensation that’s calculated for your exact ammunition and range. How deadly is that? Another

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cool feature is the illuminated aiming point that will help you anchor game even in low-light conditions. The Eliminator III LaserScope 3-12×44 (starting at $1,559) comes with a programming book, and there is a website app to help get the precise programming numbers you need, based on your elevation, atmospheric condition, and cartridge of choice. Also available in 4-16×50 ($1,499).BurrisSpotter900Burris Signature HD Spotting Scope. With this fine spotter’s 20-60x magnification range you can save time and boot leather by finding and evaluating trophy animals from hundreds of yards away. Even better, Burris has solved one of the biggest spotter problems by including two attachments points for a FastFire red dot sight (sold separately) that’s an incredibly fast way to

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acquire your target; if you can see it in the FastFire, it’s perfectly centered in your HD spotter (starting at $1,895). More cool features of this spotter include HD lenses and apochromatic lens system that eliminate color fringing and deliver edge-to-edge resolution at any magnification. You’ll also find a sun shade that reduces glare and protects the objective lens from rain and snow; both coarse and fine focusing adjustment are possible with the easy-access forward-mounted focus knob. ExtremeKillLight 900Elusive Wildlife Technologies Kill Light XLR 250. This flagship long-distance target identification light (starting at $80) is designed to give you complete target vision at distances at or exceeding 250-plus yards, with eye shine visible up to 500 yards. No hogs will be safe! High intensity LEDs give you complete target illumination, and the rugged light body is built from virtually indestructible T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy. O-ring sealed threads keep out dust, moisture and debris, and this hunter-friendly design can easily handle temps down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit without so much as a flicker.TriggerSticks900Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3. This refined design ($63 to $194) adjusts to your desired height with just one hand and the pull of a trigger. The new Locking Leg Angles give you more stability at more angles in the field. The new Quick Detach Yoke System with Integrated Lock makes it easier than ever to switch from gun to optics and back again. Smoother panning action helps you rotate, scan and find your perfect shot effortlessly. It’s the next level of Trigger Stick to give you the next level of confidence in every shot in all terrain–standing, sitting, or kneeling.NoslerET6-5CREED 900Nosler E-Tip (Lead-Free) Ammunition. The hogs won’t stand a chance with new Nosler E-Tip Ammunition that’s loaded up front with the high-performance, lead-free, E-Tip hunting bullet. The E-Tip bullet combines uniform expansion with 95-percent-plus weight retention for superior penetration, and is available in more than 20 different cartridges for excellent terminal performance on feral hogs and all types of big game.BrowningBXS 900Browning BXS Solid Expansion Lead Free Centerfire. Lead-free ammunition is required in some states, and hunters are seeing benefits from a solid expansion bullet. BXS Solid Expansion lead-free centerfire rifle cartridges ($32 to $35, add $5 for magnum) feature a

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copper bullet with a polymer tip for consistent performance and penetration. Initial offerings include .30-06 Springfield, .270 Win., .308 Win., .300 Win. Mag., 6.5 Creedmoor, .300 WSM, and 7mm Rem. Mag.WinchesterDeerAmmo 900Winchester Deer Season XP Copper Impact. Whether you’re chasing deer or hogs, this ammo delivers. The first thing you’ll notice on the Deer Season XP Copper Impact ($28 to $30) is the large polymer tip. Bigger tip, bigger impact is the clear message with this new lead-free bullet from Winchester. The huge energy transfer means even deeper penetration than standard, proven Deer Season.Hornady6.5PRC-SHOT 900Hornady 6.5 PRC. Good news for hog hunters: The 6.5 PRC is bigger than the popular 6.5 Creedmoor and Hornady is producing it to fit in short or medium actions. This ammo features moderate powder charges for consistent accuracy with low recoil. The 6.5 is made to perform at the range and for hunting, featuring a flat trajectory and high velocities that will reach beyond 1,000 yards. It’s available in either Hornady Precision Hunter 143-gr. ELD-X or Hornady Match 147-gr. ELD Match (both shown above).WorkSharp900Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener. Hogs are tough; your blades need to be tougher. And sharper. The Pocket Knife Sharpener ($14.95) makes it simple to put a precise edge on most of your hunting and butchering knives. Sharpening with this tool is a quick and easy process; the diamond sharpening plate and ceramic honing rod use built-in angle guides to create a sharp edge anytime, anywhere. Stick this ultra-compact design in your hunting pack or keep it in the glove compartment of your truck so it’s always there when you need it to make meat.MoraknivKansbol 900Morakniv Kansbol. The versatile, affordable Kansbol ($40/$60 w/Multi-Mount sheath) is an update to the popular Morakniv 2000, designed to the ultimate all-around knife. The 2.5mm thick semi-matte Swedish stainless steel blade is profile shaped for added precision, making it ideal for skinning, and the spine is ground for use with a fire starter. The optional Multi-Mount sheath  allows the knife to be safely mounted virtually anywhere, then detached in seconds. koa-rec-pack900Knives Of Alaska REC Pack. Designed by Alaska Master Guide Charles Allen, this sharp trio ($179) is an ideal grab-and-go set that will cover all your basic cutting needs in hog camp. The Bobcat hatchet is lightweight, razor sharp and perfect for making kindling or going to work on the cutting board. The Cub Bear knife is handy for everything from field dressing a big boar to preparing camp dinner. The Wood Saw is unbelievably sharp and fast cutting, plus its full tang eliminates blade wobble when cutting (great for building natural blinds).ALPS BigBearX 900ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear X. Based on the wildly popular Big Bear from the ALPS OutdoorZ line, the Big Bear X ($140) is an upgrade in all facets of the design. Constructed using 1680D ballistic nylon and featuring Hypalon at the stress points, this pack is tough and durable. Featuring a hidden day pack that can be rolled into the lid of the lumbar pack, this pack is really two packs in one. A molded foam waist belt and removable, adjustable bow hanging hook round out the design on this very comfortable, versatile pack.engel-soft-side-900Engel HD-30 Soft-Sided Cooler. It pays to keep your cool in hog camp. Whether it’s keeping beverages on ice, or fresh cuts of free-range pork, this new soft-sided, easy-carrying cooler from Engel (SALE $150) will treat you well. Welded seams, abrasion-resistant shell, and a variety of carrying straps: The HD-30 is serious cool at a serious value.Bino-Harness-X1 900ALPS OutdoorZ Bino Harness X. This premium binocular harness ($50-55) comes in standard or extra large to accommodate all sizes of binoculars. It stays close to your chest, preventing bouncing or shifting as you run, hike and climb into position. The straps have been specifically designed to fit comfortably underneath your pack straps, allowing you to wear the Bino Harness X comfortably with or without your pack. The tough durable design features the same 1680D Nylon Ballistic material fabric found in all of the ALPS Extreme line products to ensure extra durability in even the harshest environments. The Bino Harness X features four total lashing points to allow for your favorite add-ons, including the new Vital X rangefinder pouch. A lens cloth is also included in the front zippered pocket.ThermacellRadiuswRefill 900Thermacell Radius Zone Repeller. Mosquitoes and hog hunting go hand-in-hand; the Radius Mosquito Repeller ($49.99) is a new and better way to fight these bloodthirsty pests. At the push of a button, it creates a scent-free zone of mosquito protection. The Radius uses a rechargeable USB lithium ion battery to heat the liquid repellent (instead of butane cartridges used in the older models). This allows for the unit to emit an effective zone of protection for 8 hours at any elevation, and big news: It has been approved by the DOT for air transportation! The liquid refill cartridges allow for up to 40 hours of continuous protection per cartridge.LethalFieldSpray900Lethal Field Spray. When looking to get up close and personal to animals possessing some of the best noses on the planet, it pays to have the freshest scent eliminator on the market working for you. A separate Boost Activator charges Lethal Field Spray ($13/23- ounce base/1-ounce activator) with human odor-eliminating bonding agents. A permanent binding effect takes place. Because you activate this product yourself, you know that you are getting the freshest product possible. Lethal works for all game and predators, when applied to clothes, gear and equipment.

Chillin Brew 900Arctic Ice Chillin’ Brew Cooler Packs. Don’t forget to chill that wild pork immediately for best flavor on your next barbecue.  But why bother with the hassle and mess of ice when you can keep everything in your cooler cold with the Chillin’ Brew series of reusable cooler packs?($25/5-lb.) Chillin’ Brew’s freezing point of 28°F makes it uniquely suited for keeping any beverage at its coldest point possible, keeping your cooler contents colder than ice. Chillin’ Brew packs have been tested to keep coolers under 32°F for days; maybe even better, they are reusable for a lifetime, making them a very economical choice. Simply store in a freezer for ease of access; they re-freeze in about 6-8 hours, and are top-rack dishwasher safe.NocturnalStrobe900Nockturnal Fit Lighted Nocks Expand. Hog hunting and lighted nocks are a bowhunter’s dream. Nockturnal introduced the Fit, a universal lighted nock designed to fit X-diameter and larger arrows. This year, they’ve expanded the Fit line with even more color and multi-color strobe choices, including: Blue, Orange and White, as well as Red/Blue and Green/Blue strobes ($35.28/3-Pack). Weighing about 25 grains, each Fit is waterproof and shockproof, features an ultra-strong, impact resistant, clear polycarbonate nock construction encapsulating the super-bright single LED or paired strobing LEDs, which are triggered by a patented string-activated, piston-driven contact switch.OutdoorEdgeChow900Outdoor Edge ChowPal. Lots of hog hunters eat on the run, grabbing some lunch in the field or maybe back at the truck. Be prepared with the new ChowPal ($27.50), a smart new approach to outdoor eating utensils that incorporates multi-tool functionality. This lightweight (2.4 ounces) all-in-one utensil set/multi-tool adds a can opener, a bottle opener, a flathead screwdriver and a wrench to the nested fork and folding knife/spoon that lock together but quickly and easily slide apart when you’re ready to chow down. The knife/spoon features a locking, single-bevel knife blade that folds flat against the spoon; the fork features a graduated wrench in 8, 10, 11 and 13mm.MuzzyMerc 900Muzzy Merc. Though this legendary line now includes mechanicals, Muzzy’s foundation is still fixed-blade broadheads, a category in which it continues to excel, as evidenced by the new, three-blade, 100-grain Merc ($40). The system begins with a one-piece solid, stainless steel ferrule designed for extreme durability, deep penetration and quiet flight. Then, the Merc’s innovative tip design and threaded aluminum blade retention system combine to encapsulate and reliably hold three razor-sharp .030-inch replaceable blades that ultimately deliver devastating wound channels from their 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter. And the unique blade geometry and venting is designed to deliver stable flight and extreme bloodletting.WacemXL 900Wac’Em XL 3-Blade 100 Grain Fixed Blade. This proven-deadly three-blade design ($40/3) can be quickly and easily sharpened on any flat stone, and features

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100-percent hardened stainless steel construction with 1 ¼-inch cutting diameter and strong .030 replaceable blades. Each package of three heads includes a FREE Nockturnal Strobing FIT lighted nock (with 3 bushings to fit most any arrow).SolidBroadhead 900Solid Legend Series. Built on their Solid reputation, both versions in the Legend series are constructed of S30V stainless steel, use a zero-taper ferrule, and feature cut-on-contact tip Samurai-style curved blades that are ground to a unique Samurai-style curved blade edge. Those and the perpendicular bleeder blades are a full .060-inch thick to hold an edge and resist the elements. Available in 100- and 125-grain heads ($130/3) featuring ½-inch and ¾-inch bleeders, and 4.80 and 5.32 inches of total cutting edge, respectively.MossbergMMR PRO 900Mossberg MMR Pro. Here’s a great choice for anchoring hogs wherever they live, loaded with a bunch of useful features. The MMR Pro ($1,393) is chambered in 5.56 mm NATO/223 REM and sports a new JM Pro Drop-in Match Trigger, rifle-length direct-impingement gas system, free-floating 18-inch stainless steel barrel for superior accuracy, and SilencerCo muzzle brake with suppressor-ready ASR mount. You’ll also find a 15-inch slim-profile forend with M-LOK, a Magpul MOE+ grip/trigger guard, and Raptor ambidextrous charging handle. And on top of all that is a 6-Position stock with interchangeable FLEX pad for length-of-pull flexibility. Who’s ready for some hog hunting?RockRiverArms 900Rock River Arms BT-3. Why not go hog hunting in style? The precision CNC machine work to the matched receivers is what gives the moderately priced BT–3 ($2,200) some flare and functionality. This rifle, chambered in hog-friendly 7.62x51mm/.308, is based on the “DPMS” style platform and can be configured to fit a variety of needs. The standard 15-inch handguard is designed to dissipate heat while offering multiple points of rail attachments. Each handguard has a fixed 1913 Picatinny rail that extends the entire length for consistency in optics mounting. At the end of its 20-inch chrome-lined barrel, sits RRA’s operator muzzle brake.BrowningBARMK3 900Browning BAR MK3 DBM (Detachable Box Magazine). The legendary BAR’s contemporary design offers hunters and shooters a lightweight semi-automatic rifle with refinements not present in the most popular modern sporting rifles, including a gas-piston design. The BAR MK 3 DBM ($1,470) customizes the BAR design to offer shooters a detachable box magazine with a magazine well, instead of the standard hinged floor plate design. The DBM model also comes with QD swivel cups (QD sling swivels included), 1913 Picatinny rail scope bases, and an 18-inch hammer-forged barrel (an optimal length for a multipurpose rifle chambered in the venerable 308 Winchester cartridge). The best part is that you get all of this in a package that weighs in just a hair over 6½ pounds.WinchesterRF16 900Winchester XPR SR (Suppressor Ready). Hogs, your days are numbered. The new XPR SR chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor ($620) has proven accuracy, as well as a renowned three lever MOA trigger system, a design proven on the legendary Winchester Model 70. The addition of a threaded barrel makes it easy for those in areas where a suppressor is allowed and those who have acquired the necessary  paperwork, to hunt quietly for various reasons:  to not spook other game and varmints after firing, to protect the hearing of yourself and those around you, and to be a good neighbor in areas where less noise would be appreciated. And the threaded barrel also allows the mounting of a muzzle brake when recoil is your concern.

rugergp1007 900Ruger GP100 7-Shot Revolver. Just in case you thought six rounds wasn’t enough, Ruger has re-reengineered its medium-framed GP100, giving the revolver’s cylinder an extra round. The seven-shot GP100 ($899) is offered in .327 Fed. Mag. and .357 Mag., with barrel lengths of 2.5, 4.2 and 6 inches. Both popular hunting calibers are built on a stainless-steel frame and come with adjustable rear sights.RagingHunter 900Taurus Raging Hunter. Taurus USA plans to grab the attention of big-bore enthusiasts (read hog hunters) with the new Raging Hunter ($919), a 6-shot revolver in .44 Magnum. The stainless and blue two-tone finish makes this handgun eye candy for hunting enthusiasts. The revolver comes optics-ready, with a Picatinny rail and angular barrel design. The unique barrel system incorporates a steel sleeve that is inserted into an aluminum housing that cuts down on the overall weight, providing balance as a hunting sidearm. To reduce recoil, the gun comes with factory-tuned porting and gas expansion chamber that is designed to disperse gases directionally reducing muzzle lift and delivering quicker target acquisition. The Raging Hunter weighs 3 pounds, 7 ounces and sports an 8.38-inch barrel.AeroheadSnake 900LaCrosse Aerohead Sport Snake Boot. Most of you realize that most great hog country also means dangerous snake territory. The 16-inch AeroHead Sport ($200) completely changes what a rubber hunting boot can be by replacing the rubber shell with one made of extremely durable, lightweight and insulating polyurethane. Designed for optimal fit and flexibility, the waterproof AeroHead Sport, in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, is built for ultimate comfort and will keep you light on your feet. Its Brush Tuff material stands up to unforgiving brush and briers while an abrasion resistant shin guard offers extra protection without added bulk.Women'sSnakeBoot900Irish Setter VaprTrek Women’s Snake Boot. Proven VaprTrek boots with RPM technology are extremely lightweight and hunt-ready, and this popular line has expanded for 2018 to include a new women’s snake boot ($214.99) ideal for hog and turkey hunts. Irish Setter has created men’s and women’s snake boots that combine a non-woven material with leather to defend against fangs, thorns and other threats. These popular lightweight, lace-up boots are now available in Mossy Oak Obsession camouflage; VaprTrek boots also incorporate UltraDry waterproofing so feet stay dry and boots stay breathable, while a smart hidden lacing system minimizes debris in the laces.RockyHogBoot 900Rocky Broadhead Waterproof Trail Snake Boot. Keep your focus on trophy hogs, not dangerous snakes, with this ultra-durable snake-proof boot ($200) complete with full-grain leather upper. In addition to a puncture-resistant outsole, this fine design also offers Guaranteed Rocky Waterproof Protection, and heavy-duty zippers and closures, so you’ll be ready to chase even the most-elusive hogs no matter the weather, in any type of terrain.18WolverineX4 900Yamaha Wolverine X4 Side-by-Side. Hog country can be tough; this machine is tougher. The all-new Wolverine X4 (starting at $15,999) delivers superior handling, especially on tight, technical trails, combined with legendary Real World Tough Yamaha durability and reliability. Smooth, quiet power comes from an all-new 847-cc twin cylinder engine while a compact, nimble chassis cradles the most versatile cab in its class with industry-exclusive stow-away full-size rear seats for expanded cargo capacity on demand. Advanced self-leveling rear shocks provide a plush ride, as well as help maintain optimized ground clearance based on the terrain and cargo. Built for all weather situations, the Wolverine X4 is also the only four-seat SxS to feature a true full hard cab option available direct from the manufacturer.TextronHavoc 900Textron Off Road Havoc Side-by-Side. The local hogs can run, but they can’t hide. Built with precision engineering, the Havoc delivers both power and performance with its 100HP EFI engine and a class-leading suspension system with 2.5-inch King Piggyback Reservoir Shocks, 12.8-inch front and 12.9-inch rear suspension travel and 13 inches of ground clearance. Coupled with a class-leading 2,000-pound towing capacity and 600-pound dump bed, the Havoc has the muscle to handle the toughest jobs. The Havoc X (starting at $17,299) is the first model in the Havoc line and offers Textron Off Road’s industry-first extended cab for additional storage space; it comes standard with a brush guard and 4,000-pound Warn Winch. Havoc X rolls with 28×10-14 ITP Ultracross tires on 14-inch cast aluminum wheels, and on-demand all-wheel-drive.



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