HuntStand’s Ultimate Holiday Hunting Gift Guide [2018]

Still scouting to find the ideal gift for a special hunter in your life? Here are dozens of hand-picked possibilities from Team HuntStand.

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Still scouting to find the ideal gift for a special hunter in your life? Here are dozens of hand-picked possibilities from Team HuntStand.

Spotlight: Nosler BT (Ballistic Tip) Ammunition. What makes this legendary ammunition among the best choices you could make for hunting, and a can’t-miss holiday hunting gift? Nosler Ballistic Tip Ammunition is loaded up front with the accurate and reliable Nosler Ballistic Tip Bullet; it has seen more than 30 years of continual improvement and design refinement. Every bullet weight and muzzle velocity is optimized for maximum effectiveness on deer, pronghorns, and wild hogs. The tapered bullet jacket controls expansion for the ideal balance of penetration and energy transfer. The result? A proven track record of accuracy and game-killing terminal performance.LTO-Tracker 900Leupold LTO Tracker HD Thermal Viewer. Leupold has upgraded its award-winning thermal imager line with the new LTO Tracker HD ($1,039.99) that features a second-generation thermal sensor that detects heat out to 750 yards, and a new 390×390 pixel full circle display that offers improved resolution. Designed to be compact and light enough to take on even the farthest backcountry hunt, the LTO-Tracker HD shows hunters the heat signature of game, blood trails and more–day or night. This upgraded unit is capable of detecting temperatures from -40°F to 572°F and will perform in temperatures from -4°F to 140°F. Oracle1 900Oracle2 900Burris Oracle Rangefinding Bow Sight. Give the gift of dependable accuracy. For over a decade, the Burris Eliminator LaserScope has set the standard for ballistic laser scope technology. To continue this legacy Burris has introduced the Oracle laser-rangefinding bowsight ($799), which instantly provides compound bowhunters exact distance to target and an exact aiming point while at full draw. The Oracle eliminates aiming between pins by instantly calculating and displaying the EXACT aiming point for any distance and shot angle. A quick push of the button activates the built-in IR laser rangefinder; within seconds, the range to the target is shown along with an illuminated pin for the exact drop and angle-compensated aim point. The illuminated aiming pins are displayed on the vertical LED trajectory bar running through the entire midsection of the sight. The Oracle converts easily to right- or left-hand use.LeupldRX-1600i 900Leupold RX-1600i TBR/W Laser Rangefinder. Bowhunters. Gun hunters. Both will want to carry this versatile new rangefinder, which is built to deliver the farthest, most-accurate ranging in its class–out to 1,600 yards. Even better, Leupold’s True Ballistic Range/Wind feature offers greater first-shot success. TBR/W technology allows hunters to account for incline, range to target and ballistics data, as well as develop wind compensation solutions. You’ll also find an impact-resistant polymer armor outside and a lightweight, aluminum housing inside; the 100-percent waterproof design comes fitted with a 6x monocular and a fully multicoated lens system to ensure a bright, crisp image. Choose from Gray/Black, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country (shown) and and Mossy Oak Blaze Orange.BushnellPrimeLaser900Bushnell Prime Laser Rangefinder. Looking for both quality and value? Prime laser rangefinders (starting at $199.99; $249.99 for model shown) are great choices, with easy ranging out to 1,300 yards, and accuracy you can trust. Cool features include ARC MODE (Angle Range Compensation) that accounts for uphill and downhill angles when ranging, providing a true range to target. The EXO BARRIER is a protective coating that bonds to exterior lenses, repelling water, oil, dust and debris for clear viewing in the worst weather. You’ll also find wide objective lenses that allow for the best resolution and contrast in all lighting conditions, and SCAN MODE that allows you to scan across the landscape while viewing a continuously updated LCD display of the distance to the target.NikonMONARCHHG8x42 900Nikon Monarch HG. When it comes to hunting binos, brighter is better. Nikon engineered the optical system of the Monarch HG around its signature ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass and enhanced multilayer lens and prism coatings for brighter, higher-resolution viewing. Nikon’s all-new Field Flattener Lens System works in conjunction with this bino’s extraordinarily wide field of view—8.3 degrees and 6.9 degrees, respectively in the 8×42 ($980) and 10×42 ($1,000) models—to provide a sharp, clear view to the lens periphery. Field of view for the 8×42 model is 435 feet at 1,000 yards, and 362 feet at 1,000 yards for the 10×42 model.MavenC3 900Maven C.3 Binocular. Here’s a dependable and powerful hunting optic that’s also very affordable. Offered in 10×50 ($400) and 12×50 ($425) models, the Maven C.3 features a large 50mm objective lens with crystal clear extra low-dispersion (ED) glass, fully multi-coated lenses, and a durable, yet lightweight polymer frame. At 28 ounces, it is one of the lightest mid-sized binoculars in its category. It utilizes a dielectric coated Schmidt-Pechan prism system to produce a clear, bright, and high-contrast image. Waterproof, fogproof, and scratch resistant lens coatings ensure unimpeded field use.TractTORIC 900Tract Optics TORIC 8×42 Schott HT Binocular. Your hunter of choice might need a bigger trophy room. Tract has introduced the next generation of optical advancements with the addition of an 8×42 binocular to its award-winning TORIC product lineup. This high-performance offering features precision components and coveted SCOTT HT (High Transmission) glass for superior image resolution, giving hunters a world-class 8×42 binocular for clear, efficient and unobstructed views. The TORIC 8×42 SCHOTT HT Binocular ($684) makes use of a flat multicoating that increases light transmission over a wider spectrum of light (from 400-700nm), with the highest increase in transmission values in the green color range. PelicanVault900Pelican Vault Single Rifle Case. All hunters cherish bomb-proof cases for their prized equipment. Built for hard use, high impact and supreme weather resistance, Pelican’s new Vault series gun cases (launched in fall 2018) feature high-impact polymer that ensures they are the most rugged and secure in their class. Like others in the series, this Single Rifle Case ($149.99) is equipped with a host of premium protective features at a price more hunters and shooters can afford; especially handy are four push-button latches that offer secure closure and easy-open access, and four stainless steel lock hasps for extra security.

sl-phone-property-900HuntStand App: Now With Property Lines. Whether it’s helping you find and chase deer, turkeys, or any game animals on the planet, your favorite hunting app is now the only hunting app you’ll ever need! The free HuntStand app delivers global pinpoint weather forecasts, advanced game logging, GobbleSpot gobbler marker for turkey hunters, distance and area measurement tools, and a growing suite of features to give hunters a digital edge in the field.


The latest Hunting app update contains a new Property Lines feature that covers all 50 states (97 percent of U.S. properties). This feature allows you to see: property lines, property sizes, landowner contact information and more! You can try Property Lines FREE for 7 days, or get unlimited access for $5.99/month. Available for Android and iOS. CLICK HERE to see a video and learn more. HSSFloatingAntlers 900Hunter Safety System Floating Deer Antlers. Here’s a cool gift for a deer-obsessed hunter. In conjunction with its subsidiary brand, Hover Helmets, Hunter Safety System has created this tabletop display ($79.99) of a scaled recreation of a 207-inch European-style whitetail skull encapsulated in a clear acrylic globe that is illuminated and appears to defy gravity. The 6.5-inch diameter globe hovers in mid-air with no strings or other physical attachments, and with a light nudge, it will spin indefinitely. The stand measures 10 1/4 inches tall and is powered by an included 110V AC/12V DC power adapter. Sportsmen'sAllianceLogo900Sportsmen’s Alliance Membership. Protect your outdoor passions from attacks by the animal-rights movement with a $35 membership to the Sportsmen’s Alliance. For 40 years, these guys have fought in federal and state courtrooms, at ballot boxes nationwide and in all 50 state legislatures to keep anti-hunters from taking away your hunting, fishing and trapping seasons.

radius-package900Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent. Mosquito season will be here before you know it. At the push of a button, Radius ($49.99) creates a zone of protection from pesky mosquitoes. Rechargeable, compact and powerful, Radius works anywhere from the remote wilderness to your backyard patio. Thermacell Radius releases a proven repellent to create a silent, scent-free, and invisible zone of protection around you. A lithium-ion battery substitutes for butane in powering the Radius repellent system; unlike butane which is impacted by oxygen levels at higher altitude, Radius performs at any elevation. It also opens the door to air travel with Thermacell, because butane cartridges are unnecessary. The choice of battery power also enables a single refill system, using a lone repellent refill (40-hour refills are $19.99, 12-hour refills $7.99), instead of both mat and butane refill components.FTDoubleTripod 900Family Tradition Treestands Double Tripod. Team ScoutLook has known for years that Family Tradition Treestands makes some of the strongest and most-comfortable stands on the market. Just one more great example is this ultra-mobile Double Tripod that features galvanized tubular steel for added structural integrity and rust resistance. You’ll also find a textured, baked-on powder coating for season after season of enjoyment. More smart details include 360 Degree swiveling fully welded chairs with arm rests, and quality Nylon Webbed Seats that measure 20 inches wide by 15 inches deep with 23-inch backrests for ultimate comfort. This sweet perch that comes complete with shooting rail measures 12 feet to the foot platform; available accessories include a heavy gauge plastic Roof Dome and Custom-fit Camouflage Skirt.Moultrie MV2 Modem 900Moultrie Mobile MV2 & MA2 Cellular Field Modems. These modems make great gifts because they turn a Moultrie Camera into a wireless game camera. Game-camera images are sent directly to your smartphone, computer or tablet. The new MV2 runs on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network and the MA2 operates on the AT&T 4G LTE network. The MV2 Modem attaches via a weather-resistant USB cord to any Moultrie Camera built since 2015. Once the MV2 or MA2 ($169 each) are activated and paired with a Moultrie Camera, the modem will communicate with the camera to send game-camera images via the 4G LTE network. iPhone and Android users simply download the free Moultrie Mobile app on their smartphone or tablet to begin receiving their game-camera images. The Moultrie Mobile account is entirely customizable to your demands. Set it up to receive text and email notifications whenever you receive a new image. No more pulling SD cards or tromping through your favorite hunting spots to pull cards. Runs on 8 AA batteries, Moultrie solar panel or Battery Box.StealthCam 900Stealth Cam G45NGX with Smart Illumination. Building on the solid reputation of its G Series trail camera line, Stealth Cam’s G45NGX ($189.99) features patent-pending Smart Illumination Technology that automatically adjusts IR output based on changing lighting conditions. The G45NGX is a 22MP Power IR, No Glo, 1080P High Definition camera with a sub ½ second trigger speed. More sweet features include adjustable PIR detection range, Matrix blur reduction to ensure a clear subject in night shots, as well as pre-programmed Quick Sets and Retina low-light sensitivity to maximize IR output to deliver a well-lit 100-foot nighttime range. SummitFeatherWt 900Summit Featherweight Hang-On Stand. Weighing in at a mere 16 pounds, this lightweight aluminum stand will hold 300 pounds and is ideal for packing in to your favorite hunting area, no matter how far the hike. The Featherweight ($199.99) comes equipped with a comfortable and quiet 2.75-inch padded seat, and features a large (28 by 23 inches) platform. The Featherweight can be hung on trees from 8 to 20 inches in diameter.SummitFeatherWt Switch 900Summit Featherweight Switch Hang-On Stand. This lightweight aluminum stand (17 pounds; $219.99) will hold 300 pounds and is ideal for quick setups, thanks to the included Switch Receiver. Simply install ladder or step sections to a tree and attach the Switch Receiver. Then, pull up the lightweight Featherweight Switch Hang-On and quietly insert its metal tongue into the Switch Receiver for fast and simple stand installation. You can buy additional Switch Receivers ($29.99 each) to have pre-installed on trees in your favorite hunting locations and simply move your stand when deer change patterns. Or, use the Switch Receiver as an anti-theft measure by taking your stand with you, while leaving the receiver in the tree for your next hunt. The Featherweight Switch can be hung on trees from 8 to 20 inches in diameter, comes equipped with a comfortable 2.75-inch padded seat, and features a roomy (28 by 23 inches) platform. ScentLokReignJckt 900ScentLok Savanna Reign Jacket & Pant. Give one of the most-advanced lightweight/early season whitetail hunting suits available. ScentLok has it nailed with the new Savanna Reign, which features Carbon Alloy technology for maximum odor adsorption, in a scary-comfortable, bowhunting-silent design that moves with you and won’t

See The Savanna Reign In Action Here

weigh you down. You’ll also benefit from NeverWet technology that dramatically repels water to keep you dry when early season storms roll in. The Jacket features a nifty built-in facemask/hood design that provides a headcover when you need it and quickly tucks away when you don’t, while the Pant features a cool built-in adjustable belt for a true custom fit. HuntworthHiddn900Huntworth Men’s Bonded Jacket w/Hidd’n Camo. Deadly silent. All-day warmth. This new In-Velvet fleece jacket ($99) will bring a smile to big game hunters everywhere, for its stellar performance and looks. Huntworth’s new and exclusive Hidd’n camo delivers photographic depth and details, and is ready to hide hunters in a wide variety of

See Huntworth’s Hidd’n Camo In Action Here

environments. The double-layer construction features an In-Velvet low pile fleece outer bonded to a soft waffle fleece for a combined weight of 350 grams. A durable water repellent finish repels moisture and light snow to keep you dry, and deer hunters will also find appreciate the scent-reducing Microban antimicrobial treatment. Nice touches include a harness access hole, and Tapered arm construction that removes bulk and allows bowhunters an unobstructed draw.SitkaHOODIE 900Sitka Core Lightweight Hoody. When it comes to camo clothing, layering pieces are some of the most-used and most-versatile, allowing use while chasing virtually any species, the entire year long. The proven Core Lightweight Hoody (SALE $89.25) is one of the finest. With long sleeves and a form-fitting hood, this hoody wicks away moisture and keeps you concealed when you’re closing in. Featuring a deep, center chest zipper for superior ventilation and a built in face mask for those quick set ups, this must-have piece is ideal for stalking, hanging in treestands or huddled in ground blinds.

nomad-terra-jacketNomad Outdoor Mid-Season Jacket. Premium performance doesn’t always have to come with a premium price tag. This new jacket from Nomad Outdoor is ideal for cool mornings and evenings during early or mid-season hunts. It’s also a solid outer layer for late-season hunts. It’s designed with an athletic fit and a quiet softshell exterior, making it equally effective for stand hunting or stalking. As shown in this video with ScoutLook’s Josh Dahlke, Nomad teamed up with Mossy Oak to build this collection of garments in an exclusive camo pattern called Elements Terra—a dynamic and deadly pattern, especially for hunting out West.

AlpsBandit 900ALPS OutdoorZ Bandit Duffle. As part of its ever-expanding Extreme line of hunting packs, ALPS has added the travel-friendly Bandit Duffle that is constructed using heavy-duty black 500D PVC material with welded seams. The U-shaped opening offers quick and easy access to the main compartment; the zipper to the main compartment is covered by a material flap for extra wet-weather resistance. Choose from Standard ($69.99; 46 liters) and Large ($89.99; 82 liters) sizes.Covert-X-Edge900ALPS Outdoorz Covert X. What an ingenious design. Wear this pack as a standard lumbar design on your way in to your stand, then flip it around front for easy access to gear as well as a welcome easy-access hand-warmer. Super durable 1680D Nylon ballistic fabric construction offers unmatched strength. The molded foam waist belt and back panel are incredibly comfortable, while the hidden hand warmer pocket is ideal for those extra chilly days in the field. There’s even a compartment to add your favorite hand-warming product. A clear cell phone pocket is located inside the main compartment, and allows you to use your phone without removing it from this sleeve. Internal organizational compartments help you keep all of your hunting accessories separated.LaCrosseEstuary 900LaCrosse Estuary Women’s Waders. LaCrosse believes women shouldn’t have to settle for gear that doesn’t fit right. The new Estuary Waders ($240 SALE $180) were designed from the ground up to fit right, function right and ultimately perform in the field. Waterproof Brush Tuff construction is a unique combination of spandex and Lycra layered over neoprene for extra durability. You’ll also find Fleece-lined handwarmer pockets and an interior pocket for storage, as well as polyurethane-reinforced knees and seat. The boot features features 1200G Thinsulate Ultra insulation for warmth and hand-laid premium rubber over a 3.5 mm neoprene core for flexible, fully waterproof comfort. DannerWomensWayfinder900Danner Wayfinder. The all-new Wayfinder ($140-$150 SALE $105-$112.50) with its durable suede and nylon upper is designed for women forging their own path, pursuing game in new and challenging territories. Built with Danner Dry waterproof lining and optional 400G Thinsulate Ultra Insulation, these boots are made to stand up against the elements. A tactical lace-to-toe design paired with Danner’s Plyolite midsole provides a level of comfort and support that lets the focus stay on the hunt and not your feet. Available in solid brown and Mossy Oak Break-Up Country (shown).HuntersKloak 900Hunter’s Kloak Gen 2 Kloak Mister. Most any hunter can benefit from a cutting-edge concealment and hunting scent attraction system, and this is one of the coolest we’ve seen. The lightweight and compact Gen 2 Kloak Mister uses scent cartridges that employ a proprietary cotton wick that carries the scent to an ultrasonic transducer. The transducer converts the scent to a micro-fine mist, emitting it into the air at intervals selected by the hunter. The atomized mist is naturally carried downwind, broadcasting the scent for long-range attraction or cover-up. The 2.5-ounce cartridges are mess-free and easy to install; included are a USB cable for battery charging, one 2.5-ounce Earth Concealment Mist cartridge, and a lanyard for hanging the unit from a stand or tree limb. TrailsEnd 900Wildlife Research Center Trail’s End #307 with Scent Reflex Technology. Scents and scent use for hunting deer can be confusing, but thankfully, the folks at Wildlife Research Center are making it easy. Trail’s End #307 with Scent Reflex Technology is not only one of the hottest-performing buck lures you can use, it’s an extremely effective all-season and rut buck lure that contains whitetail doe urine with estrus secretions, as well as extremely attractive oils derived from plants and other ingredients (not known or used by most scent companies, but highly attractive to deer). It’s available in convenient 1-ounce ($8.99) or 4-ounce ($19.99) bottles, ideal for applying to scent wicks, draglines or scrape drippers.

Bear Grizzly 900Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow. You don’t have to be told traditional bows are all the rage on the big screen, and a hot commodity for shooters everywhere looking to get back to basics. The legendary Grizzly has been proving itself since 1950; Fred Bear made the last design change to the Grizzly in 1964. This value-priced bow ($399.99) is designed for big performance that will go easy on anyone’s budget. Whether you are new to traditional archery or an expert, the Grizzly is a sure shooter for any skill level.Fletcher44 900Fletcher .44 Caliper Release. Improve any bowhunter’s accuracy with this proven release. The .44 Caliper ($49.99) is different from any other caliper releases because of its interlocking jaw system, giving you a precise release in both directions, reducing any horizontal arrow play. A great choice for bowhunting or target archery, the .44 Caliper is available in two wrist strap styles: Buckle strap, and Nylon with hook and loop closure.CajunShoreRunner900Cajun Bowfishing Shore Runner (Ready To Fish Package). Get someone set up to experience one of the fastest-growing aspects of archery. Whether you like to snap and shoot, or your bowfishing style is as simple as holding back and letting the fish come to you, the Shore Runner ($299.99) is a sure thing. The constant draw cam provides easy tuning no matter your draw length, out to 29 inches. This 32-inch axle-to-axle bow features a 15- to 45-pound draw weight range and doesn’t need a bow press for adjustments.HitmanStabilizer900Trophy Ridge Hitman Stabilizers. All compound archers need a good stabilizer, and the new Hitman (6 to 12 inches, starting at $49.99) is a solid, affordable choice. These smart designs improve bow balance while reducing noise and vibration; their quick connect system offers fast removal of the stabilizer for convenient transport and storage. Each stabilizer comes pre-assembled with two removable 1-ounce weights; also includes wrist strap, mounting bar, and colored rings for bow personalization.NitroXACUdraw900

TenPoint Nitro X. The innovators at TenPoint are calling this the fastest and smallest crossbow ever produced, spanning a mere 7 inches, axle to axle, but boasting a blistering 440 fps and punishing 166 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. Team HuntStand, which has shot this fine design extensively, could not be more impressed. Stand-out features include a newly designed, maximum rotation system for the new RX7 cams,

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and Sling-Shot technology that provides a turbo boost to the reverse-draw bow assembly’s Dual Flex limbs. Unique Vector Quad cable technology utilizes four cables instead of the traditional two to deliver increased strength and stability, and eliminate cam lean. Double-dip fluid imaged in True Timber Viper Western camo, the Nitro X comes as a Standard package ($2,000) with ACUdraw Pro, ACUdraw, or ACUdraw 50 SLED, RangeMaster Pro Scope, 6-pack of EVO-X CenterPunch premium carbon arrows, integrated string stop system and a quiver, or an Elite package ($2,200) with ACUdraw Pro, Evo-X Marksman Scope, TenPoint STAG Hard Crossbow Case, 6-pack of EVO-X CenterPunch premium carbon arrows, integrated string stop system and a quiver. ExcalASSASSIN900Excalibur Assassin. Designed to be the world’s easiest, safest, most rugged and reliable crossbow ever built, the new Assassin backs up those claims with some eye-popping innovation. The new Charger Cranking System is touted as the industry’s safest and first dead-silent internal crank aid, allowing the user to cock and de-cock the Assassin using just 12 pounds of force.


Generating up to 360 fps, this compact recurve-limb design also features a new two-stage trigger system that mirrors the performance and feel of today’s best match-grade rifle triggers. And the fully adjustable Tru-Fit Stock features fast tool-less length-of-pull adjustment from 12 to 15 inches, along with an adjustable cheekpiece, so everyone can achieve a perfect fit in no time. The Assassin Package ($1,699.99) includes scope, quiver with four arrows, field points, suppressors, strap, and compact hard case.Saga405 900Bear X Saga 405 Crossbow. Wait…what? A crossbow delivering top-of-the-line speed (405 fps!) with an MSRP of just $379.99? True story. The Bear X Saga 405 features a draw weight of 210 lbs., an overall mass weight of 7.5 lbs., and measures just 14 inches wide cocked; 18 inches wide uncocked. You’ll also find an adjustable fore end grip, ambidextrous safety, and rear adjustable stock, along with an anti-dry fire inhibitor, dual string suppressor system, and picatinny style scope mount rail. Included is a 4×32 multi cross-hair reticle with functioning eye piece, 4-bolt quiver, sling, three carbon bolts with field points, cocking rope, and rail lube/string lube.MorrellDualThreat 900Morrell Yellow Jacket Dual Threat Combo Target. Ensure a loved one’s next bowhunt is a success by allowing them to practice with this ultra-durable design, which accepts every type of head, from field points to fixed and mechanical broadheads. The 100-percent weatherproof Dual Threat Combo ($94.99) design makes use of Poly-Fused Cellular Foam that is both compound and crossbow approved, with its ability to stop arrows traveling up to 380 fps; also handy is its E-Z Tote handle for quick and easy transport to and from camp, truck, or around the backyard.CXMaxRedBadSD 900CXMaxRedBadSD 900CXMaxRedBadSD 900Carbon Express Maxima RED Badlands SD Carbon Arrows. All bowhunters need a constant supply of arrows. This premium model controls Dynamic Spine using a smaller diameter (.203” ID) shaft, and comes cloaked in Badlands Approach camouflage, with stiffer ends that contain the arrow’s flex to what CX calls the “RED ZONE”. The RED ZONE is the section of the arrow shaft engineered to contain Dynamic Spine and make a broadhead shoot more consistently. The smaller-diameter Maxima RED Badlands SD delivers improved penetration and reduces wind-drift which enables more accurate shots at longer distances.Meatseeker2 900Rocket Meat Seeker Broadhead. Devastating performance. All bowhunters look for it in a broadhead, but few have the design to deliver. The 100-grain Meat Seeker ($39.99/3-pack) offers a proven three-blade, 2-inch design with a cutting surface area of over 3 inches. It deploys its newly design, razor-sharp blades on contact, using innovative piston action. They can run, but they can’t hide. M48NoslerHandgun900Nosler Single-Shot Model 48 Nosler Custom Handgun. Here’s a great way to grab the attention of your fave hunter. This modern bolt-action pistol is ideal for outdoorsmen seeking a new challenge, and the utmost in function, design and performance from a pistol platform. Designed with input from handgun hunting experts, the NCH utilizes Nosler’s rugged M48 short action, sharing all of the same features that have made their Model 48 series of rifles a continued success. Featuring an overall weight of 5.9 pounds, the M48 NCH is precision CNC machined from a single billet of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum. The 416R stainless steel, heavy-contour Shilen barrel comes in a standard length of 15 inches (12 to 18 inches also available); all are threaded at the muzzle for brake and/or suppressor options. Options/customizations also include Cerakote colors, optional muzzle brake, fluted or non-fluted barrel, as well as caliber. The NCH is available in a variety of short action calibers well-suited to varminting, silhouette shooting, and hunting big game with initial offerings in 22 Nosler, 24 Nosler, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm-08 Remington and 308 Winchester.870Wingmaster 900Remington 870 Wingmaster Claro. Who wouldn’t like to see this beautiful pump gun under the tree? Many waterfowl and upland game bird enthusiasts started in the field with a Remington 870, and they have proven to be rugged and dependable, even under the most-adverse conditions. The new 870 Wingmaster Claro ($959) is a handsome upgrade from any of the older models; the high-gloss dramatic-colored walnut stock and forend are a standout. With a blued barrel and receiver, and a chrome bolt, the affordable Claro has the looks and feel of a top-end shotgun. The newest Wingmaster comes equipped with a 28-inch Rem choke barrel, recoil pad, and gold trigger.BottomlandXFactor900Mossberg 930 All Purpose Field Shotgun w/Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo. The Mossberg 930 autoloader is a workhorse in every sense of the word. The newest version, now available in a Field Model ($640), is fully concealed with Mossy Oak’s historic Bottomland Camo pattern. The shotgun is chambered for 3-inch loads and


weighs in at 7.75 pounds. The 26-inch, ventilated rib barrel is equipped with an Accu choke that comes with a variety of tubes to pattern different hunting options. A durable synthetic stock rounds out the package, which offers extreme value.WarneRings 900Warne Mountain Tech Scope Mounts. Backcountry hunters know every ounce is critical, and Warne Mountain Tech is the pinnacle of lightweight precision scope mounting systems. Mountain Tech rings and rails, made of CNC machined 7075/T6 aluminum for high strength and low weight, are designed to handle the harshest conditions Mother Nature can deliver, while handling the brutal recoil of lightweight magnum hunting rifles. Mountain Tech is equally at home on precision long-range rifles where nothing short of the best is acceptable.NikonP-TACTICAL3-9x40 900Nikon M-TACTICAL & P-TACTICAL Riflescopes. These recently released riflescope lineups are changing expectations in the tactical riflescope market, and at a price point that is simply undeniable. Both riflescope families offer all new MOA and MRAD reticles, as well as the tried-and-true, caliber-specific BDC reticles, combined with Nikon’s proprietary glass and multicoating technology. Nikon’s M-Tactical riflescopes feature 30mm main body tubes while the P-Tactical riflescopes (3-9×40 MK1-MOA, $199.95, shown above) feature 1-inch main body tubes. Corresponding MSR mounts match perfectly. All are available now at your local retailer just in time for the holidays. Shooters with a preference for cartridge-specific reticles have .223 and .308 caliber, BDC 600 and BDC 800 respectively, available in the M-TACTICAL riflescopes. The P-TACTICAL family offers caliber-specific models for .223, 300 AAC Blackout and .308. Each of these offerings can be optimized by utilizing Nikon’s SPOT ON ballistics to bring challenging targets within reach quickly and accurately.OutdoorEdgeDeer900Outdoor Edge Razor-Pro Saw Combo. Success favors prepared hunters, and this happens to be the ultimate double-blade knife/saw combo set ($95.95) for all types of big game. With a patented replacement razor-blade knife on one side, plus a signature gutting blade on the other, the Razor-Pro is the sharpest, strongest, replacement razor knife available, and the blades change safely and easily at the push of a button. Both blades open and close independently with one hand and lock securely. Rubberized blaze-orange TPR handles ensure a safe, non-slip grip, even when wet. Also included is a 4.4-inch aluminum handle folding saw with triple-ground tooth pattern for penetrating tough bone and wood. The Combo comes complete with six 3.5-inch Japanese 420J2 stainless replacement blades and a Mossy Oak camo sheath with pockets to hold the knife, saw and spare blades. Replacement packs of 6 blades sold separately.WorkSharp900Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener. Here’s a no-brainer stocking stuffer. The Pocket Knife Sharpener ($14.95) makes it simple to put a precise edge on most of your hunting and butchering knives. Sharpening with this tool is a quick and easy process; the diamond sharpening plate and ceramic honing rod use built-in angle guides to create a sharp edge anytime, anywhere. Stick this ultra-compact design in your hunting pack or keep it in the glove compartment of your truck so it’s always there when you need it to make meat.engel-soft-side-900Engel HD-30 Soft-Sided Cooler. Give the gift of staying cool in hunting camp. Whether it’s keeping beverages on ice, or fresh cuts of free-range venison, this new soft-sided, easy-carrying cooler from Engel will treat your favorite hunter well. Welded seams, abrasion-resistant shell, and a variety of carrying straps: The HD-30 is serious cool at a serious value.

Video: Closer Look At Engel’s HD-30

NocturnalStrobe900Nockturnal Fit Lighted Nocks Expand. Lighted nocks are any bowhunter’s dream. Nockturnal introduced the Fit, a universal lighted nock designed to fit X-diameter and larger arrows. This year, they’ve expanded the Fit line with even more color and multi-color strobe choices, including: Blue, Orange and White, as well as Red/Blue and Green/Blue strobes ($35.28/3-Pack). Weighing about 25 grains, each Fit is waterproof and shockproof, features an ultra-strong, impact resistant, clear polycarbonate nock construction encapsulating the super-bright single LED or paired strobing LEDs, which are triggered by a patented string-activated, piston-driven contact switch.WolverineX2R-Spec900Yamaha Wolverine X2 R-Spec. What an incredible stocking stuffer this would be. This tricked-out side-by-side is powered by an 847cc DOHC, eight-valve, parallel twin-cylinder motor that features the full range of Yamaha’s advanced performance technologies. Forged pistons and connecting rods ensure durable high-rpm performance, with Yamaha’s 270° Crossplane Concept Crankshaft for linear torque development and excellent power throughout the rpm range. To improve efficiency, the engine features a dry-sump design for a more compact layout and offset cylinder block to reduce friction loss, while rubber engine mounts and a geared counterbalancer ensures smooth running from idle to redline. You’ll also find roomy, practical ergonomics all hunters will appreciate. With high-backed seats, each with shoulder bolsters and automotive-style three-point seat belts, the Wolverine X2 R-Spec (starting at $14,499) provides a comfortable perch for driver and passenger. A standard sun top, multiple cup holders, high-traction floorboards and adjustable driver seat and steering column round out the amenities.TextronHavoc 900Textron Off Road Havoc Side-by-Side. Want to make it a holiday season to remember? Give this fine unit to a deserving soul. Built with precision engineering, the Havoc delivers both power and performance with its 100HP EFI engine and a class-leading suspension system with 2.5-inch King Piggyback Reservoir Shocks, 12.8-inch front and 12.9-inch rear suspension travel and 13 inches of ground clearance. Coupled with a class-leading 2,000-pound towing capacity and 600-pound dump bed, the Havoc has the muscle to handle the toughest jobs. The Havoc X (starting at $17,299) is the first model in the Havoc line and offers Textron Off Road’s industry-first extended cab for additional storage space; it comes standard with a brush guard and 4,000-pound Warn Winch. Havoc X rolls with 28×10-14 ITP Ultracross tires on 14-inch cast aluminum wheels, and on-demand all-wheel-drive.


Camp Chef Cast Iron. It’s ideal for camping trips and open fires, but cast iron isn’t just a wilderness cooking novelty. As more folks recognize the health benefits and stellar cooking qualities of cast iron, “traditional” kitchen cookware is being replaced by old-school cast iron. Look no farther than Camp Chef for all your cast-iron cooking needs. From Dutch ovens to skillets to pots, you’ll soon learn that cast iron has virtually no limits. It offers ideal even heating, easy cleanup, and it’s built to last forever.

IgniteHot 900MTN OPS Hot Ignite. Hunting and early mornings go hand in hand…and this smart coffee replacement is ready to get outdoorsmen and women up and running and hunting harder than ever. This smart formula includes caffeine for a quick jolt and a 20-plus-hour release of nitric oxide for extended “no jitters” energy. So you’ll not only experience long-lasting energy but also improved hydration, faster recovery, and no crash. Start your day the right way, with a warm cup of MTN OPS Ignite ($40), in several great flavors that include Charged Cocoa, Mountain Mocha, and Apple Cider.RevisionSeeker900Revision Outdoor Seeker. Premium outdoor eyewear always makes a great holiday gift. This exciting new outdoor eyewear brand is a just-launched division of Revision Military, a leader in tactical eyewear, and that kind of bloodline spells all kinds of good things for hunters and outdoorsmen. The Revision Seeker ($279) is one of three new styles aimed at sportsmen; four polarized lens tints are available, each treated with the company’s proprietary OcuMax AF lens coating technology to provide anti-fog, anti-scratch and smudge-resistant performance. Every piece of eyewear comes with a custom retention strap, an innovative storage system that includes an eyewear pouch with microfiber cloth and a protective pro bag, and a limited lifetime warranty.

TrophyTree 900Skull Hooker Trophy Tree. When the year’s hunts are over, this sleek and sturdy floor display allows for complete customization of hard-won trophies. The Trophy Tree ($199.99) will take advantage of unused areas within an office or living room; it’s designed for a variety of small- to medium-sized heads from around the world and is ideal for deer heads. Simply align heads vertically or stagger them from top to bottom. Complete your tree with one species, or display a variety. The Trophy Tree’s pole stands nearly 6 feet high (five poles included) and each of its sections allows for 360 degree viewing angles with varied heights. Constructed of strong powder-coated steel. The Trophy tree is sold with 5 arm/prong attachments.



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