ScoutLook’s Ultimate Turkey Hunting Gear Guide [2018]

Are YOU prepared to face the KING OF SPRING? Before you pack your bags and pull on your boots, consider adding these new tools

by Mark Melotik

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Are YOU prepared to face the KING OF SPRING? Before you pack your bags and pull on your boots, consider adding these new tools to your arsenal of gobbler gear. You’ll need all the help you can get if you’re hoping to take the crown from Sir Strut …


sl-turkey-property-hunter-900HuntStand Hunting App: Now With Property Lines. Your favorite hunting app is now the only hunting app you’ll ever need! The free HuntStand app delivers global pinpoint weather forecasts, advanced game logging, GobbleSpot gobbler marker for turkey hunters, distance and area measurement tools, and a growing suite of features to give hunters a digital edge in the field.


The latest Hunting app update contains a new Property Lines feature that covers all 50 states (97 percent of U.S. properties). This feature allows you to see: property lines, property sizes, landowner contact information and more! You can try Property Lines free for 7 days, or get unlimited access for $5.99/month. Available for Android and iOS. CLICK HERE to see a video and learn more.


ThermacellRadiuswRefill 900Thermacell Radius Zone Repeller. Mosquitoes are virtually synonymous with spring turkey hunting no matter where your hunt unfolds. The Radius Mosquito Repeller ($50) is a new and better way to fight these bloodthirsty pests; at the push of a button, it creates a scent-free zone of mosquito protection. The Radius uses a rechargeable USB lithium ion battery to heat the liquid repellent (instead of butane cartridges used in the older models). This allows for the unit to emit an effective zone of protection for 8 hours at any elevation, and big news: It has been approved by the DOT for air transportation! The liquid refill cartridges allow for up to 40 hours of continuous protection per cartridge.

engel-soft-side-900Engel HD-30 Soft-Sided Cooler. It pays to keep your cool in turkey camp. Whether it’s keeping beverages on ice, or fresh cuts of free-range poultry, this new soft-sided, easy-carrying cooler from Engel ($200) will treat you well. Welded seams, abrasion-resistant shell, and a variety of carrying straps: The HD-30 is serious cool at a serious value.


Camp Chef Pro 90X Three-Burner Stove. This new Pro-Series stove from Camp Chef ($300) is easy to transport and setup is a breeze. Once it’s deployed and the legs are adjusted, just attach a propane tank and your camp kitchen is open for business. The Pro 90X has plenty of surface area across its three burners to pump out big meals for hungry hunters, and the folding side shelves are a bonus for staying organized. Tap into Camp Chef’s array of stove accessories—from a pizza oven to a reversible grill/griddle—and your buddies won’t be too bashful about sharing their best hunting spots.

RoughhouseTent 900Slumberjack Roughhouse Tent. If you’ve never chased turkeys from a tent camp you’re missing a great adventure. Combining a storm-resistant shape with four-piece steel & fiberglass pole set for reliable durability and strength, the Roughhouse (4-person: 13 lbs./$200; 6-person: 19 lbs./$259) is ready to keep you and your hunt crew dry, protected and comfortable. And a bonus “front porch” vestibule converts into a large shade awning for sunny days. The stout, low-profile design with steep walls delivers a sweet mix of interior space and storm resistance.  WheelerLakeBag900Slumberjack Wheeler Lake Sleeping Bag. You can’t make those 3 a.m. turkey hunting wake-up calls for days on end without some quality sleep. The Wheeler Lake bag ensures warmth and comfort with synthetic fill and an included pillow platform that converts into a hood for colder weather. A large and roomy, “Toes Up” footbox delivers additional comfort, and you’ll appreciate the great looks courtesy of Slumberjack’s Perception DST camo on the polyester taffeta lining. Available in three versions: -20 degree (5 lbs., 8 oz./$120), 0 degree (4 lbs., 8 oz./$100), and +20 degree (4 lbs./$90).OutdoorEdgeChow900Outdoor Edge ChowPal. Are you among the fortunate to chase turkeys from a tent camp? Or maybe you’re among the many who eat on the run during turkey season, grabbing some lunch in the field or maybe back at your truck? Be prepared with the new ChowPal ($27), a smart new approach to outdoor eating utensils that incorporates multi-tool functionality. This lightweight (2.4 ounces) all-in-one utensil set/multi-tool adds a can opener, a bottle opener, a flathead screwdriver and a wrench to the nested fork and folding knife/spoon that lock together but quickly and easily slide apart when you’re ready to chow down. The knife/spoon features a locking, single-bevel knife blade that folds flat against the spoon; the fork features a graduated wrench in 8, 10, 11 and 13mm. Included is an easy-to-find orange nylon carry pouch for toting along on any hunting, fishing, or camping adventure.


DragStripCall 900Primos Drag Strip. Most all veteran turkey hunters love a bit of nostalgia, and this is a modern version of an old-school traditional call. The Drag Strip ($40) is made of CNC milled exotic hardwood and Pennsylvania slate. The design, with a built-in sound board and sound ports, fits perfectly in your hand to produce smooth yelps, purrs, clucks and cuts.  It’s all topped off with laser engraving and a one-piece CNC turned striker.

strike-a-strut-900Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls Strike A Strut. Rocky Jacobsen is known for his world-class elk calls, so when he started selling turkey calls you’d better believe he wasn’t going to settle for anything below top-shelf quality. The new Strike A Strut ($40) is a rock-solid pot call that will provide a lifetime of heavy use. It radiates a variety of true turkey tones from its American walnut pot depending where you strike the slate surface. It’s such a smooth design that it’s difficult to play a foul note, even for beginners. As a bonus, the Strike A Strut requires little to no conditioning—it just keeps on running.

StrutCommSandman900Strut Commander Voodoo & Sandman Mouth Calls. As many turkey hunters know, mouth calls can be some of the most-personal choices, and the “right” one can deliver pure magic. Two new mouth calls to consider are the Voodoo and Sandman, with the Voodoo ($8.99) featuring a three-reed design with Ghost Cut, to deliver moderate-volume sounds that are clear and smooth, with a raspy finish. The Sandman ($8.99, pictured above) is another three-reed design, with reverse combo cut, to produce moderate volume and excellent soft to medium tones that can be so critical to luring trophy toms into range.

zink-wicked-crystal-900Zink Wicked Crystal. If you’re to carry just one pot call, you need something that can play soft or scream loud. This Wicked Series call from Zink ($80) will cut through heavy winds if you strike its crystal surface with authority, but it’s also capable of whispering sweet nothings to shy gobblers by using the “Sweet-Spot” on the backside. The built-in striker conditioner is also a killer addition to this versatile pot.

TRUTHBox-Call 900Primos Limited Edition Truth Box Call. This collector’s item celebrates 30 years of “The TRUTH Turkey Series,” the longstanding video series that began in 1987. A throwback original photo taken of Will Primos is laser-engraved on fine hardwoods at the company’s wood-tuning facility in Mississippi. Each Limited Edition call ($90) is numbered and hand tuned; don’t miss an opportunity to grab (or gift) one of these special calls.

Scarecrow 900StrutCommHootie 900Strut Commander Scarecrow & Hootie Locator Calls. Locate a hot gobbler and the run-and-gun fun can begin. Two promising new locator calls from Strut Commander are the Scarecrow and Hootie; as you might guess the Scarecrow ($8.99, top image) is an easy-to-use crow call that’s ready to invoke shock-gobbles that will help lead the way. The Hootie ($8.99, shown above) is an ultra-realistic Barred Owl call that’s great for locating gobblers in the early morning, or evening.

flextone-mouth-calls-2018Flextone Small-Frame Mouth Calls. A lot of hunters don’t take fit into consideration when they select a mouth call. Too bad, because not all turkey hunters have the same size palate. Some hunters trim their mouth calls so they fit better, but this can have a negative impact on the call’s effectiveness, especially when it comes to consistency from call to call. Put simply, if a mouth call doesn’t fit right, it won’t sound right either. The call designers at Flextone have come up with a line of mouth calls that provide a better fit for smaller mouths and narrower palates. Two new calls ($4.99 apiece), the Lil’ Double (pictured right above) and Lil’ V (pictured left above), are custom crafted for folks who are tired of stuffing a full-sized diaphragm into their mouths when there isn’t room for one.


Tall-TimberGambrel 900Primos Tall Timber Gabriel Box Call. This premium design ($69.99) features double thumbholes on the box to allow easy and perfect clucks and cuts. The name is derived from Will Primos’ good friend Charles Whittington, who wrote about a gobbler he called “Old Gabriel,” after an angel, in his 1971 book Tall Timber Gabriels. Primos has infused all its knowledge about the box call into this design: the choice of woods, the curves of the striking surfaces, the shape and cutouts of the sideboards as well as the finish, allowing you to deliver the sounds that “Old Gabriel” so badly wants to hear.


jake-fan-decoy-900KillerGear JakeFan. Spring turkey season just got way more exciting thanks to the new JakeFan from our friends at KillerGear. This incredible turkey decoy is lightweight, compact and insanely realistic. It’s designed for bowhunters and gun hunters who crave up-close action with gobblers. It can be used for fanning, reaping or as a “traditional” style turkey decoy.

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This Fan stands tall, using the wings of a strutting tom to prop it up off the ground for better and easier hunter concealment. Utilizing a 3D head accompanied by brilliant lifelike imagery, the detailed realism is at the top of its class. Included with this decoy is a built-in retractable ground stake that resides inside the handle when not in use. Much like its bigger brother, the original TurkeyFan, the JakeFan ($139.99) is built on an umbrella type frame for a packable design that sets up in seconds. For those of you looking to fan a gobbler to you this spring, the JakeFan has a custom three-way zipper allowing a wide array of window options. Unzipped, it offers plenty of visibility for shooting a bow or a gun, and it’s rigid enough to be used as a gun rest.

RinehartTurkeyDecoys900Rinehart Targets Doloma Turkey Decoys. Rinehart has expanded its popular Doloma Decoy series with three new hand-painted turkey decoys that combine life-like detail with incredible durability to create the ultimate setup. New are the Strutter Tom Decoy ($91), the Jake Decoy ($56.52) and the Hen Decoy($56.23)—each of them hand-crafted from exacting sculptures and made with Rinehart’s exclusive, UV-resistant Quiet Foam to help hunters bag more birds. Use them singularly, or in groups to convince even the most call-shy birds. The Hen and Jake Decoys are available as a Decoy Combo pack ($90.35) for extra savings; all three Turkey Decoys come with a safety orange carry bag for easy transport. MontanaJakePurrfect_LOOKER 900Montana Decoy Jake Purr-Fect. Here’s the ideal turkey decoy for making some old gobbler think a younger, inferior turkey has come to mess around in his neighborhood. The combination of realistic feathers, 3D body, short beard and red head gives every indication of authenticity to the discerning eye of hens and toms alike. Featuring Perfect Pose Technology, you can change the pose to a looker, brawler or feeder jake decoy. Even the head position can be fine-tuned. The body features feather cuts for genuine movement in the field; they flutter in a breeze and provide a life-like soft edge to the profile. Folding down to the size of a dinner plate, Jake Purr-Fect ($59.99) fits neatly in your vest.AvianXTrophyTom 900Avian-X Trophy Tom. Is it a decoy or a trophy for your den wall? Both of course. This ultra-realistic decoy ($66.62) addresses the primary challenges of space and expense associated with having a bird professionally mounted by a taxidermist. The stunningly realistic one-piece design holds the dried tail fan and the beard from any gobbler and is easily hung on the wall, extending out only slightly farther than a large, framed print. And it also serves double-duty as the ultimate portable strutting or stalking decoy. The attached carry handle and included collapsible mounting stake make transportation and field use easy.


MorrellDualThreat 900Morrell Yellow Jacket Dual Threat Combo Target. Ensure your next turkey bowhunt is a success by practicing regularly with this ultra-durable design, which accepts every type of head, from field points to fixed and mechanical broadheads. The 100-percent weatherproof Dual Threat Combo ($94.99) design makes use of Poly-Fused Cellular Foam that is both compound and crossbow approved, with its ability to stop arrows traveling up to 380 fps; also handy is its E-Z Tote handle for quick and easy transport to and from camp, truck, or around your backyard.RinehartStrutter900Rinehart Targets Woodland Strutting Turkey. One of the keys to bowhunting success has always been regular practice. Start yours with this latest addition ($179.99) to Rinehart’s Woodland Series of archery targets, where every target is designed to take on an exceptional number of shots from both field points and broadheads with ease. The secret is the high-density Signature Series foam replacement core insert, while the rest of the body is constructed of Rinehart’s UV-resistant, long-lasting Woodland Foam, complete with hand-painted details to replicate the real thing.TurkeyTablockkit 900PreGame TabLock Turkey Kit From Birchwood Casey. This smart kit provides hunters a quick and easy way to pattern their shotguns, or test new loads before the season. The TabLock backer eliminates the need to carry tape or a stapler to your shooting area. The TabLock Kit ($13) features a heavy 12.5×24-inch corrugated plastic backer board with pre-cut TabLocks that will securely hold the 12×18-inch PreGame Turkey Targets while shooting. Also included are a 24×9.5-inch wire frame that can be easily set up in any safe shooting area, and three PreGame Turkey Targets.

mossberg-free-turkey-target-900FREE Turkey Patterning Targets From Mossberg. Patterning your turkey gun is of the utmost importance. Watch this video to see why you should pattern before every hunt. Thanks to our partners at Mossberg, you can download turkey patterning targets without spending a dime.




NWTF Impact 900ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Impact Vest. The latest collaborative effort between ALPS and the National Wild Turkey Federation, this vest ($111.32) gives turkey hunters the mobility of a run-and-gun style setup, with the comfort of a kickstand or metal-frame vest. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, and still offers a comfortable and supportive seat. Numerous pockets hold a variety of calls—a slate call pocket for two slate calls and three strikers, a silent box call pocket, five shotgun shell loops and three diaphragm call pockets. A removable front pocket features a shoulder strap for run-and-gun style hunts and the seat conveniently folds away or completely detaches when not in use.

nomad-mg-greenleaf-900NOMAD Mg. The Meleagris gallopavo (Mg) turkey vest ($130) was designed by true-blue turkey hunters ranging from DIY guys to folks who make their living from helping clients kill turkeys. It’s relatively minimalist in its overall design, yet super ergonomic with an organized arrangement of pockets for your most critical turkey tools. The Mg even has a specialized pocket for a Thermacell—so you can bite tom before mosquitoes bite you. Lots of adjustability, so one size fits most. Available in three Mossy Oak camo patterns. See more in this ScoutLook video.

knight-and-hale-rng300-900Knight & Hale Run N’ Gun 300. At less than 3 pounds, this turkey vest ($110) is all about staying light and mobile for killing gobblers on the go. Thanks to its open construction, you won’t overheat too fast when you’re covering ground in search of a hot tom. Despite its tight profile, it still has an impressive number of pockets and a medium-sized backpack that’s built to store extra gear or a water bladder. The only vest that’s lighter is the previous-generation Run N’ Gun 200.

banded-turkey-vest-900Banded Turkey Vest. If you’ve ever waded through a slough or tucked into a layout blind with your eyes to the sky, you’re probably familiar with Banded as a premier waterfowl hunting brand. Now, among the company’s 600-plus products, you’ll find turkey gear including the new Banded Turkey Vest ($150). It’s comfortable and, just like Banded’s duck and goose stuff, it’s made to take a beating. Despite its fowl roots, this vest proves to be an impressive entry into the gobbler game.

ALPS Super-Elite-2017-Front-Pad 900_edited-1ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Super Elite 4.0. ALPS OutdoorZ and the National Wild Turkey Federation have partnered together to release a line of quality, dual-branded turkey hunting gear that includes the Super Elite 4.0 turkey hunting vest. ($99.99-$109.99) This vest features a total of 22 pockets, including two large slate call pockets, three striker pockets, a box call pocket, two mesh diaphragm call pockets and an easy-access cell phone pocket. In addition to the multitude of pockets, a removable 2.5 inch thick fold away seat allows you to sit anywhere without having to carry an extra seat. A blood-proof breathable game pocket is included for carrying gear out to the field or game back from the field. The Super Elite 4.0 is constructed using a quiet cotton liner and has breathable mesh panels throughout.SitkaASCENTvest900Sitka Gear Ascent Vest. Sleek, low profile and functional, the Ascent Vest ($139) provides quick access to essential gear on your next run-and-gun adventure. Pockets for turkey calls, rangefinder, GPS, spare release and bear spray keep you prepared for your next encounter. Made from the same lightweight brushed nylon fabric as Sitka’s proven Ascent Pant, the Vest features 4-way stretch, anti-stink Polygiene and a mesh backer for ultimate breathability and range of motion. Four zippered pockets for essentials and four external stash pockets provide room for everything you might need…and more.

Field&StreamTurkeyVest900Field & Stream Every Hunt Turkey Vest. Have all of your calls at the ready with this affordable vest (On Sale Now: $29.99) which features an 8-pocket design and lightweight mesh and durable ripstop fabric. The depoloyable padded seat has a PVC coated bottom for you to comfortably rest while you wait for the turkeys to come. The two-buckle front closure keeps the vest secure while you work on luring the local toms within range.MysteryRanchMULE 900Mystery Ranch Mule Pack. The latest addition to the company’s Wilderness Series of hunting packs, the Mule ($375) provides an incredible unity of carrying power in a relatively small package. Whether packing in or packing out, the compact-but-spacious Mule (23L/1,404 cubic inches) is a versatile load sling for hauling your turkey gear, an overnight camp kit, or retrieving meat. The pack has been designed primarily for the western mountain hunter but is also an excellent fit for turkey hunts, and whitetail treestand hunting. It’s available in four colors: Foliage, Desolve Bare, Coyote, and Optifade Subalpine (shown).CamelbakTrophy900

CamelBak Trophy S. Here’s a great new medium-volume pack (2,000 cubic inches) that offers supreme versatility: Pack it with turkey gear in spring, then use it for chasing elk in August and September and whitetails the remainder of the fall. Cool features include bow and gun mounts, and integrated meat shelf/rain cover, as well as an air suspension back panel, removable call/gear organizer, and mil-spec hydration reservoir. Available in Realtree Edge and True Timber Kanati camo.


Mantis2 900

New Archery Products Mantis 2 & Mantis 3. From the mind of Double Bull Blinds co-founder Keith Beam comes the new Mantis series of hub-style deploying hunting blinds. Inside, they’re designed to maximize usable space, providing more floor space for laying out and storing gear and much more room for drawing a bow or shouldering a long gun. With the new patent-pending DragNet adjustable window system a hunter can simply stretch and hook the elastic net


easily using one finger, to allow a sneak-peek in complete silence. And the black-backed inner fabric improves concealment. Outside, their innovative peaked shape, NAP’s stunning Wicked Intent camouflage, and brush loops and tie downs allow them to melt into their surroundings. At just 14.5 pounds and 22 pounds, respectively, the Mantis 2 ($199; 2 hubs) and Mantis 3 ($299; 3 hubs) are touted as 30- to 50-percent lighter than competing five-hub blinds.PrimosSurroundview900Primos Double Bull SurroundView Blinds. Speaking of Double Bull, the stunning new SurroundView models promise to offer an entirely new ground blind hunting experience. Their exclusive, one-way see-through walls eliminate the sight- and sound-blocking walls of conventional


blinds allowing you to see and hear all of your surroundings without being seen. Three options let you choose from 180 degrees ($299)270 degrees ($399) or a full 360 degrees ($499) with four one-way, see-through walls and one movable black out wall to place on any wall you choose. And like previous models each SurroundView blind features a patented hub system for easy, solid set up as well as dependable Double Bull materials and construction.Alps2018Blind 900ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Deception Blind. The latest from a long-standing collaboration between ALPS and the National Wild Turkey Federation, the uniquely designed NWTF Deception Blind ($152.99) features a low profile of just 46 inches, a smaller footprint and unique four-hub design that makes for easy and quiet setup. Aluminum hubs are constructed with engineered tips and pins and the frame uses strong, flexible fiberglass poles. Durable polyester fabric with blacked-out backing enhances concealment and the 270-degree Silent-Trac window system offers limitless window positions. An extra-large door opening allows for easy access while carrying gear and an oversized No. 10 zipper on the door ensures smooth and hassle-free operation. Two interior gear pockets keep you organized and ready for action and included stakes and tie-downs secure your position. To learn more about the NWTF click here.

RedneckBigCountry900Redneck Big Country 6×7 Platinum Blind. For hunters who prefer comforts and amenities over braving the elements, there’s the Big Country 6×7 Platinum Blind, an XL version of the popular Redneck 360 Platinum 6X6 Buck Palace. A combination of 46-inch-tall vertical corner windows, 14-inch-high x 36-inch-wide front and side windows, massive 80-inch-high x 84-inch- wide x 70-inch-deep interior and innovative window functionality gives a compound bow, crossbow or gun hunter


ample room, visibility and angles to make the shot under any condition. Like all Redneck Blinds, the Big Country 6×7 Platinum ($2,999.99) is made from a long-lasting fiberglass with a durable gel-coat finish. Its two-inch roof overhang helps keeps rain off the windows while its spray foam covered ceiling, acoustical covered upper and lower walls and high-density foam floor covered with marine carpet provide both sound control and insulation, and there’s ample room for several adults or even a comfortable overnight stay when you need that extra edge for an early morning hunt. The blind includes three pre-installed gear consoles and shelves with holders for easy access gear organizing. Large tinted, tempered automotive-glass windows feature whisper-quiet hinges and vertical windows have silk screen camo on the bottom to help hide movement. And, automotive window gaskets and door molding keep your scent in and moisture out.

HawkBattleBox 900Hawk BattleBox Hybrid Blind. Is it a portable blind or hard-sided shooting house?  It’s both. The BattleBox ($399) is easy to transport at only 55 pounds, offers easy setup (5 minutes or less) and transforms into a durable and rigid, insulated hard-sided blind. The proprietary C3 Cross-Channel Corrugated Polypropylene Panels are waterproof, windproof, impact resistant and won’t rust, rot, mildew or corrode like wood or metal. The ultra-strong and rigid walls simply unfold into a six-sided hexagon with 68-inch shooting diameter—enough room for 2-3 hunters and full range of shooting motion. The combination of horizontal and vertical window placements allow hunting with any weapon, and for big game hunting, the Battlebox window edges accept the revolutionary Hawk ScenTrap Shoot-Thru Window Film that prevents scent from escaping your blind, yet the ultrathin specialized Nano-film does not affect projectile flight.AmeristepDeadwoodStump 900Ameristep Deadwood Stump Blind. This clever new design ($279.99) combines a field-proven wall-hub design with all-new patent-pending floor kick-outs that taper out at the bottom to create the amorphous, yet realistic profile of a large, dead tree stump, which is enhanced by proprietary TRUBark HD camo. The efficient design gives hunters improved access to the Deadwood’s versatile and inconspicuous windows with adjustable silent window covers, which are also abstract in form to better blend in with the environment. Inside, a generous 104×84-inch footprint and 75-inch shooting width allow ample space for up to three occupants, and the Shadowguard interior eliminates shadows and silhouettes while helping to contain odors.BigMike 900Barronnet Big Mike 2.0. This smart new design combines classic “shoot while standing” height with an all-new Ninja adaptable window system. Like previous Big Mike models it features 12 replaceable shoot-through mesh camo windows, a “stand tall: hunt small” design with compact 59” x 59” footprint, and tall 80-inch height that’s ideal for archers. Available in BloodTrail Backwoods camo the Big Mike 2.0 ($199.99) weighs 19 pounds and is designed to fit two people.

BanksBlind 900Banks Outdoors The Stump 3. All Banks Stump Blinds are made in America from heavy-duty, UV-stabilized polyethylene to withstand the elements and time while providing safe, comfortable concealment for every season in any weather. Windows open silently and seal tight to keep scent contained and the elements out while offering a 360-degree view and ample shot angles for both bow and gun hunters. But the Stump 3 ($2,040) was completely re-designed for hunters who want a more open box blind. This deer hunting tower blind is equipped with the same vertical window design and door system as the company’s proven Stump 4. A rigid heavy-duty steel-plate base provides easy, secure mounting on an elevated platform, though the blind functions just as well at ground level. Includes two gun shelves and vent kit.


18Kodiak450 900Yamaha 2018 Kodiak 450 EPS. The turkeys won’t be able to hide. This comfortable and confidence-inspiring ATV ($6,899-$7,149) has a compact, nimble chassis with matching compact body designed to deliver precise off-road handling when the going gets tough. The torquey, responsive and smooth 421cc SOHC engine is designed for all-day work and all-weekend play, including extended trips for turkeys, deer, grouse and more. Real-world tough and durable, this mid-size Kodiak features Yamaha’s bullet-proof Ultramatic fully automatic transmission, with On-Command 2WD, 4WD and full 4WD with diff-lock. Another smart feature? All of Yamaha’s full-size ATV and SxS vehicles are assembled in the USA at Yamaha’s Newnan, GA, factory.TextronHavoc 900Textron Off Road Havoc Side-by-Side. The local turkeys better start running now. Built with precision engineering, the Havoc delivers both power and performance with its 100HP EFI engine and a class-leading suspension system with 2.5-inch King Piggyback Reservoir Shocks, 12.8-inch front and 12.9-inch rear suspension travel and 13 inches of ground clearance. Coupled with a class-leading 2,000-pound towing capacity and 600-pound dump bed, the Havoc has the muscle to handle the toughest jobs. The Havoc X (starting at $17,299) is the first model in the Havoc line and offers Textron Off Road’s industry-first extended cab for additional storage space; it comes standard with a brush guard and 4,000-pound Warn Winch. Havoc X rolls with 28×10-14 ITP Ultracross tires on 14-inch cast aluminum wheels, and on-demand all-wheel-drive.


LaCrosseNWTF Grange 900LaCrosse NWTF Grange. Is this the official boot of turkey season? If not it certainly makes our very short list. Waterproof, durable and comfortable, the Grange has been a staple on turkey hunts for generations. So it’s no wonder LaCrosse has partnered with the National Wild Turkey Federation to offer the Grange in Mossy Oak Original Bottomland camo ($99.95). With every pair of these boots purchased, LaCrosse gives a portion back to the NWTF to further support wild turkey conservation.

LaCrosseVenomBoot 900Lacrosse NWTF Venom Snake Boot. When you’re in venomous snake country, you need these and their ultra-flexible Snake Guard protection. Another cool feature? Lacrosse has partnered with the National Wild Turkey Federation to offer the Venom in Mossy Oak NWTF Obsession ($199.95). With every pair of these boots purchased, LaCrosse gives a portion back to the NWTF to further support wild turkey conservation. Still more cool features are a convenient side zipper and the Scent Dry lining that wraps the entire boot for 100-percent waterproof protection with an antimicrobial treatment applied that fights odor forming bacteria, keeping scent minimized.RockyTurkboot 900Rocky Core Rubber Waterproof Boot. Rocky has added three additional rubber styles to its Core collection for spring 2018, offering the ultimate in protection for spring turkey and bear hunts, and even those early fall deer hunts that are nearly synonymous with wet, unstable weather. The 16-inch Core Rubber boots ($110) feature a five millimeter neoprene upper with molded rubber reinforcements over key wear points, and a vulcanized rubber outsole with self-cleaning tread, which helps to reduce weight and maintain traction. Available in brown, black and Mossy Oak Break-Up Country.Women'sSnakeBoot900Irish Setter VaprTrek Women’s Snake Boot. Proven VaprTrek boots with RPM technology are extremely lightweight and hunt-ready, and this popular line has expanded for 2018 to include a new women’s snake boot ($214.99) ideal for turkey and hog hunts. Irish Setter has created men’s and women’s snake boots that combine a non-woven material with leather to defend against fangs, thorns and other threats. These popular lightweight, lace-up boots are now available in Mossy Oak Obsession camouflage; VaprTrek boots also incorporate UltraDry waterproofing so feet stay dry and boots stay breathable, while a smart hidden lacing system minimizes debris in the laces.

TRAQUEUR boot 900Le Chameau Men’s Traqueur. This ultra-durable field and extreme-terrain boot ($239) covered in Realtree MAX-4 camo features a natural rubber upper with Kevlar reinforcement technology, to protect against abrasion from pesky ground cover. Moisture-wicking anti-allergenic Microfibre OnSteam lining keeps feet dry and comfortable, while the high-performance shank reinforcement supports your feet for all-day comfort. You’ll also find a dual density Grip sole for exceptional stability on rough terrain.

nomad-turkey-apparel-900Nomad Turkey Collection. From shirts to pants, hats to gloves, and even down to your skivvies, the new Turkey Collection of apparel from NOMAD ($18.74-$97.49) has just about everything you need to get through spring turkey season. If you encounter any missing links, odds are you’ll be able to fill them in with items in NOMAD’s full hunting apparel line. A portion of sales from items that sport the NWTF logo in the NOMAD Turkey Collection go directly to the National Wild Turkey Federation to keep our tradition alive.

SHOTcarhartt 900_edited-1New rain gear is just a fraction of the good-looking new huntwear styles from Carhartt, which also include a sweet jacket that’s part of an exciting new partnership with Mossy Oak ($109.99-$139.99).


First Lite Women’s Kiln Hoodie. First Lite is one of few brands that has done an excellent job of catering hunting clothing to the unique demands of women. The Kiln Hoodie ($125) is a fine example. This mid-weight garment can be used as a base layer our an outer layer. Its high-performance Merino-X fabric is soft, quiet, comfortable and excellent at wicking moisture away from the body to stay warm and mentally sharp during those cold spring mornings in the turkey woods.

XJAGDTurkey 900X JAGD Net Camouflage. Austrian-based clothing company X JAGD utilizes the most high-tech materials in its clothing, including the Net top-layer line that is ideal head-to-toe camouflage mesh for turkey hunters looking to dissolve into local surroundings. This gear can be worn over any clothing to provide complete concealment without body heat retention; the X JAGD line ($36-$118) includes Jacket, Cape, Pants, Balaclava and Gloves. The material is lightweight and produces no noise when moving; all items pack very small and take up little space. Two X JAGD Demorphing camo patterns are available: The Woodland Effect (best suited for wooded areas) and the Mountain Effect (ideal for areas characterized by stone and rock formations). HuntworthDisrupt 900Huntworth Mid-Weight Soft Shell Apparel. This mid-weight soft shell jacket and pant are ready to ward off the morning chill so common on early season turkey hunts. Just one camo option is the great-looking Disruption pattern, a computer-generated abstract design that blends seamlessly into a wide variety of terrain. The Mid-Weight Soft Shell Jacket ($100) has a full-length zipper with a durable, water-repellent shell made of stretch polyester and bonded to a honeycomb fleece. The fleece is treated with an antimicrobial for scent reduction. The Mid-Weight Soft Shell Pants ($100) include five pockets, side leg zippers with storm flaps to accommodate boots and a knife pocket on the right leg.SJKWindageJckt900Slumberjack DST Camo Huntwear. Looking to hide from sharp turkey eyes? It might be time to check out the new line of DST (Disruptive Shadow Technology) camouflage from Slumberjack. The Windage jacket (MSRP $179.95) and pants (MSRP $149.95) offer a 3-layer waterproof/breathable laminate that sheds rain and melting snow while allowing internal moisture to escape. WallsPackableJckt 900Walls Ultra-Lite Packable Jacket & Pant. Turkey hunting is all about light weight, moving fast and staying nimble. Or it should be. This lightweight jacket ($61.99; matching pants are available) is ideal for those “iffy” spring days. It features a lightweight ripstop shell, with polyester mesh lining with vented back. The packable pouch on the back of the jacket make it super easy to carry in vest or pack.


trulock-chokes-900Trulock Choke Tubes. The only way to get the best pattern out of your turkey-tamer is to pair it with the right load and choke tube. Georgia-based Trulock is always on the leading edge of choke tube technology. Consider the latest tubes designed specifically for Federal Heavyweight TSS and Winchester Long Beard XR. When you put a swarm of pellets on paper with the guidance of a Trulock, you’ll wonder what (or why) you’ve been missing.

Browning-Strutter-Xtra-900Browning Camping Strutter Chair. The ultimate chair every turkey and predator hunter has been looking for is here. Based on the tremendous success of the ALPS OutdoorZ Turkey Chair, the Strutter ($54.99) adds the convenience of an ultra-compact fold-up design that fits easily in a carry bag. Even better, none of the original Turkey Chair features were compromised, such as impressive comfort, strength and durability, and sitting low to the ground. More improvements include four rotating feet that ensure a firm and solid base, even on crooked terrain. And when setup speed is critical, an included carry strap allows you to throw the chair over your shoulder and be on your way.

IgniteHot 900MTN OPS Hot Ignite.  Turkey hunting and early mornings go hand in hand…and this smart coffee replacement is ready to get you up and running and hunting harder than ever. This smart formula includes caffeine for a quick jolt and a 20-plus-hour release of nitric oxide for extended “no jitters” energy. So you’ll not only experience long-lasting energy but also improved hydration, faster recovery, and no crash. Start your day the right way, with a warm cup of MTN OPS Ignite ($40), in three great flavors: Charged Cocoa, Mountain Mocha, and Apple Cider.

ALPsBino-Harness-X 600ALPS OutdoorZ Bino Harness X. This premium binocular harness ($50-55) comes in standard or extra large to accommodate all sizes of binoculars. It stays close to your chest, preventing bouncing or shifting as you run, hike and climb into position. The back panel is padded for extra comfort, and the harness is fully adjustable to fit all body sizes. The straps have been specifically designed to fit comfortably underneath your pack straps, allowing you to wear the Bino Harness X comfortably with or without your pack. The tough durable design features the same 1680D Nylon Ballistic material fabric found in all of the ALPS Extreme line products to ensure extra durability in even the harshest environments. The closure mechanism on the main compartment is adjustable to allow for a variety of binocular sizes, and the binocular attachment straps are metal-free to prevent any unnecessary wear on your binoculars’ attachment points. The Bino Harness X features four total lashing points to allow for your favorite add-ons, including the new Vital X rangefinder pouch. A lens cloth is also included in the front zippered pocket.


PrintWildEar Tactical Series. Hearing protection and enhancement specialist WildEar has added the Tactical Series to its diverse lineup, designed specifically for shooters who need reliable mobile hearing protection when hunting, but who also require the audible enhancement of being able to hear a range master or range timer. The Tactical Series ($999) features two digital programs and is loaded with the most advanced digital hearing enhancement and protection technology available. You’ll also enjoy conversing with other shooters at normal levels without needing to remove your WildEars. WileyTitan900

Wiley X Black Ops WX Titan & Black Ops WX Wave. Outdoorsmen demand rugged eye protection and Wiley X makes some of the best. Both the new WX Titan ($100, shown above) and WX Wave are members of Wiley X’s popular Climate Control family, with frames that feature a soft, removable Facial Cavity seal to block out wind, airborne debris and reflected light. This innovative feature literally creates a climate-controlled environment for the eyes, providing superior eye comfort and distraction free vision in any situation.TACTIKKACORE 900Petzl Tactikka CORE Headlamp. Most turkey hunters spend an inordinate amount of time traipsing around the countryside in the dark, and we need some help if that’s going to work out consistently well. The Tactikka CORE headlamp ($69.95) offers fairly amazing 350 lumen brightness, but it’s ideal for both close-range work as well as for moving around. Featuring a mixed beam, it ensures wide, focused or red stealth lighting. A Hybrid headlamp, the CORE features a battery that is rechargeable via standard USB port; it is also compatible with standard AAA/LR03 batteries (not included) without the need for an adapter.

Chillin Brew 900Arctic Ice Chillin’ Brew Cooler Packs. Why bother with the hassle and mess of ice when you can keep everything in your cooler cold with the Chillin’ Brew series of reusable cooler packs?($25/5-lb.) Chillin’ Brew’s freezing point of 28°F makes it uniquely suited for keeping any beverage at its coldest point possible, keeping your cooler contents colder than ice. Chillin’ Brew packs have been tested to keep coolers under 32°F for days; maybe even better, they are reusable for a lifetime, making them a very economical choice. Simply store in a freezer for ease of access; they re-freeze in about 6-8 hours, and are top-rack dishwasher safe.

koa-rec-pack900Knives Of Alaska REC Pack. Designed by Alaska Master Guide and Texas turkey hunter Charles Allen, this sharp trio ($179) is an ideal grab-and-go set that will cover all your basic cutting needs in turkey camp. The Bobcat hatchet is lightweight, razor sharp and perfect for making kindling or going to work on the cutting board. The Cub Bear knife is handy for everything from field dressing a tom to preparing camp dinner. The Wood Saw is unbelievably sharp and fast cutting, plus its full tang eliminates blade wobble when cutting (great for building natural blinds while running and gunning).


MoraHuntingKit 900Morakniv Hunting Set. Turkeys. Big Game. Small game. All hunters need a good knife set (or three) to keep handy in their pack, home and camp, and the functional, well-designed Morakniv Hunting Set ($80) includes a skinning knife, boning knife and a sharpening steel, all packaged in a practical carrying case. These knives have an ergonomically designed handle with a patterned, high-friction grip, finger protection and blades made of Swedish cold-rolled special stainless steel that hold their edge and make quick work of game-processing chores.

work-sharp-gfs-900Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener 2.2.1. Don’t get stuck at the turkey cutting table with a dull blade. The Guided Field Sharpener ($30) makes it simple to put a precise edge on most of your hunting and butchering knives. Sharpening with this tool is a quick and easy five-step process: start with coarse and fine diamond plates (replaceable), followed by coarse and fine ceramic rods, ending with a few swipes across the leather strop. Stick the GFS in your turkey vest or keep it in the glove compartment of your truck so it’s always there when you need it to make meat.




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