ScoutLook’s Ultimate Deer Hunting Gear Guide [2017]

Deadly guns and bows. Killer optics. Awesome accessories. Whatever your deer gear needs for 2017, this well-rounded guide is packed with great new stuff that all deer chasers need to see.

by Mark Melotik

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Deadly guns and bows. Killer optics. Awesome accessories. Whatever your deer gear needs for 2017, this well-rounded guide is packed with great new stuff that all deer chasers need to see.

ScoutBuck2 GOOD 900
HuntStand Hunting App (ad-free, $9.99/year). If you haven’t already, grab your smartphone and download the new ad-free HuntStand app. This new paid version of our app doesn’t contain any advertising. Use the app to save unlimited hunting locations anywhere in the world, and then revisit saved locations at any time to view pinpoint weather conditions, including hourly ScentCone wind forecasts to plot productive stand sits. ScoutMarX allows you to store locations of rubs, scrapes, bedding areas, and other key clues to build a deadly gameplan. You can store specific game animal observations to develop patterns and fill tags. Cache parcels of hunting areas for offline viewing and GPS navigation. Available for Android and iOS. [DOWNLOAD NOW]

ALPS Pursuit X. This fine pack was designed by a team of Midwestern deer hunters who understand what you need in a pack, and more importantly what you don’t. The Pursuit X carries all the features that make the ALPS Extreme line a step above the rest, like a molded foam back panel, tough 1680D ballistic nylon fabric, and Hypalon to add strength to stress points. There is a built in D-ring at the top of the pack to hang from while in a stand, and a front organizational pocket can be to keep the gear that is needed most readily available. A quiver can be attached on either side of the pack using a quiet bungee and cord lock to secure and keep it accessible.

Crossfire-2017 900
ALPS Crossfire X. Here’s the solution for the hunter who is looking for a single pack for multiple uses. It is just as at home in the turkey woods as it is in the deer stand. The 2,325 cu. in. Crossfire X has a vented back panel, Lycra shoulder straps and features 680D ballistic nylon and Hypalon at stress points to ensure the comfortable carry is virtually bombproof.  The removable accessory pocket can be used in three different positions; buckled to the rear of the pack, attached on the front shoulder straps, or used without the pack by its own strap. So if there is a need to ditch the pack the accessory pocket can be worn independently allowing you to keep essential gear handy. Smart.

FleetwoodArrows 900_edited2

Fleetwood Carbon Arrows. One of the few drawbacks of premium arrows is their price. New Fleetwood Arrows are bucking that trend, and bowhunters everywhere stand to benefit. These fine carbon arrows come Team HuntStand approved (see them in use on The Chronicles and in our Ultimate Broadhead Field Test) and feature multi-layer rolled construction; they’re built to .006 straightness and a +/- 2 grain weight tolerance per dozen. They even include 100-grain points, fairly amazing when you consider they cost just $60 per dozen (fletched with Blazer vanes for compound users; $70 per dozen fletched with 5-inch feathers suitable for traditional bow setups). The makers of Fleetwood Arrows (arrows shown above feature optional wraps) have been in the archery industry for three generations, and know what archers look for in a quality arrow. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option when buying quality arrows (and who isn’t?) your search should start here. Fleetwood Carbon arrows are available in spines from 350 to 800, to fit virtually every archer on the planet.

CXMaxRed SD 900
Carbon Express Maxima Red SD. The new Maxima RED SD is a high-performance package from insert to nock, making it the best small-diameter hunting arrow on the market. The small diameter combined with RED Zone technology forms the ultimate hunting arrow, reducing wind drift while increasing penetration and broadhead accuracy. Just how accurate are they? Four times more accurate with broadheads over a standard single-spine arrow, which is ideal for long-distance shooting.

VIDEO: CX Maxima Red SD: Deadly Small-Diameter Hunting Arrow

In addition, the heavier weight produces aggressive penetration at all distances from a small-diameter shaft that’s incredibly resistant to wind drift. The new Maxima RED SD is a breakthrough in controlling dynamic spine with a smaller .203-inch inside diameter carbon shaft which has stiffer ends to contain the arrow’s flex to the arrow’s RED ZONE. The RED ZONE is the section of the arrow shaft engineered by Carbon Express to contain dynamic spine, thus producing more consistent accuracy with broadheads, with minimal wind drift, at long distances.



Easton Autumn Orange 6MM FMJ. In an interesting union of retro and modern, Easton has incorporated the same Autumn Orange finish that adorned their original XX75 arrows from the 1970s through the 90s, into their new Autumn Orange 6MM FMJ shafts. The aluminum jacket over high-strength carbon core construction of the full metal jacket arrows provides increased velocity and downrange energy. Meanwhile, the trendy 6MM reduced diameter enhances penetration and accuracy. The 6MM retro ($80 per 6) are available in three spine sizes: 470, 390 and 320 with pre-installed 6MM (H) nocks and 6MM RPS 8-32 inserts.

GoldTipLEAD 900

Gold Tip Velocity Valkyrie. In addition to aggressive graphics and lightweight construction the new Velocity Valkyrie comes factory-fletched with four low-profile vanes. Why four? According to Gold Tip Senior Product Manager Jason Harris, “… four vanes give you increased stability, faster stabilization and tighter groupings.” In

VIDEO: More On New Gold Tip Velocity Valkyrie Arrow

fact, Gold Tip claims group size reductions of 20 to 75 percent with broadheads. Valkyrie arrows ($130 per 12) also boast 0.003-inch straightness and +/- .5 grain weight tolerances and are offered in five spines: 300, 340, 400, 500 and 600.

RageArrow3Pack 900

Rage Simply Lethal Arrow Package. You gotta wonder why nobody thought of this before. The new Rage Simply Lethal Arrow package ($65) combines three Gold Tip pre-fletched carbon arrows—pre-cut and fully equipped with nocks, inserts and 2-inch GT vanes installed—with your choice of either the Rage SC 2-Blade 100-gr. or the Rage SC 2-Blade Chisel Tip 100-gr. broadheads and a set of field points. Arrows are pre-cut to 29.5 inches, based on what will fit most archers, are spined for draw weights up to 70 pounds, and feature ±.006-inch straightness and weight tolerance of ±2.0 grains. Meanwhile, the cut-on-contact Rage SC 2-Blade offers a proven 2-blade Slip Cam design with advanced Shock Collar technology to keep blades in place until contact and the Rage SC 2-Blade Chisel Tip incorporates a bone-crushing chisel-tip design and features the Shock Collar retention system.

VAP_TKO_Elite 900

Victory VAP TKO Elite. The primary goal of a hunting arrow is to maximize accuracy, penetration and transfer of kinetic energy. The latest addition to Victory’s recently launched line of VAP Low Torque arrows, the VAP TKO Elite ($160 per 12), boasts an industry-leading straightness rating of +-.0001, which means greater consistency among and between shafts for improved accuracy. This 100-percent carbon micro-diameter shaft is manufactured through a MaxxKe Technology process, which uses a unique 45-degree carbon weave to reduce torque imparted during launch for quicker and better flight stability for still greater accuracy. The minuscule .166 inch (ID) also means less surface area and wind drift for improved speed and penetration. The latter is further enhanced by the increased FOC afforded by aluminum or optional 303 stainless steel Shok inserts and a Nano Ceramic “ICE” coating.


TRISTAR 12 Gauge Raptor ATAC Shotgun. Lots of hunters depend on shotguns come deer season, and all of them need to consider this fine offering. Tristar’s Raptor ATAC features a highly durable injection-molded stock with a fixed pistol grip, a picatinny rail (to accept most scope rings), ghost ring sight, and fiber optic bridge front sight. The gas-operated semi-auto features a 3-inch chambered 20-inch barrel with a removable choke system that is fitted with Beretta Mobile threads and includes one (1) extended muzzle break choke tube. This included cylinder bore choke tube should be compatible with most modern 12-gauge shotgun sabot loads.

MannRem 900

Remington 700 AWR (American Wilderness Rifle). Remington has expanded its legendary model 700 lineup. The 700 AWR (American Wilderness Rifle) is a big-game rifle built for durability and accuracy. From the stainless steel barreled action, to a durable Cerakote coating, to the 5R rifling, and a durable and very rigid stock, it’s one that can weather the elements. Ideal for long jaunts into rough country where you expect to get belted with snow and freezing rain, the Remington 700 AWR should make a perfect rough-country companion. It is available in four of the most popular big-game calibers: .270 Win., .30-06 Sprg., and 7mm and .300 Win. Mag. MSRP: $ 1,150.

PatriotRevere 900

Mossberg Patriot Revere. Classic bolt-action rifle styling can be found in the new Patriot Revere, available in five calibers (.243 Win., .308 Win., .270 Win., .30-06 Sprg. and .300 Win. Mag.) as well as the currently popular 6.5mm Creedmoor. The handsome Patriot Revere features semi-fancy European walnut stocks; rosewood and maple accents; 24-inch barrel lengths; and complementing blued metal finishes. The Patriot series is based on Mossberg’s proven twin-lug, push-feed machined-steel action which is fed from a lightweight polymer, flush box magazine with four (.300 Win. Mag. only) or five-round total capacity. The standard-contour, free-floating barrels are constructed of carbon steel and feature recessed crowns. Every Patriot rifle also features Mossberg’s patented LBA (Lightning Bolt Action) Adjustable Trigger System for clean, crisp trigger break and is user-adjustable from 2 to 7 pounds.

MarkV_Ultra_Lightweight 900
Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight. Looking to lighten the load on your next deer hunting adventure? It might be time to check out this fine new rifle, which is available in 15 calibers including legendary deer hunting calibers such as the .270 Win., .308 Win., .30-06 Sprg., .257 Wby. mag, and popular 6.5 Creedmoor. The New Mark V stocks have been ergonomically enhanced with a slimmer forearm and sharper, more distinctive lines and contours. The grip diameter has been reduced, a slight right-hand palm swell has been added and overall weight reduced. The lighter weight results in increased comfort, control, quicker to the shoulder mounting, and faster target acquisition. Maybe the best news?  The New Mark V rifles all come with Weatherby’s SUB-MOA accuracy guarantee.

MannKuiu 900

Howa Kuiu Rifles. The Kuiu rifles from Howa are built on their legendary 1500 action and are available in a variety of the most popular hunting calibers. They’re fitted with 20-inch lightweight, 22-inch standard, or 24-inch magnum contour barrels. All metal work is finished in a gunmetal grey Cerakote and the barreled action is pillar bedded in a Hogue Overmold stock. These rifles also come standard with a HACT trigger, three-position safety, and sling swivel studs. Regardless of your predator, varmint, or big game hunting needs, one of these should be ideal and they are eye catching too. MSRP: $782-$811.


NoslerET 6-5CREED 900
Nosler Adds New 6.5 Creedmoor Loads. Now available for the 2017 hunting season, Nosler is offering two new hunting loads in the tremendously popular 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge. Loaded with 120-grain E-Tip and 120-grain Ballistic Tip bullets, both loads offer the excellent accuracy and terminal performance that the 6.5 Creedmoor is known for. Loaded with 120-grain bullets, these offerings are great choices for youth hunters or those looking for slightly less recoil. Available in Nosler’s Ballistic Tip and E-Tip Ammunition lines, look for the new Nosler ammunition at local retailers or online.

KentDeerSlug 900

KentDeerSlug2 900

Kent FiveStar Rifled Deer Slug. The innovators at Kent have revised and updated its coated rifled slug technology to deliver a stand-out new design.  The FiveStar Rifled Deer Slug is effective in both smooth and rifled bores, and will give you consistently tight groups while reducing lead fouling in your gun. Two 12-gauge, 1-ounce loads are available; choose from 2 3/4- or 3-inch shells, both featuring 1,750 fps velocity.


Leupold LTO-Tracker. This killer, handheld technology is a definite game-changer. The LTO-Tracker from Leupold is a compact, lightweight handheld thermal optic. It can use used to see the heat signature of game up to 600 yards away—day or night. With this great gadget, you may never scout or track downed game the same way again.

VIDEO: Leupold LTO-Tracker Is Game-Changing New Optic

Use it to scan the area en route to a stand or blind to avoid spooking game. The LTO-Tracker turns fresh blood trails into a roadmap to fallen game, making recovery easier than ever. It has a 6X digital zoom, a 21-degree field of view, plus six different thermal viewing modes. Durable, waterproof and backed by Leupold’s 5-year electronics warranty.

Burris 8x42 900

Burris Signature HD Binocular Line.  While most game animals are born with great eyesight, most hunters could use a little help. For 2017, Burris Optics has done its part with the introduction of its new Signature HD line of binoculars. Available in three models —8x42mm, 10x42mm and 12x50mm ($251-$284)—these affordable binoculars offer premium lenses and rugged construction that is built for the outdoors. The Signature HD line offers high-performance HD lenses and BaK prisms that produce sharper images and edge-to-edge clarity. The multi-coated lenses

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create maximum light transmission and reduce glare in harsh conditions. Internally, Signature HD binoculars are nitrogen-filled for waterproof and fogproof performance. The outer surface is rubber armored for protection and provides an easier grip, creating a more comfortable experience when glassing. All models come with a durable carrying case, neoprene neckstrap, lens covers, cleaning cloth and are covered by the Burris Forever Warranty.
TractToric 900
TRACT Optics Toric Binoculars. Most all deer hunters love a good gear bargain, especially if quality construction is part of the equation. TRACT is an optics company producing quality binoculars and riflescopes for a reasonable price, using a direct-to-consumer model that cuts out the middleman and gives the consumer a higher-quality product value at a price that is hundreds of dollars less than comparable product sold through retail stores.

VIDEO: An Inside Look AT Tract Optics

The flagship TORIC binocular line includes both 8×42 and 10×42 models, both with Magnesium Alloy body construction for increased strength and durability while maintaining light weight. You’ll also find waterproof/fogproof construction, High Grade ED Glass with fully multicoated lenses and prisms, and Enhanced Ocular Diameter for a wider field of view while minimizing the blackout that occurs with improper eye position. Maybe best of all? All TRACT products are protected by the TRUST Lifetime Warranty.

Bushrangfinder 900Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Laser Rangefinder. Few accessories can increase your odds for hunting successs like a quality laser rangefinder, and these days Team ScoutLook rarely leaves home without one. Nor should you. The compact size and helpful 4x magnification make binoculars unnecessary, and knowing the exact range of any object in view of your setup can be invaluable. The Trophy Extreme is state of the art, with its most-important feature for the turkey hunter being its Full Spectrum Targeting, which enables this unique rangefinder to instantly, and positively, acquire dark, non-reflective (and hopefully extremely long-bearded) targets. MAP $230.

MavenB4 900

Maven B.4 15×52 Binoculars. Offered in 10x, 12x and 15x magnifications, this binocular grabs hold of every ray of sunlight available, delivering an image that is clear and fully illuminated. The 10x version features a whopping 5.6mm exit pupil and is a low-light fiend. When you need to reach way out, the 15x looks and feels powerful. The 12x is the perfect combination of brightness and magnification for long range spotting. All three models of the B.4 ($1,300 each) feature 56mm ED lenses and integrate the same Abbe-Koenig prism system that powers the B.2 frame. Multi-coated lenses seal the deal, ensuring the view through the B.4 lives up to Maven standards, which include superior low-light performance, sharp edge-to-edge clarity and a generous depth of field.

NikonARROWID7000 900

Nikon Arrow ID 7000 VR Rangefinder. When a big buck is on its way into your set and you need to know the range despite a shaky bout with buck fever, Nikon has you covered. Featuring Nikon’s optical VR (Vibration Reduction) Technology, the ARROW ID 7000 VR is the world’s first laser rangefinder to compensate for the human body’s physical inability to be completely still. Nikon’s Optical VR Technology reduces the effect of external vibrations caused by hand movements while ranging distant objects. For archers, this means the target mark on the rangefinder remains stable, even when the body of the rangefinder is being moved. The optical VR Function begins immediately when the laser rangefinder is on, meaning there is no extra time spent trying to toggle between settings. Holding down the ranging button allows the user to continuously scan for 8 seconds. The ARROW ID 7000 VR has an effective measurement range of 8-1,000 yards and displays measurements in .1-yard increments.

LeupoldVendetta2 900Leupold Vendetta 2 Bow-Mounted Laser Rangefinder. Leupold & Stevens, Inc., revolutionized archery hunting with the introduction of its innovative Vendetta bow-mounted laser rangefinder. Now the updated Leupold Vendetta 2 adds to the innovation with a faster software package, an improved mounting system and the ability to use it on a crossbow. Squeezing the pressure pad switch attached to the bow’s grip, hunters can instantly range a target from full draw, eliminating unnecessary motion and maintaining stealth. Once activated from its sleep mode, the Vendetta 2 provides 45 seconds of auto scan ranging, which eliminates the need to continuously press and hold the activation pad. This means hunters can keep a shooting grip on the bow and reduce their movement. A new one-inch scope mount allows the Vendetta 2 to mount on crossbows, allowing this growing segment of archery hunters to benefit from this instant ranging technology. The Vendetta 2 is currently legal to use for hunters in 34 states and is recreational legal in all states.

SIG_Kilo2400 900

Sig Sauer Electro-Optics KILO2400 ABS Rangefinder. The multi-featured 7x25mm KILO2400 ($1,800) sounds like something out of the future. It features an embedded Applied Ballistics calculator, onboard environmental sensors (temperature, pressure, and humidity) and Bluetooth for synchronizing custom load profiles with

VIDEO: More On The Sig Sauer Kilo2400

downloadable ballistic app for both iOS and Android smartphones. The windage and elevation adjustments can be set to read in MOA or MRAD. The unit includes a tripod adapter, smartphone jack wind meter, ballistic-nylon military grade bag and carry pouch, lanyard, three spare batteries, and SIG SAUER Tactical pen/stylus. Top to bottom, this advanced rangefinder (it ranges out to two miles), has all the tools and functions to get you up and running for long-range hunting and precision target shooting.

LeupoldTioga10x32 900Leupold BX-2 Tioga HD Binoculars. These neat new binoculars feature the exclusive Twilight Max Light Management System that allows hunters to look deep into the shadows and find elusive game animals where they hide. The Twilight Max Light Management System works to increase optical performance in low light, while maximizing color contrast and resolution. At the same time, it significantly reduces glare. Going far beyond the concept of light transmission, Twilight Max optimizes the wavelengths which pass through the system, giving the user the best possible performance in all light conditions. With true high-definition glass, the BX-2 Tioga HD is available in several magnification sizes, which means there is a perfect match for any hunt or adventure. The 8x32mm and 10x32mm (shown above) models are ideal for lightweight hunts, while the 8x42mm and 10x42mm are a perfect medium-sized option for deep woods and forests. The larger 10x50mm and 12x50mm versions are great choices for those western or long-range locales. All BX-2 Tioga HD binoculars come with the new Leupold Pro Gear accessories, including the GO AFIELD Shoulder Strap and GO AFIELD Binocular Case. In addition to the standard Shadow Gray, a variety of camo patterns can also be had, including Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, Mossy Oak Mountain Country or Mossy Oak Obsession.

Cabela'sIntensityHD 900Cabela’s Intensity HD 10×42 Binoculars. High-class doesn’t have to mean premium-priced. As proof, Cabela’s Intensity HD binoculars ($200) are feature rich and value priced. The HD extra-low-dispersion (ED) glass objective lenses enhance image quality allowing you to see more. Special coatings on the roof prisms preserve the image’s natural colors while enhancing resolution for true-to-life views at greater distances. Both sides of all lenses are multicoated and feature anti-reflective lens coatings to further enhance light transmission for brighter image quality and visibility in low light conditions. The lightweight rubber-armored magnesium-alloy chassis are fog proof and built to last with O-ring seals and an IPX7 waterproof rating that withstands submersion for 30 minutes. The extra-wide field of view displays more of what’s in front of you, while the easy-to-hold ergonomic design features a large, textured focus wheel. Long eye relief allows comfortable viewing even with glasses on. Includes padded neck strap and lens covers.

BushnellBinos 900Bushnell Trophy Extreme Binocular. Bushnell’s new Trophy Xtreme binoculars provide, dollar for dollar, the most clarity-value available today. An armor coating encases fully multi-coated lenses in a waterproof, fogproof vault of impenetrability. Aggressive, ergonomic design makes for easy handling while the three-step eyecups provide better fit and comfort. Larger objective lenses with higher magnification deliver clarity and brightness and new lens covers are built to stay in place. The binoculars are covered by Bushnell’s new No Questions Asked Lifetime Warranty. Trophy Xtreme is available in 10×50, 12×50 and 8x56mm configurations with MSRPs starting at $180.

TextronSidebySide 900

Textron Off Road Stampede Side-by-Side. Hauling stands and gear. Accessing remote hunting areas. The gas-powered Textron Off Road Stampede 4×4 is designed for both work and play, whether it’s hunting for deer, doing chores on the farm or attacking a challenging trail. A two-passenger side-by-side, the Stampede offers features such as a German-engineered, precision-tuned 846cc liquid-cooled 80HP EFI engine; an industry-first, customizable extended cab; and the most storage space in its class. Backed by a robust two-year warranty, the Stampede has over 70 custom-fit, purpose-built accessories to choose from.

wolverine_x4 900
Yamaha Wolverine X4. Deer hunters take note: The all-new Wolverine X4 is designed to deliver superior handling, especially on tight, technical trails, complete with legendary Yamaha durability and reliability. Smooth, quiet power comes from an all-new 847-cc twin cylinder engine while a compact, nimble chassis cradles the most versatile cab in its class with industry-exclusive stow-away full-size rear seats for expanded cargo capacity on demand. Yamaha Real World Tech driver-centric features include On-Command four-wheel drive (4WD), ultra-reliable Ultramatic continuously variable transmission (CVT) and industry-leading, speed-sensitive Electric Power Steering (EPS). Advanced self-leveling rear shocks provide a plush ride, as well as help maintain optimized ground clearance based on the terrain and cargo. And built for all weather situations, the Wolverine X4 is also the only four-seat SxS to feature a true full hard cab option available direct from the manufacturer.

HR300 900

Ozonics HR300 Ozone Generator. Are you looking for true cutting-edge scent elimination? Ozonics’ flagship HR300 in-the-field ozone generator delivers 45 percent more ozone output than previous models, along with more user-friendly features. The HR300 ($499) is the result of more than 5 years of intense field research and product development, and it was designed using end-user feedback and the continual desire to provide every hunter with the most-effective scent elimination tools in the industry. In addition to the increase in ozone production and new housing design, you’ll also find  re-engineered internal components, and the option of new silent-touch protective HR Skins for use on the HR200 and HR300 units.

Bino-Harness-X1 900

ALPS OutdoorZ Bino Harness X. A binocular is worthless if you can’t keep it at the ready in the field at all times. This well-designed binocular harness from ALPS OutdoorZ is a full-containment system with a bino pocket that stays close to your chest, preventing bouncing or shifting as you run, hike and climb into position. The back panel is padded for extra comfort, and the harness is fully adjustable to fit all body sizes. The straps have been specifically designed to fit comfortably underneath your pack straps, allowing you to wear the Bino Harness X comfortably with or without your pack. [ORDER NOW]


Ravin R9 Crossbow. No product generated more interest at the 2017 ATA Show than the new Ravin crossbows, the R9 and R15. Both use patented HeliCoil Technology to achieve an astonishingly small 6-inch (at full draw) axle-to-axle width, and more. It works by coiling cables away from both the top and bottom of the cams in helical grooves to keep them perfectly balanced. This allows the cams to rotate to a near full 340 degrees

VIDEO: Team ScoutLook Test-Fires Ravin R9 At 100 Yards

while keeping them perfectly level for increased speed and downrange accuracy. It also allows the string and arrow to free-float above the rail, reducing noise and friction while providing a quieter, quicker shot and vastly improved string life. And, it enables the Trac Trigger Firing System to create a perfectly balanced draw, and works in conjunction with the Versa Draw Cocking System for easy cocking and un-cocking with minimal effort. The R9’s 195-pound draw weight and 13-inch power stroke are rated at 390 fps. It comes with six Ravin arrows, nocks and field points; removable cocking handle, quiver and mounting bracket, 100-yard illuminated scope and built-in cocking mechanism, all for $1,549. 

CAMX BeautyShot_900

CAMX X330. You wouldn’t throw your crossbow against a brick wall, would you? Paul Vaicunis did, repeatedly, just to show how tough his new CAMX X330 ($1,000) is. Part of that toughness is attributable to the single-piece aluminum Monobloc system and all-steel Weaver-style scope rings that prevent the ARC scope from shifting. Tips of the Armor Tuff limbs are enclosed in metal caps, and the wheels are recessed inside the limb tips to prevent excess wear and abrasion. How about safety? Patented Thumbsaver technology prevents fingers from entering the string path but unlike every other such system, this one slides out of the way while cocking to ensure a more even, and accurate, draw. Then, a multiple-point trigger safety and fully-enclosed Pivoting Arrow Retention system make it impossible for the bow to be dry-fired. And if that’s not enough, every bow is factory assembled and tested and guaranteed to shoot 1-inch groups at 20 yards, at 330 fps.

Parker TornadoXbow 900

Parker Tornado XXtreme. Along with their Tornado XXtreme ($850), Parker for 2017 introduced a new Xbow Xtreme Technology (XXT) that incorporates four proprietary innovations. 1) Inverted Cam technology reverses cams to maximize power stroke while minimizing overall length, resulting in greater stored energy and higher speeds. 2) Split Limb Array technology arranges limbs in a parallel configuration to reduce width and weight. 3) High Performance (HP) Synergy Cam technology builds force quickly and holds stored energy steady at peak throughout the draw cycle until letoff, providing greater efficiency, better performance and a smoother release off the trigger latch. And 4) Parker’s Cavity-Back Riser technology spreads limbs apart creating an opening in the riser for the foot stirrup, dramatically reducing overall length and weight.

TenPoint RCX 900TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX. This super-efficient new crossbow’s power plant consists of a new, relatively lightweight 160-pound reverse cam bow assembly with 10.5-inch RCX limbs and Brownell Rhino string and cables. Yet when paired with a middle-of-the-road 15.5-inch power stroke it’s capable of generating arrow speeds up to 385 fps. All that is mounted on a 19.9-inch (strong, lightweight) wrapped carbon fiber barrel and ultimately a newly

VIDEO: More On Carbon Phantom RCX, TenPoint Entry Level Crossbows

engineered ACX (Adjustable Comfort Crossbow) stock molded from PolyOne OnForce polypropylene and featuring a one-piece adjustable cheek and butt plate that can be secured in different positions to match length-of-pull. The TenPoint Carbon Phanton RCX Package includes cocking mechanism, scope, six Pro Elite carbon arrows, String Dampening Rods (SDR) and a quiver. $1,719 with ACUdraw 50; $1,819 with ACUdraw. 

Barnett BuckComm 900

Barnett Buck Commander Revengeance. Reverse-limb bows offer better balance, less shock and noise and more power with less power stroke, not to mention a considerably narrower configuration. So we were delighted to see an old favorite reborn as the new, improved Buck Commander Revengeance. This 155-pound version offers more speed—400 fps—and energy (129 foot-pounds), as well as a new crisp, smooth “rifle-like” Triggertech trigger and a new brush arrow retainer. The BC Revengeance package ($999) includes side-mount quiver, two 20-inch arrows, rope cocking device and illuminated 4×32 scope.

SKBxbow 900

SKB Watertight Crossbow Case. Talk about bombproof. The new 3i-3424-12BC iSeries 3424 Crossbow Case from SKB measures 34.5×24.5×13.6 inches and features a high-quality, cubed (pick-and-pluck) foam interior that can be customized to ensure a precision fit for most crossbows up to 33.5 inches, along with other gear and accessories. Not only is this case watertight, dust-proof, and rated for high impact, it also boasts built-in wheels and an extra wide handle for easy towing, as well as seven trigger release latches, and seven stainless steel reinforced padlock loops for added security and convenience. Even better? It’s made in the USA and comes with an unparalleled Lifetime Warranty.

Elite Option 6 900

Elite Option 6 & Option 7. It’s always good to have options—and the 32-inch axle-to-axle Option 6 (pictured above) and Option 7, the names of which denote respective brace heights, offer two worthy of a closer look. Another good reason? The Option 6 took home the HuntStand Silver Award in the recent ScoutLook 2017 Ultimate Compound Bow Field Test. Both bows retail for $1,399, and feature a 7075 T6 skeletonized riser with dual Riser Cages that provides a 65-percent greater strength-to-weight ratio than previous models. A newly engineered cam is designed to maximize performance and a new LTR (Lateral Tuning Roller) roller guard provides fine tuning. This strong, yet lightweight 4.3-pound package is rated up to 342 fps and is available in draw weights from 50 to 80 pounds, and in half-inch draw increments from 26 to 30 inches for the Option 6, and 27 to 31 inches for the Option 7.

Envoy2 900

Fleetwood Envoy2 Compound Bow. Tired of all the sticker shock that comes standard with today’s premium bows? The Envoy2 is an incredible new state-of-the-art bow designed for both entry level and experienced archers alike—both youths and adults—and it comes at a true family friendly price: $300 for the complete, ready-to-shoot package that includes the bow, sight, rest and stabilizer.

VIDEO: Amazing New Fits-All Compound

This smart new design features a fully adjustable draw length from 19 to 30 inches, and adjustable draw weight from 20 to 70 pounds. This means the Envoy2 will fit most youths and adults, but even better, the wide-ranging adjustability means it will grow right along with your youngster, making it the last bow you’ll ever have to buy. It’s available in Next G1 camo, Muddy Girl camo, and Black, ideal for hiding inside a ground blind.


Bowtech Reign 6. Looking for the best new premium compound? The Reign 6 took home the coveted HuntStand Editor’s Choice Award in the recent ScoutLook 2017 Ultimate Compound Bow Field Test, and the reasons were many. We found it fast, forgiving, with sweet shock-free shooting, arrow after arrow. The heart of the Reign 6 is Bowtech’s redesigned OverDrive Binary Cams that tune to the shooter. Similar to Bowtech’s proven Powershift technology, the Reign 6 makes use of newer FlipDisc technology that allows you to set the Reign 6 Overdrive Binary cam system to one of two settings that change both the feel and performance of your bow. You can set the cam-mounted FlipDisc2 to the “Comfort,” or “Performance” position, depending on personal preference. Each offers a very different feel and its own level of performance and so in essence, buying a Reign 6 is like owning two separate bows for the price of one.

Halon32 900

Mathews Halon 32. Hot on the heels of last year’s 30-inch Halon, the Halon 32 ($1,099) offers the same features as its predecessor, in a slightly longer package. Most notable is the efficient No Cam-inspired Crossentric cam system, which uses a partially concentric string payout and AVS Technology for a quieter draw and greater consistency, which translates to increased accuracy. Wider, more torsionally rigid limbs and a dual-bridged riser are specifically designed to support this powerful cam system, and a true-center nocking point ensures straight and level nock travel for even more consistency and accuracy. You can choose between brace heights of 5, 6 or 7 inches, draw lengths from 25-32 inches and draw weights from 40 to 70 pounds, with a maximum speed rating of 350 fps. 

Prime centergy900
Prime Centergy. For its new three-bow Centergy Series ($1,200 each), Prime combined a Center Balanced Targeting System (CBTS) with TRK Parallel Cam technology and a Flexis-AR roller to create its most balanced and easy-to-aim bow yet. Built around the new center-balanced 82X aluminum riser, the CBTS incorporates a strategically designed “Swerve” into the heavier lower end of the riser to reduce lateral movement during the draw cycle for less noise and vibration, and greater accuracy. The all new TRK Cam System, the latest enhancement of Prime’s parallel cam technology, provides higher efficiency even in shorter draw lengths—reportedly sacrificing only 4 to 6 feet per second per inch of draw length vs. the standard 10 fps per inch with conventional cams. At 33 inches the Centergy is middle of the road in length, but its 333 fps speed bumps into the upper echelon; mass weight is 4.3 pounds. Also available is the Centergy Air, which weighs in at 4.1 pounds, and the Centergy Hybrid, which measures a  slightly longer 35 inches axle to axle, and weighs in at 4.5 pounds. Brace heights vary from 6.5 to 7.5 inches depending on models, which are available from 40 to 80 pounds.

PSE Evolve. The principal component of PSE’s new Evolve ($950) is the namesake Evolve Cam System (ECS) and its numerous features, a sweeting-shooting system that powered this fine bow to the HuntStand Steal Award in the ScoutLook 2017 Ultimate Compound Bow Field Test.  The rotating cam modules allow for toolless, no-press adjustment of draw length (from 24 1/2 to 30 inches) and letoff from 80 to a whopping 90 percent with a standard module (65 to 75 percent letoff with an optional high-speed module). And, the quad-track cable design with split 3D cable grooves and a centered string tack eliminates cam lean and lateral nock travel for a more stable and accurate shot. The end result is a compact (31-inch), lightweight (4.3 pounds) speedster (346 fps) that’s very comfortable to draw, hold and shoot.

ObHemorrhage900Obsession Hemorrhage DE. Obsession has established itself as a legitimate performance bow maker over the last couple years, a reputation that will be further solidified with this year’s Hemorrhage DE ($999). The “DE” denotes a new Dynamic Energy cam, which is designed to provide a very smooth draw and 80-pound letoff while also delivering blistering speeds (up to 340 fps). All that is accomplished with a forgiving 7-inch brace height. That, combined with the 30-inch axle-to-axle length and 4-pound weight make it maneuverable and light, all definitive features of a high-performance hunting bow. And, Obsession’s PerFex system allows for easy, half-inch draw-length adjustments from 27 1/2 to 31 inches.

HSS_ElimiShield 900

Hunter Safety System Harnesses With ElimiShield Technology. Hunter Safety System, an industry leader in treestand safety, continues to set the industry standard in treestand harness technology with the addition of ElimiShield Scent Control Technology. Hunter Safety System is now offering four of its most popular safety harnesses with the most revolutionary approach to controlling human odor at the source before it forms: ElimiShield Technology. By pretreating the Hybrid, Elite, Crossbow and Contour harnesses with ElimiShield during the manufacturing process, a bond is formed that has more than a 99-percent proven effective rate of controlling odor even after 50 commercial washes.


Hooyman Saws 900

Hooyman MegaBite Handsaws. Deer hunters use handsaws so much all of us should have two or three. The all new MegaBite Handsaws are designed to be compact and extremely durable, and are available in two models, the MegaBite and the MegaBite Compact. The sawblades are made of premium high carbon SK5 steel and feature a tapered blade design. The impulse-hardened, 4-edge, tooth design is made to last and provides unmatched cutting performance. The MegaBite Compact has a 6-inch blade and folds down to 6.5 inches; the MegaBite has an 8-inch blade and folds down to 9.5 inches.

ThermacellContest 900

Thermacell MR450 Mosquito Repeller ($34.99). It’s like voodoo against mosquitoes. Thermacell’s invisible magic is the real deal, providing a 15-foot zone of protection against the most annoying flying, biting insects. The MR450 is an upgrade from the original Thermacell Repeller, with new features such as rubber armor, a heavy-duty clip, and an accessory mounting system. [ORDER NOW]

EngelCup 600
Engel Tumblers ($12.49-$24.99). Hot coffee, ice-cold Coke or a tasty adult beverage at the end of a long day—Engel Tumblers are the way to go. Choose from the 22-ounce version or its 30-ounce big brother. They’re both built with high-grade stainless steel and spill-proof lids, complete with a convenient and reliable flip top for a sweet sipping experience every time. No more spilling that cup of Joe on the way to work, or even worse … party fouling a fresh pour of fire water (such as the last item on our gift list). The Tumblers’ narrow base fits in a wide range of cup-holders on boats, cars, trucks, ATVs and off-road vehicles. [ORDER NOW]


Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System. It sharpens pocket knives, hunting knives, serrations, fish hooks, tools and more. The affordable Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System is a complete sharpening solution for every knife you own, and it even comes with a 42-year warranty. Manual sharpening has never been easier thanks to built-in angle guides and Work Sharp’s proprietary Pivot-Response technology, which makes it super simple to put a precision edge on curved blades. No outdoorsman worthy of the name should be walking around with a dull blade. [ORDER NOW]

Leatherman Signal. Here’s the answer for deer hunters looking to pack light and yet be ready to tackle a variety of outdoor jobs as well as emergencies. In the all-new Signal, Leatherman’s traditional functional tools pair with new preparedness features like a shaped diamond coated sharpener for maintaining your straight and serrated blade, fire-starting ferro rod, and an emergency whistle. Weather have you socked in at basecamp? Lightening your load on a long still hunt? Pack the compact and lightweight Signal (closed length 4.5 inches; weight 7.5 ounces) and you’ll always be ready for the expected (and unexpected) no matter where you are.

Hawk Gogadget 900

Hawk Hunting Accessories. This innovator offers several incredibly useful treestands and treestand accessories, aimed at helping you organize your arsenal of hunting gear in a tight space. The GoGadget Tree Arm (pictured above) not only features lightweight and strong aluminum construction, it’s also the most-adjustable bow arm available, allowing you to hang your bow and gear precisely where you want it for the fastest access with minimal movement. You’ll find both left/right horizontal adjustment and up/down vertical adjustment, along with a tactical, molded-grip bow hook that rotates a full 360 degrees. Three integrated hanging knobs allow for storage of additional accessories and an additional tree hook can be added in the Anti-Spin mounting plate. The arm extends from a 14.5-inch packing length to 36 inches, weighs 1.4 pounds, and will support up to 15 pounds. The Hawk Speed Retract Hoist Reel helps avoid frustrating knots and tangling with this unique reel and 30-foot hoist line that utilizes a 5X Faster Rewind (5:1 gear ratio) for quick, convenient line storage. Compact, slim-line design fits in your hand and features easy-twist GearTie attachments on both ends. Attach the reel to your belt while climbing and then to your stand or a nearby branch when in the tree for ultimate convenience and safety.

Ameristep Supernatural Ground Blind. This new blind design caught our eye because its muted appearance would not catch the eye of a wary whitetail. Camo patterns on blinds look great these days but even some of the best of them have a reflective sheen when the sun shines just right on the tightly woven blind material. A definite no-no. To combat this Ameristep developed a natural fiber blind material they call Naturshell that eliminates the deer-spooking glare. The dull, hazy appearance of the fabric blends nicely with a wide variety of terrains, allowing this blind to blend nicely into its surroundings, allowing you to disappear no matter where you set it up. MSRP: $250

baleblind 900
Red Neck Blinds Sportsman HD Hay Bale Blind. Talk about an ideal farm-country ambush. The new-and-improved Sportsman HD Hay Bale Blind offers some of the most-effective concealment available for hunters looking to waylay whitetails with food on their mind. Wherever you place this clever design, get ready for some exciting hunting action. MSRP $499.

bigOxBlind 900
Barronett Big Ox Blind. If you like an easily portable blind with a lot of room (and who doesn’t?), Barronett’s all-new Big Ox blind stands an impressive 80 inches tall, with an equally impressive footprint of 70×70 inches. You can hide all the kids (and their mom) in this one, with plenty of room to maneuver and make a deadly shot. Ten windows covered with replaceable shoot-through mesh give users a 360-degree view; also helpful is that the Big Ox is covered with a new low-sheen blind material that Barronett is calling OxHide. It’s actually two layers of fabric bonded together to form a highly durable waterproof skin designed to blend with virtually any background. This is one great-looking hunt fortress. MSRP $280.

HDHO Good 900
Family Tradition Treestands. The best there is? Many would describe the well-rounded lineup (Ladder StandsTripods, and Lock-Ons) from Family Tradition as just that. The company’s strong research and development has produced stands with an impressive proven record; if you’ve never checked out this line, these made-in-the-USA stands that include the HD/HO Lock-On (shown above) demand a strong look.

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Quality construction starts with premium galvanized tubular steel for added structural integrity and rust resistance, which is then bended and welded into each individual stand to maintain higher quality control. Each stand has an extra-durable powder coating baked on to provide season after season of durability. Through its deft use of better-quality materials, from bolts to hand-woven webbing on all seats, it’s no wonder Family Tradition has garnered a following just as strong as its impressive stands.

SlumperGood 900

Slumper Hunting Seats. If you’re looking for “next-level” treestand performance the answer just might lie not in your treestand, but in the unique Slumper Hunting Seats line of high-performance treestand seats. Many of the wide-ranging models from Slumper Seats feature serious 4-inch-thick seat cushioning, and you’ll also find plenty of options that deliver welcome cushioning for your back.

VIDEO: Here’s How To Make Any Treestand More Comfortable.

Universal-fitting Slumper Seats are not only money-back guaranteed to fit your favorite stand, they’re available for all types of treestands and fit virtually all makes and models: fixed position hang-ons, climbers, even two-person ladder stands that have become so popular for sharing the hunting experience with eager youngsters.

SummitVineRealtree 900

Summit Treestands Vine Double Ladder Stand with Realtree Camo. This great deer stand breaks up straight lines for maximum engineered concealment. Featuring a patent-pending ladder section with a curved design, the Vine comes in one- and two-hunter configurations. This deluxe stand comes with a large, weather-resistant mesh seat and backrest. It comes fully equipped with two Full-Body Fall Arrest Harness Systems, a built-in footrest, padded armrest and padded shooting rail for comfort and precision. The Vine Double-Hunter mounts securely to any tree with included ratchet straps; this fine model is covered by Summit’s one-year limited warranty.

Millennium M360 900

Millennium M360 Revolution. The M360 Revolution features a smart swiveling seat for a 360-degree view from your elevated position of choice. Having a view of your entire surroundings, and with the ability to move in a full circle to get into shooting position, makes those challenging behind-the-tree shots a much easier game. Hunters can make turns from every angle around the tree, providing a full range of motion and creating a clear sightline. The stand comes with a generous 40-inch platform and a foldable seat, which provides space and ease for standing shots with no cables to trip over. This aluminum and steel stand offers a 20-inch seat height for hunters to sit as they swivel for 360 degree views.


Summit Treestand Accessory Bags. One of the ways to make any treestand setup more deadly is to ensure quick, easy (and silent) access to all your hunting gear once up in your perch. Thankfully, Summit is offering a handful of smart solutions with a variety of new gear bags. Deluxe Side & Front Bags stow all the gear for your hunting and video projects within reach of your seat with reduce clutter on ladder stands, tripods, and climbers. Theses Mossy Oak camo bags offer silent operation with outside and inside zippered pockets to carry even more gear, while addressing the demands of discriminating hunters: silence, durability and organization. Designed to hold their shape through the rigors of the heaviest use, the bags are weather-resistant and will endure the long hours and rough conditions every day of the season. The new Side Bags (pictured above, $46 per 2) feature zippered storage designed to fit under the armrests of any Summit stand, and measure a roomy 11x6x4 inches. The Front Bag ($26) features front-zippered storage that fits any Summit stand with a front shooting/safety bar, and measures 13x7x4 inches.

MillenniumM60U 900

Millennium M60U Ultralite Hang-On Stand. The M60U Ultralite Hang-On ($230) combines full-size comfort with a lightweight, yet sturdy design. This 13.5-pound aluminum stand boasts an impressive capacity of up to 300 pounds. The patented camLOCK receiver system allows for easy installation and setup. Simply secure the receiver to the tree, then hoist up the Hang-On stand and slide the aluminum stabilizing post into the receiver. An adjustable seat height to 21 inches allows hunters to get the best view and comfort from any hunting location. With a durable powder coat finish, the M60U Ultralite will last through multiple seasons in the toughest conditions. This stand comes standard with a full body harness.

LaCrosseBurly 900
LaCrosse Gore Optifade Rubber Hunting Boots. LaCrosse has partnered with Sitka Gear to introduce the first rubber hunting boots in Gore Optifade Elevated II (see image above) and Waterfowl Marsh patterns. Both patterns are available in the LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro model—the brand’s classic, premium hunting boot. Built with natural, hand-laid rubber over insulating neoprene, the Alphaburly Pro combines durable comfort and scent-free protection. An embossed neoprene liner increases air circulation to better regulate foot temperature in cold or heat, making the boot ideal for a variety of seasons and end uses. Featuring a cushioning EVA midsole and unique outsole pattern, designed to shed mud and debris, the Alphaburly Pro is built for long-wear comfort. The Alphaburly Pro Gore Optifade Elevated II features a non-insulated and 800G Thinsulate Ultra Insulation version.


Le Chameau Condor LCX. From one of the leaders in premium rubber boots comes a new ultra-light and rugged leather boot all roving hunters need to see. Made with multi-layer Le Chameau LCX Technology, the Condor LCX is guaranteed to be waterproof and breathable. This fine design also incorporates environmentally friendly Terracare full grain leather, and was designed and developed for all-terrain, active stalking, hunting and trekking in temperatures as low as -10°C. Designed in partnership with tire experts Michelin, the exclusive “Deep Forest” sole is based on motocross tire technology resulting in an exceptionally light, hard-wearing and comfortable outsole that offers flexibility and grip in the most demanding terrain.

BrowningTommyJkt 900

Browning Hell’s Canyon Tommy Boy Jacket. Most deer hunters are looking for warm and versatile, and the new Tommy Boy delivers. This Primaloft insulating jacket is as effective as a highly breathable lightweight outerlayer or an insulating layer under a waterproof shell. Durability starts with the 100-percent polyester microfiber ripstop outer fabric, and inside you’ll find proven PrimaLoft Hi-Loft Silver insulation (100 gram in body, 80 gram in sleeves and hood). More nice touches include zip handwarmer pockets, a zip chest pocket, internal chest pocket, and internal drop pockets, as well as nylon elastic cuffs that offer better fit under gloves. Completing this package is an adjustable, hunter-friendly hood that won’t impair vision.

Cabela'sHoodie 900

Cabela’s Scout Camo Huntwear. Great for early season hunting adventures across North America, Cabela’s new line of Scout Camo hunt clothing is not only nicely affordable, it’s also lightweight, breathable and ideal for fickle weather and covering lots of territory, especially when temps are variable and/or otherwise hard to predict. The Pants and Seven-Button Shirt ($60 each) are constructed of quick-drying 130-gram polyester ripstop, with stretch panels in key areas for enhanced comfort and mobility. Completing the line are a versatile polyester Hoodie (shown above) ($40) and a Long-Sleeve Tee Shirt ($35), both featuring double-needle stitching for durability and flat-lock seams for comfort. They’re available in popular, field-proven Realtree Xtra camouflage.

HuntworthDisrupt 900
Huntworth Mid-Weight Soft Shell Apparel. Huntworth has added a new, mid-weight soft shell jacket and pant, with matching beanie and gloves to its well-rounded line of functional, affordable hunting clothing and accessories. To make it unique, the new huntwear is covered in the company’s great-looking Disruption camouflage pattern, which is a computer-generated abstract design that blends seamlessly into a wide variety of terrain. The Mid-Weight Soft Shell Jacket ($100) has a full-length zipper with a durable, water-repellent shell made of stretch polyester and bonded to a honeycomb fleece. The fleece is treated with an antimicrobial for scent reduction. It is harness-ready, has a high stand collar with beard guard, tapered arm construction and draw cord. Hunters will appreciate two large zippered side pockets, a zippered upper left chest pocket and two large open interior pockets. The Mid-Weight Soft Shell Pants ($100) are made of the same material as the jacket, and offer five pockets, side leg zippers with storm flaps to accommodate boots, a knife pocket on the right leg, abrasion-resistant reinforced knees and seat, rubberized non-slip grip inner waistband, five belt loops and suspender loops. The Stealth Gloves ($20) offer great dexterity while providing wind and water protection. Rounding out the outfit is a four-way stretch fleece beanie ($13) that will keep you dry and warm from the mid-season on into bitter late-season adventures.

SitkaHOODIE 900

Sitka Gear Core Lightweight Hoody. With long sleeves and a form-fitting hood, the Core Lightweight Hoody wicks away moisture and keeps you concealed when you’re closing in. Featuring a deep, center chest zipper for superior ventilation and a built in face mask for those quick set ups, this piece is perfect layering for stalking, treestands or ground blinds. The CORE Lightweight Series (shown in Optifade Elevated II) is the foundation of your high-exertion system. Its polyester bi-component construction is highly breathable and actively moves moisture away from the skin. The integrated face mask, center front ½ zip and 4 way stretch fabric and flat lock seams layer effortlessly and integrated thumb loops keep sleeves in place whether you’re grabbing your binos or shouldering a rifle. A micro-grid backer assists with moisture transfer and is brushed for comfort next to skin, and permanent Polygiene technology neutralizes odor causing bacteria, making this the one piece you won’t take off all season.

CarharttBuckJacket 900

Carhartt Buckfield Jacket & Pant. Carhartt is synonymous with durability and value, and its Buckfield Jacket and Pant will keep you in the woods no matter what Mother Nature has in store. The 9.7-ounce, 100-percent polyester jacket and pant, with a Realtree pattern, are equipped with a durable water repellent to

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keep you dry. The Jacket ($140) features a detachable hood, a map pocket with a magnetic closure near the chest, as well as ventilated underarms, and a safety harness exit on the back. The Pant ($109) features a partial elastic waistband with hook-and-loop adjusters, and also includes ankle-to-knee zippers with storm flaps, articulated knees, magnetic pocket closures and triple-stitched main seams.

SJK Windage Jacket 900
Slumberjack DST Camo Huntwear. Looking to disappear in the deer woods? It might be time to check out the new line of DST (Disruptive Shadow Technology) camouflage from Slumberjack. The new line consists of four core pieces; a rain jacket and pants and a DriDown and synthetic jacket. Fully-featured and equipped with Perception DST camouflage, each piece is made with “quiet touch” fabrics and DWR finishes to keep hunters undetectable and dry in the field. Built to be packable, SJK’s apparel line fits easily into day or overnight packs. For hunts where the forecast calls for rain, snow, or both, SJK offers the Windage jacket (MSRP $179.95) and pants (MSRP $149.95). A 3-layer waterproof/breathable laminate sheds rain and melting snow while allowing internal moisture to escape. Articulation in the elbows, knees and crotch provide outstanding mobility while the relaxed, athletic cut is designed for comfort and layering in colder weather.

UAwoolMen 900

Under Armour Threadborne Wool. Wool has made a comeback amongst hardcore hunters looking for silent comfort under most any conditions. Wool regulates body temperature to keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. It also naturally fights mold, mildew, and odor. UA Threadborne Wool starts where synthetic wool left off, being engineered down to the thread level to be more durable and stretchy to allow

VIDEO: More On Under Armour’s New Threadborne Wool Huntwear

greater mobility. The Mid-Season Wool Jacket and Pant are made of a stretchy wool-blend material with a brushed inner layer for lightweight warmth. They are quiet, feature scent control and repel water while continuing to provide breathability. The Jacket ($250) is harness-ready and the Pants ($225) feature 22-inch side zips.

WallsXeleratorJack 900

Walls Xelerator Jacket & Pant. The Walls Pro Series is expanding to include the Xelerator Jacket and Pant this fall. This ultra-quiet combo is built for serious cold-weather performance complete with 315 grams of bonded polar fleece and Scentrex scent-control technology. More smart features include a through-jacket harness opening, durable water repellant finish, three-piece adjustable removable hood, and an athletic fit, making this combo a great choice when the mercury plummets. The Xelerator Jacket ($190) and Pant ($180) will be available in Realtree Xtra and Mossy Oak Country patterns.

FirstLite3D 900

First Lite Phantom 3D Jacket & Balaclava. Designed and built for those who want to simply disappear when in range of wary deer,  gobblers and other game, the Phantom 3D Leafy Jacket ($100, shown above) is a leafy concealment piece in the First Lite Fusion line that allows the user the very best in 3D camouflage. With features like extra burly YKK zippers and printed mesh, this leafy top is built to last. The Phantom is designed and sized to fit over whatever you’re wearing in the field and can be worn in any weather over your layering system; a matching Phantom 3D Balaclava ($35) is also available. Available in men’s sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL at and with participating dealers.

VisiColorPronghorn 900
Champion VisiColor Real Life Big Game Targets. If you’re looking to shoot some targets this year before heading out big game hunting, why not use some that look like the real McCoy? Take aim at trophy animals from across North America with Champion VisiColor Real Life Big Game targets that feature a black bear, pronghorn and whitetailed deer. A successful shot shows a burst of color in each vital zone, giving you instant feedback. A visible sight-in bull’s-eye on each target lets you zero-in your rifle before you set your sights on living breathing big game. There are 12 targets in a package ($28; four of each animal) with vital zones marked by different colors.

Rinehart X-Bow Bag 900
Rinehart X-Bow Bag. The X-Bow Bag target ($50) was designed with layered, arrow-stopping material, and is rated for crossbows shooting up to a blistering 450 fps. As most crossbows have a scope, the target has a sight-in grid with Minute of Angle (MOA) graduations. It has never been easier to see the exact adjustment required to put your arrows on the “X”. The bag also has 12 dots for practice, distributing shots across the target for longer life. At 18 inches, and with a carry handle, this compact design can be used in the field or as a discharge target.

SmokeCover 900
Code Blue Smoke Cover Scent. For those who believe cover scents should be naturally occuring, here’s an ingenious solution. Code Blue, an industry leader in attractant scents, cover scents and scent elimination products for hardcore hunters introduces Smoke Cover Scent, allowing hunters to disable the powers of a game animal’s nose by absorbing odors, rather than simply masking them. Smoke has been used for hundreds of years to mask and absorb human odors. The Smoke Cover Scent technology is stored in a convenient, easy-to-use spray bottle for complete coverage of your hunting gear and clothing—and virtually anything you take with you in the field.

DGForceDry 900
DryGuy Force Dry. Dry shoes and gloves are key to maximizing any deer hunting adventure and the DryGuy Force Dry provides a quick and efficient way to eliminate moisture from soaked gear. With the ability to dry a pair of shoes or gloves in about an hour, this handy and portable device is ideal for year-round use in rainy or snowy weather. In addition to hunt gear you’ll also ensure your ski boots, running shoes, and gloves are warmer, more comfortable, and smell better when dried between uses. The Force Dry gently circulates warm air for quick, efficient drying while foldable drying stacks make for a compact design that travels easy.



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