HuntStand’s Ultimate Turkey Hunting Gear Guide [2019]

Next-level decoys and optics and some scary-good ammo are among the must-see new turkey gear technology.

by Mark Melotik

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Next-level decoys and optics and some scary-good ammo are among the must-see new turkey gear technology.

sl-phone-property-900HuntStand Hunting App: Now With Property Lines. Whether it’s helping you find and chase turkeys, deer, or any game animals on the planet, your favorite hunting app is now the only hunting app you’ll ever need! The free ScoutLook Hunting app delivers global pinpoint weather forecasts, advanced game logging, GobbleSpot gobbler marker for turkey hunters, distance and area measurement tools, and a growing suite of features to give hunters a digital edge in the field.


The latest Hunting app update contains a new Property Lines feature that covers all 50 states (97 percent of U.S. properties). This feature allows you to see: property lines, property sizes, landowner contact information and more! You can try Property Lines FREE for 7 days, or get unlimited access for $5.99/month. Available for Android and iOS. CLICK HERE to see a video and learn more.


AvianXHDRJake 900Avian-X HDR Jake. HDR stands for “Heavy-Duty Realism” and this next-gen turkey decoy brings a whole lot of that. The HDR Jake ($149.99) is sized slightly smaller than a real turkey to prevent it from looking intimidating to an approaching tom, but is blow-molded in a quarter-strut posture and bristling subdominant feathers to signal he’s content, but ready to fight—which is designed to trigger aggression in nearby gobblers. You can increase the attitude of this ultra-realistic decoy with the unique interchangeable two-head design that features a curled, aggressive posture, or dial it back with a head design that is more submissive. Both heads are included with the HDR Jake, along with a carbon stake and carry bag. FunkyChkenGen2 900Flextone Funky Chicken Gen 2. The time-honored turkey hunter question: Use a hen decoy or jake? While love works some of the time, often the best option is another male decoy that  threatens local toms. This is where the Funky Chicken Gen 2 excels. A slim decoy that mimics a jake, the Gen 2 is an easy target for aggressive, older toms. A step up from the original Funky Chicken, the Gen 2 features a new molding pattern and more-detailed paint job for more realism, and a reinforced ground stake that adds to the durability.JakeFan 900

JakeFanBack 900Killer Gear JakeFan. Get ready for some serious excitement. Use the JakeFan ($139.99) as a traditional stationary decoy or a run-and-gun fanning decoy all in one, to trigger the territorial response of a dominant tom. The super-realistic built-in manual function effectively mimics an adolescent bird going in and out of strut. A built-in ground stake recesses into the handle when not in use; it deploys for use as a traditional decoy, and allows you to be hands-free when fanning, at the moment of truth.RinehartTurkeyDecoys900Rinehart Targets Doloma Turkey Decoys. Rinehart has expanded its popular Doloma Decoy series with three hand-painted turkey decoys that combine life-like detail with incredible durability to create the ultimate setup. The Strutter Tom Decoy ($91), the Jake Decoy ($56.52) and the Hen Decoy($56.23)—are all hand-crafted from exacting sculptures and made with Rinehart’s exclusive, UV-resistant Quiet Foam to help hunters bag more birds.LeesmanDeke 900Game Winner Turkey Flock Decoys 3-Pack. Who says you need to spend an arm and leg on lifelike turkey dekes? This realistic 3-Pack ($24.99) with HD feather designs fold easily for compact storage and transportation. Each decoy features body and head paint that simulates real turkey coloration and fits on a 2-piece plastic ground stake (included). Includes an upright jake (pictured), an upright hen and a feeding hen.RinehartStrutter900Rinehart Targets Woodland Strutting Turkey. One of the keys to bowhunting success has always been regular practice. Start yours with this latest addition ($179.99) to Rinehart’s Woodland Series of archery targets, where every target is designed to take on an exceptional number of shots from both field points and broadheads with ease. The secret is the high-density Signature Series foam replacement core insert, while the rest of the body is constructed of Rinehart’s UV-resistant, long-lasting Woodland Foam.NWTF 900Become An NWTF Member And Get Great Gear. If you hunt turkeys, becoming a NWTF member allows you to support this vital organization’s mission of conservation and the preservation of our hunting heritage. In the first six years of its 10-year Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative, NWTF has conserved or enhanced 2.9 million acres of its 4 million-acre goal, recruited more than 1.2 million hunters of its 1.5 million-hunter goal, and opened access to 559,833 acres, surpassing the 500,000-acre goal. What’s the foundation of NWTF’s success? Members like you who stand behind science-based conservation and hunters’ rights. Join today and get either a FREE orange-handled knife set or a $25 Bass Pro Shops Promo card—for use in stores or online. PLUS, you’ll get six issues of Turkey Country magazine, an NWTF decal, a personalized membership card, invitations to events, members-only access to discounts and more.


PrimosRareBreedGlass 900Primos Rare Breed Pot Call. Loud or soft, this new call makes some seriously sweet turkey music. Offered in both slate or glass surfaces, the Rare Breed ($35) and its comfortable rounded cup fits great in your hand while working a bird. Outer edges of the call produce higher yelps, cuts, and clucks while lower and deeper tones can be made towards the middle. Solid one-piece striker and abrasive pad included.CookieCuttR 900HS Strut Cookie Cutt’R Pot Call. This neat new design ($19.99) comes with a durable quick-reference removeable cap that allows novice and seasoned hunters alike to quickly and easily strike their preferred call. The quick-reference cap has a slot for yelping, clucking and purring. The slots are designed that so all one has to do is insert the striker tip and strike in the direction of the arrows producing consistent calls every time.Slingblade 900HS Strut Slingblade Box Call. With one striking side the open-close operation of this new box is fool proof. The off side is taller, which stops the paddle in the same place every time. Like the open and closing of a door, rhythm and cadence is all you need to master. The Slingblade ($34.99) is constructed of a solid billet of American Walnut with an exotic Purple Heart lid.RockyMtnCall2 900Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls One-Eyed Tweet Diaphragm. You say you’re not the best at working mouth calls? Here’s the solution. This new three-reed mouth call ($8.95) is made from premium latex and due to a light stretch on the latex it is one of our easiest turkey calls to blow. You can easily make extremely sharp cuts, raspy yelps, fly down cackles and plain yelps from this call, which is just one of three new mouth calls from Rocky Mountain. The new Sharp Tooth Jack ($8.95) is a three-reed mouth call that’s very easy to blow and is the perfect mouth call to use for making fly downs, cutting and yelping.Scarecrow 900

StrutCommHootie 900Strut Commander Scarecrow & Hootie Locator Calls. Locate a hot gobbler and the run-and-gun fun can begin. Two promising new locator calls from Strut Commander are the Scarecrow and Hootie; as you might guess the Scarecrow ($8.99, top image) is an easy-to-use crow call that’s ready to invoke shock-gobbles that will help lead the way. The Hootie ($8.99, shown above) is an ultra-realistic Barred Owl call that’s great for locating gobblers in the early morning, or evening.


LeupoldVX-FreedomRedDot 900Leupold VX-Freedom Red Dot Sight (RDS). If you haven’t yet tried a red-dot sight for turkeys it might be time. The all-new VX-Freedom RDS is a 1x34mm red dot sight built to get you on target faster than ever. Two models of the tubular red dot are available: one with capped precision .25 MOA click adjustments, and one with a precision exposed BDC elevation adjustment turret for a .223 Rem. 55-grain bullet with measurements out to 500 yards. The extremely durable design delivers an unmatched rugged reliability and is designed, machined, and assembled in the United States. BurrisSpeedbead 900Burris SpeedBead System. Turkeys beware. This unique system ($299) combines the Burris FastFire 3 with 8 MOA dot, and specially designed SpeedBead mount that takes the hassle out of mounting red dot scopes. Burris engineers have found a way to quickly and easily mount a red dot sighting system to your favorite shotgun without the need to drill and tap, or add a rail. The SpeedBead mounts a FastFire optic between the stock and receiver of many popular shotguns; at 1x magnification, the FastFire is designed for both-eyes-open shooting. The SpeedBead is available for a variety of shotguns; you can also purchase a SpeedBead Mount separately, without the FastFire 3 optic.BushnellFirst-Strike-20 900Bushnell AR Optics First Strike 2.0. Here’s proof that Bushnell has taken red dots to the next level. The First Strike 2.0 ($239.99) is two times the red dot its older brother was, with features that include longer battery life, a brighter dot, and tool-less side compartment battery removal.NikonTACTICALSPUR 900Nikon P-Tactical SPUR Reflex Sight. Turkey hunters take note. The proven SPUR offers a 3 MOA red dot, long battery life and an extensive list of features that make it an ideal optic for virtually any firearm platform where fast, reliable, intuitive sighting is desired. Engineered with

See More On The Nikon P-Tactical SPUR Here

fully multicoated lenses and Nikon’s “TruColor” coating that virtually eliminates the bluish tint common to reflex sights, the P-Tactical SPUR ($220) provides a clear, natural view for both-eyes-open sighting. The SPUR’s 3 MOA dot is adjustable with 10 levels of brightness—and is centered within a 27mmx16mm sighting window for an extra-wide field of view with unlimited-and-non-critical eye relief.HIVIZ TRIVIZ 900HI VIZ Shooting Systems TRIVIZ. Here’s proof that you don’t have to spend big bucks to experience consistent turkey accuracy. The TRIVIZ ($37.65) offers outstanding durability with an unobstructed sight picture. The unique triangular sight picture helps any level of experienced hunter enjoy success. Fits most shotguns with vent ribs from 1/4- to 3/8-inch wide, with removable front beads. Fully adjustable for elevation and windage. Set offers (1) round front and (3) triangular front LitePipes in various heights. 

Oracle1 900Burris Oracle Rangefinding Bow Sight. Burris has long been a leader in laser riflescope technology and that knowledge and experience has flowed neatly into the Oracle laser-rangefinding bowsight ($829.99), which instantly provides compound bowhunters exact distance to target and an exact aiming point while at full draw. Team ScoutLook was among the very first to field-test this incredible sight; our advice? All bowhunters need to consider this incredible design and experience its jaw-dropping capabilities. The Oracle eliminates aiming between pins by instantly calculating and displaying the EXACT aiming point for any distance and shot angle. A quick push of the button activates the built-in IR laser rangefinder; within seconds, the range to the target is shown along with an illuminated pin for the exact drop and angle-compensated aim point.


KentTK7 900Kent Cartridge TK7 Penetrator. Turkeys better duck and cover. By introducing these new ultra-high-performance tungsten turkey loads Kent joins the high-performance turkey shotshell market in a big way. The loads feature No. 7 tungsten pellets with a density of 15 G/CC, 38-percent greater than lead, to deliver superior retained energy and knockdown power. In addition, the No. 7 pellets provide 60-percent more pellets than No. 6 pellets of equal payload. This high pellet count allows for lighter payloads with outstanding performance while providing managed recoil. The new loads are available in both 12- and 20-gauge 3-inch loads. The 12-gauge load has 1 5/8 oz. and the 20-gauge load has 1 3/8 oz. of No. 7 tungsten shot. Both have muzzle velocities of 1100 fps; shells are packaged 5 rounds per box.TSS12gaBox 900Federal Heavyweight TSS. Turkey hunters couldn’t get much better news for 2019 than five new offerings of Federal’s proven Heavyweight TSS ($40-$64 per 5 shotshells). New blended loads combine No. 7 and 9, or 8 and 10 Tungsten Super Shot. With some payloads topping 1,000 pellets, they more than double the shot count of lead No. 5 loads of the same weight for more hits on target than any turkey load in history. The tungsten-alloy material’s 18 g/cc density is 22 percent higher than standard tungsten and 56 percent more than lead. The result is the most energy and highest velocities at extreme range. Its rear-braking FliteControl Flex wad is designed to perform flawlessly through ported and standard turkey chokes for the most-consistent, deadly patterns possible.


HuntworthTurkTop 900Huntworth Light-Weight 1/4-Zip. Hiking. Sitting. Sprinting. Sitting. Clothing for turkey hunting needs to be moisture-wicking and versatile, and this lightweight quarter-zip pullover ($35.99) delivers. Constructed with venting pique knit fabric in great-looking Disruption digital camo, this shirt will keep you hidden and comfortable whatever the backdrop. And big game hunters (and turkey campmates) will appreciate the fact that it’s chemically treated for scent reduction.ProisTintri 900Prois Tintri Line. This long-standing women’s clothing specialist believes performance-fabric choices are critical to anyone’s kit. The new Tintri line, covered in the new Cumbre pattern, is engineered with 93-percent polyester/7-percent Spandex (290gsm) to offer a lighter-weight option that’s ideal for spring turkeys and other warmer-climate hunts. You’ll also find a water-resistant finish and 4-way stretch.BrowningHell'sCanyonRain Suit 900

Browning Hell’s Canyon CFS-WD Rain Suit. All turkey hunters need rain gear, and this fine suit ($99.99) covered in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo is nicely packable and affordable. The “WD” means Warm and Dry, delivered by its water/windproof fabric with fully taped seams. You’ll also find hunter-friendly drawcord adjustable pants and hood, and harness access for use during deer season.5.11LONGSLEEVE 900

5.11 Tactical Merino Wool Base Layers. If you haven’t yet tried Merino wool base layers the new offerings from 5.11 just might sway you. Available in both short- and long-sleeve tops, along with tights and briefs, these temperature-regulating base layers ($49.99 to $79.99) are ready to wick moisture and keep you cool when chasing distant toms, as well as provide welcome warmth during long sits on cool mornings. Maybe best of all? Merino’s legendary odor-control properties are always welcome in hunt camp, whatever game you might be chasing. SitkaKELVINLiteVEST 900Sitka Gear Kelvin Lite Vest. You don’t have to be told some pre-dawn turkey adventures can be downright bone-chilling. Unless of course you’re packing this lightweight, compressible vest ($169) that features PrimaLoft Silver Hi Loft insulation in the body and lighter insulation under the arms for great temperature regulation. Wear it as an outer layer or under a shell to provide necessary core warmth. Better yet, pair it with the lightweight Sitka Ascent Pant ($189), Ascent Glove ($79) and Core Lightweight Hoody ($99)all in blends-everywhere GORE Optifade Subalpine camofor an unbeatable lightweight, moisture-wicking run-and-gun arsenal that will help you make the most of your time in the spring turkey woods. DannerVitalSnakeBoot 900Danner Vital Snake Boot. Turkey hunters deal with weather changes and varying terrain, and sometimes you find yourself traveling further than planned–the 17-inch Vital Snake Boot ($200) is designed for the unknown and those unexpected snake encounters. Light, fast, yet protective, this boot offers a full-grain leather and textile upper, with 100-percent waterproof Danner Dry barrier that allows moisture to escape without letting water in, keeping your feet dry and comfortable all day long. ATAC boot 9005.11 Tactical ATAC 2.0. This update on 5.11’s best-selling boot is near ideal for ground-pounding run-and-gun turkey hunters, as it now features lighter weight and more-breathable construction, all without sacrificing durability. The ATAC 2.0 ($99.99) is available in both 6- and 8-inch heights, with or without an easy-on-and-off side zip. Knight & Hale Snake GaitersKnight & Hale Snake Gaiters. Spring turkey hunting heats up as temps begin to warm, when venomous snakes are also on the move. These Snake Gaiters ($39.99, in Realtree Edge and O.D. Green) are a more-economical answer to expensive snake boots, and they’re lightweight and breathable. The form-fitting design features an internal polycarbonate shield covered by a thorn-proof ballistic nylon that protects your ankle and calf 360 degrees from a venomous snake bite.


RazorMax 900Outdoor Edge RazorMax. This replaceable-blade knife innovator has done it again with the RazorMax, the company’s first fixed-blade knife to also feature the replaceable-blade system, dubbed the RazorSafe System. The RazorMax is the first model to accept both standard replacement blades as well as a new 5-inch boning/fillet blade, making it the complete solution for preparing all types of small and big game, from start to finish. The RazorMax allows you to field dress, skin, debone and process game into perfect cuts ready for cooking—all with a single tool. The included 3.5- and 5-inch blades are Japanese 420J2 stainless steel; The 3.5-inch general-purpose drop-point blade is a true workhorse/field-dressing blade. GerberFASTBALL 900Gerber Fastball. When it comes to hunt gear, faster is almost always better. Here’s an American-made EDC knife that lives in the place where precision and polish meet. The trend-forward yet practical clip folding design of the Fastball ($120) features an intuitive finger flipper opening, a utilitarian wharncliffe blade, and an aircraft-grade aluminum handle. Pick one up and you’ll find the Fastball lives up to its name with quick, smooth deployment, every time. WorkSharp900Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener. One of these belongs in every turkey vest or pack. The Pocket Knife Sharpener ($14.95) makes it simple to put a precise edge on most of your hunting and butchering knives. Sharpening with this tool is a quick and easy process; the diamond sharpening plate and ceramic honing rod use built-in angle guides to create a sharp edge anytime, anywhere. Stick this ultra-compact design in your hunting pack or keep it in the glove compartment of your truck so it’s always there when you need it to make meat.SpotxLifestyle 900SPOT X 2-Way Satellite Messenger. From increased backcountry hunting safety, to peace of mind for those back home, it’s hard to beat the affordable Spot X ($249.99, service plan required). It’s the first SPOT product to offer two-way messaging, tapping into Globalstar’s extensive network of satellites. So even if you don’t have cell service at your remote hunting location, you can text message, post to social media accounts, and even send an S.O.S. to the 24/7 Search & Rescue center. You can then message back and forth about the nature of your emergency, and receive confirmation when help is on the way.radius-package900Thermacell Radius Zone Repeller. Mosquitoes are virtually synonymous with spring turkey hunting no matter where your hunt unfolds. The Radius Mosquito Repeller ($50) is a better way to fight these bloodthirsty pests; at the push of a button, it creates a scent-free zone of mosquito protection. The Radius uses a rechargeable USB lithium ion battery to heat the liquid repellent (instead of butane cartridges used in the older models). This allows for the unit to emit an effective zone of protection for 8 hours at any elevation, and big news: It has been approved by the DOT for air transportation! The liquid refill cartridges allow for up to 40 hours of continuous protection per cartridge.HoppesBoresnake 900Hoppe’s BoreSnake Den. The original, fastest bore cleaner on the planet has a new and improved home. The BoreSnake Den includes a T-handle for easier pull through of your firearm, and a reusable carrying case that you can keep in your range bag or backpack to protect your BoreSnake during transport. A one-pass solution, BoreSnake uses an integrated bronze brush to scrub out carbon fouling, while the tail clears the barrel of loose debris with a surface area 160 times larger than a standard patch.TSS Carlson's Flyer(MSRP)Carlson’s TSS Turkey Choke Tubes.  These fine choke tubes up your turkey game because they’re optimized for Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS Turkey Loads, but also work exceptionally well with other manufacturers’ turkey ammunition (Smaller shot sizes 7-9). Federal Heavyweight TSS turkey loads in 12- and 20-ga. shells include the FliteControl Flex wad that gives hunters the ability to shoot any choke tube they prefer; with these premium chokes long-range turkeys don’t stand a chance.trulock-chokes-900Trulock Choke Tubes. The only way to get the best pattern out of your turkey-tamer is to pair it with the right load and choke tube. Georgia-based Trulock is always on the leading edge of choke tube technology. Consider the latest tubes designed specifically for Federal Heavyweight TSS and Winchester Long Beard XR. When you put a swarm of pellets on paper with the guidance of a Trulock, you’ll wonder what (or why) you’ve been missing.PelicanRUCK 900Pelican RUCK Cases. Designed for extreme hunting conditions, RUCK cases provide welcome protection for critical gear from water, dirt, snow and dust. How tough are they? The R20 ($39.99) and R40 ($49.99) are submersible to a depth beyond 2 meters for 30 minutes, and the ABS outer shell is abrasion and impact proof, with rubberized exo-skeleton for extra protection, rigidity and grip. Choose from four color schemes including Tan, Black, Orange and OD Green. SummitLow-ProLounger 900Summit Low Pro Lounger. Among the extensive hunting-related furniture introduced by Summit for 2019 is the turkey-friendly folding Low Pro Lounger ($44.99), a low-slung seat with padded arm rests. This comfy sit-for-hours design is available in great-looking Veil Whitetail camo to help you hide from sharp turkey eyes. LeesmanTurk1 900Game Winner Low-Profile Camo Mesh Turkey Chair. Here’s some nicely affordable, super-portable turkey-hunting comfort, covered in Mossy Oak Obsession NWTF camo. The large, sink-resistant feet of the Mesh Turkey Chair ($24.99) help keep you stable, and the collapsible design with included  shoulder strap allows easy toting to and from your next turkey setup.

MidlandT295VP3 900Midland T295 Walkie Talkie. You might not have cell service but you can still keep in touch with hunting buddies. This new two-way radio features 22 GM RS channels, xtreme range up to 28 miles, 121 privacy codes, and includes Midland’s signature weather alert radio with weather scan. This radio automatically locks onto the local weather channel and alerts you to severe weather. The T295 ($99.99) is ideal for staying connected while turkey hunting in the backcountry, camping, overlanding, weather emergencies, and much more.


PrimosSurroundViewStakeout 900Primos Double Bull Stakeout Blind w/SurroundView. First came the revolutionary fully enclosed blinds; here’s the exciting next step. The ultralight (4.5 pounds) Stakeout ($99.99) measures 59 inches corner to corner and is 37 inches tall, and is constructed with two exclusive one-way see-through walls. So you can see every movement in front of you without moving to peek around or above the blind to steal a glance. Three shooting windows are perfectly positioned for multiple shooting lane options.SummitViperBlind 900Summit Viper Ground Blind. Good news for turkey hunters everywhere. Long known for its legendary treestands, for 2019 Summit has introduced a lineup of cutting-edge blinds and the Viper is its flagship. Available in 3-person and 4-person versions ($299.99 & $329.99), the Viper combines numerous proprietary technologies designed to give you every advantage when hunting from the ground. Its Hush Silent Hatch hinged doorway system enables stealthy entry/exit without using a zipper. The windows feature TruView panels, which perfectly match the blind’s camouflage exterior, but allow for an unobstructed, near-360-degree view from the inside. The 4-person blind weighs 21 pounds, has an interior height of 74 inches, and generous 66×66-inch footprint. The 3-man model weighs 20 pounds, is 72 inches high inside, with a footprint of 58×58 inches.


ALPSLongSpurDeluxe 900ALPS OutdoorZ Long Spur Deluxe. Run-and-gun turkey hunters consider a good vest critical gear, and this versatile design ($129.99) has it all. An easily removable lumbar pack is ideal for when you really want to cover ground fast, and you’ll also find a removable 3-inch memory foal fold-away seat, removable shoulder harness with large game bag, a removable, protective diaphragm call pocket, and a slew of smart pockets to hold all your critical calls and gear…and then some. RNG-300 Mossy OakKnight & Hale Run-N-Gun 300 Turkey Vest. More turkey gear storage, more better. This expanded version of the Run-N-Gun 200 vest offers many more storage options. And at just over 3 pounds the Run-N-Gun 300 ($119.99) won’t weigh you down when chasing turkeys up and down the most rugged terrain. A 10-point adjustment system will fit everyone, and its super-comfortable six-layer cushion seat features a cinching system to keep the removable seat tight against your bottom or lower back. You’ll also find a 375-cubic-inch bladder-compatible backpack, four zippered pouches, 12 additional pockets (one that’s waterproof), a decoy sling and MOLLE system to add on additional pouches.AvianXSlingPack 900Avian-X Rundown Sling Pack. Not all turkey hunters like to wear vests. For many this new sling pack is more efficient because it keeps essential gear organized and won’t slow you down. The Rundown ($99.99) has just enough pockets to store all the essentials needed for a successful turkey hunt and keep them organized and close at hand. The pockets are specially sized and customized to hold strikers, box calls, pot calls, mouth calls and more. There is even a fleece-lined cell phone pocket to keep your phone protected from the elements, and any impacts while on the move.


mossberg410 900Mossberg 500 Turkey Bottomland .410 Bore. Exciting new loads have made the .410 a smart turkey option. Like all Mossberg 500 shotguns, this pump-action ($500) is designed for reliable, smooth operation with the combination of non-binding twin action bars; dual extractors; a positive steel-to-steel lock-up; anti-jam elevator; anodized aluminum receiver for added durability; and universally-recognized, ambidextrous top-mounted safety. You’ll also find a 26-inch vent rib, fixed full-choke barrel; fiber-optic front sight; and is fully-camouflaged with Mossy Oak Bottomland.MossbergAutoTurk 900

Mossberg 935 Magnum Turkey Bottomland 12 Gauge. At the core of this smooth-cycling 12-gauge, 3.5-inch autoloading shotgun ($756) is Mossberg’s dual vent-gas system for reliable operation and recoil reduction. Additional standard features include Mossberg’s Stock Drop System that adjusts the vertical angle of the stock (drop at comb) for a custom-like fit; quick-empty magazine release button for convenient unloading of shells; drilled and tapped receiver; and top-mounted safety. This magnum autoloader features a 22-inch vent rib, overbored ACCU-MAG-choked barrel and comes with an X-FACTOR Ported Ulti-Full Turkey choke tube; fiber-optic front sight; and is fully-camouflaged with Mossy Oak Bottomland.BrowningMaxusAPHunter 900Browning Maxus All Purpose Hunter—Mossy Oak Break-Up Country. The Maxus already does just about anything a shotgunner needs, and this one ($1,779.99) is designed to go a step further to be your one, go-to shotgun, for chasing turkeys and much more. Mossy Oak Break-Up Country is as versatile as a camo pattern gets, and the Maxus is the pinnacle of auto-loading shotgun performance. You’ll find amazingly fast trigger lock time, low recoil and muzzle rise, and the ability to cycle a wide variety of loads without changing piston components.BrowningCynergyUltTurkey 900Browning Cynergy Ultimate Turkey—Mossy Oak Break-Up Country. Anyone who hunts turkeys knows that you can’t predict if they’ll come in near or far; this smart over and under design ($2,389.99) allows you to switch from an extra full pattern to a spreader choke with a simple flick of a top-tang switch. Keep hidden with cutting-edge camo on the stock, action and barrels; more turkey-friendly features include the short Picatinny rail designed for a red dot optic, as well as a Marble Arms Bullseye rear sight and fiber-optic front sight. Included are five Invector-Plus choke tubes: Extended Ultimate Full Turkey, Spreader, and flush-fit full, modified and improved cylinder. Savage301ObsessionCamo 900Stevens 301 Turkey. Revolutionary Heavyweight TSS turkey loads have transformed the .410 and 20 gauge into a serious gobbler guns, with powerful patterns and minimal recoil through light, fast-handing shotguns like the new Stevens 301 Turkey ($199). Its single-shot, break action is simple and incredibly reliable, and the 26-inch barrel is optimized for new Heavyweight TSS payloads. The removable one-piece rail makes it easy to equip the 301 with an optic, and it’s available in Mossy Oak Bottomland and Obsession camouflage (shown) options.Savage212turkey900Savage Model 212/220 Turkey. Originally only offered through the Savage Special Order Office, the Model 212 and Model 220 bolt-action turkey shotguns are now available everywhere. Both are built around the Model 110 rifle action, which is machined from steel bar stock and secured three-dimensionally along its entire length by the AccuStock internal chassis. Their blued, 22-inch carbon steel barrels are free-floating and secured to the receiver using a Model 110-style locking nut that ensures shot-to-shot consistency. The user-adjustable AccuTrigger provides a light, crisp pull, and the AccuFit system allows hunters to customize length-of-pull and comb height for precision you won’t find in any other turkey gun. WinSX4NWTF Cantilever Turkey 900Winchester SX4 NWTF Cantilever Turkey—Mossy Oak Obsession. Here’s a sweet dedicated turkey autoloader built to specifications from the NWTF for turkey hunters; the SX4 NWTF Cantilever Turkey ($1,069.99) is built on the bulletproof Active Valve system that was the core foundation of the proven SX3. Winchester built on that solid operating mechanism and improved the balance, controls, and internal operating components of the SX4 to make it a worthy successor to the SX3. In addition to its Mossy Oak Obsession camo finish, you’ll also find adjustable rifle-style sights with TRUGLO fiber optic front sight, cantilever optic mount, chrome-plated 3 ½-inch chamber and bore, Invector-Plus chokes. A portion of the sale of each NWTF Turkey gun is donated to the NWTF to support habitat improvements, conservation, development and other worthwhile projects. EscortDynamax 900Escort Dynamax Semi-Auto 12 Gauge. Can a speedy autoloader also be a great value? For the answer Escort offers up the new Dynamax ($699.99) that weighs in at 7 pounds, has a 28-inch barrel, and features Escort’s ultramodern, patented Hybrid Cycling System (HCS). It combines the best features from each of the two traditional cycling operating systems, gas and kinetic. The 3-inch magnum chamber Dynamax will cycle light loads like a traditional gas system but uses much less gas. As a result, recoil is reduced, and the cycle rate is faster and more efficient. With less felt recoil, a shooter acquires targets faster, making follow up shots more effective. Includes five chokes: (F, IM, M, IC, CYL). CZ1012_Camo 900CZ 1012 12 Gauge Shotgun. Turkeys. Pheasants. Ducks and geese. Whether you are an upland or waterfowl hunter, or just like to break a few clays on the weekends, this versatile shotgun deserves a strong look. The 1012 ($659-$749) represents CZ-USA’s next evolution in its semi-auto shotgun line, with its gas-less spring bolt operating system. Instead of redirecting gas from the barrel to run the action, the 1012 uses a spring within the bolt to store energy during the shotgun’s recoil and expends this energy a split second later to rotate and unlock the twin lug bolt head from the barrel extension to withdraw the spent shell. Several models are available; all feature a 28-inch barrel, 2 ¾ to 3-inch chamber, overall 49-inch length and weigh 6.5 pounds.


RealmSR6 900Bowtech Realm SR6. HuntStand users will recall the 2018 Bowtech Realm took home our well-earned ScoutLook Steal award, and our only concern was that bow’s relative lack of speed. Hang on, because Bowtech was listening. The new-for-2019 Realm SR6 ($1,099) brings that same award-winning bloodline but also a welcome speed increase; the two bows weigh the same at 4.3 pounds, but the Realm SR6 is slightly longer at 32 inches axle to axle (versus the Realm’s 30 ¾ inches) and the SR6 features a shorter brace height at 6 inches, versus the 7 1/8 inches for the Realm. The big difference is that the SR6 generates up to a reported 352 fps, versus the 340 fps of the Realm. EliteRITUAL30 900Elite Ritual 30. Here’s another example of refining a great design. Last year the Ritual (a 33 ¼-inch bow that has now become the Ritual 33) turned a lot of serious bowhunter heads. The new-for-2019 Ritual 30 brings many of the same attributes but does it in a more-compact (30 ½-inch axle to axle) design, and as you might guess a bit lighter overall package at 4.1 pounds, versus the 4.3 pounds of the Ritual 33. A notable note: The Ritual 30 ($1,049) was, impressively, the most dead-in-hand (shock free) bow shot by Team HuntStand at the 2019 ATA Show.MathewsVertix 900Mathews Vertix. Mathews was the big winner in our 2018 Bow Test, with the ultra-compact 28-inch axle-to-axle Triax taking home our Editor’s Choice award. At first glance the new-for-2019, 30-inch axle-to-axle Vertix ($1,099) is definitely reminiscent of that design, but there are some notable differences. Maybe the coolest is new Switchweight technology that allows bowhunters to change draw lengths, and peak draw weights (in five-pound increments), without changing cams. BearKuma30 900Bear Kuma 30. Sometimes when you take a very solid bow design and make it lighter and more compact, bowhunting magic happens. The new Kuma 30 ($899.99) appears to be a prime example, with less weight and smaller axle-to-axle than the proven Bear Kuma, another member of the exclusive, dealer-only Bear Legend Series compounds. The Kuma 30 and its hybrid cams launches arrows at a reported 345 feet per second; it’s been designed to deliver a super-smooth draw cycle while keeping speed and accuracy. With an axle-to-axle length of just 30 inches, the bow features a rigid 1-inch-thick forged riser that has been strategically “hollowed out” to lighten the load.PearsonATLAS32 900Pearson Atlas 32. Any way you slice it, compact bows hold some serious bowhunting advantages. With an axle-to-axle length of 32 ¼ inches and weighing just 4 pounds, the compact Atlas 32 and its 6.5-inch brace height is ideal for the treestand, ground blind, or your next backcountry adventure. Team HuntStand had an opportunity to shoot this neat new design at the 2019 ATA Show and we were pleasantly surprised by its balance, speed and lack of hand shock. Plenty of options for this middling-speedy (330-plus fps) design include covering draw lengths from 27.5 to 31.5 inches, and letoff from 60 to 85 percent.LogicCT3 900

Prime Logic CT3. More speed and more customizable? Those are good things. At 33 inches axle to axle and featuring a 6.5-inch brace height, Prime has designed the new Logic CT3 ($999) to deliver 335 fps, which is a welcome 5 fps faster than the 2018 Logic. You’ll also find a new riser design and limb- and cable-stop options that allow you to customize the feel of this bow’s back wall. And those who appreciate stellar fit and finish will dig the new integrated mounting system for Prime’s Sherpa quiver, as well as several new camo and finish options.CarbonRX-3 900Hoyt Carbon RX-3. As you might recall Team HuntStand thought the 2018 Hoyt Carbon RX-1 was an incredible bow (it took home our ScoutLook Silver award in our yearly test), but you might be surprised to see that bow is no longer in the Hoyt lineup. The reason? Hoyt feels it’s been substantially upgraded by the new-for-2019 Carbon RX-3 ($1,699), a bold move that definitely caught our eye. The RX-3 offers the same 6-inch brace height but is a bit shorter (30.5 inches axle to axle) and its carbon riser is completely redesigned, although the overall mass weight (3.9 pounds) is unchanged. 2019PSEEvoke31 900PSE Evoke 31. Back in 2017 the 31-inch PSE Evolve took home the HuntStand Steal award in our annual test, and now PSE says it has taken that original sweet-shooting platform to the next level. The new-for-2019 PSE Evoke 31 ($999.99 to $1,049.99) features the company’s proven Evolve Cam System (ECS), known for its stand-out comfort and shootability with 90-percent letoff. But now PSE has engineered the ECS onto a caged riser for upgraded stiffness, strength, and a welcome infusion of speed; the Evoke 31 is being touted to deliver an impressive 342 fps.


LeupoldBX-2Alpine900Leupold BX-2 Alpine Binoculars. Whatever and wherever you hunt, your glass needs to give you a bright image, feel comfortable in your hands, and be able to take a beating. The BX-2 Alpine binoculars check all these boxes and more. With Leupold’s Twilight Max Light Management System, this set of binoculars is designed to out-perform everything in its class when it comes to seeing more in less light; testing has shown they can add up to 20 extra minutes of shooting light. Even better? They’re waterproof/fogproof and backed by a Full Lifetime Guarantee. Steady your view for hours-long glassing sessions with included, easy-mounting 1/4-20 threaded tripod adapter. Available in 8×42 ($299.99), 10×42 ($324.99), 10×52 ($354.99), and 12×52 ($379.99).Steiner-bluhorizon-900Steiner BluHorizons 10×26 Binocular. Here’s something new in hunting optics. Billed as the world’s first sunlight adaptive binocular, the compact and affordable BlueHorizons 10×26 ($229.99) is designed to let you see all the action without troublesome glare. Exclusive AutoBright optics offset even the most dazzling light automatically, for the best view under the sun. 10x AutoBright magnification eliminates glare, evaporates distance, and offers welcome advantages for your next hunt or scouting trip. And at just 10.6 ounces, is compact and light enough to pack anywhere. Tract12x 900TRACT TORIC 12.5×50 Binocular. Need more glassing power? Hunt the west? The latest from TRACT, inspired by consumer demand, might be your next bino. Featuring highly prized Schott HT (high transmission) glass for superior image quality, this bino combines this proven level of optical clarity and color brilliance with increased 12.5x magnification for improved long-range viewing. The combination of Fully Multicoated lenses and prisms, dielectric prism coatings and phase correction coatings ensures a higher level of light transmission over a larger part of the visible spectrum while the Flat Multicoating enhances the color brilliance and increases light transmission over a wide spectrum of light, especially in the green spectrum. Each TORIC 12.5×50  ($794) ships with a Neoprene neck strap, eyepiece rain guard, tethered/removeable objective lens covers and a micro fiber leaning cloth.LeupoldBX-5SantiamHD 900Leupold BX-5 Santiam HD. When “prime time” comes will you be ready? Many of us know that being able to spot the tiniest details in tough lighting conditions can make or break a hunt. That’s where the BX-5 Santiam HD was designed to excel. Featuring Leupold’s Twilight Max HD Light Management System, these premium binos were designed to deliver unmatched low-light performance, while virtually eliminating glare. Its elite optical system also delivers edge-to-edge sharpness and contrast for comfortable all-day glassing, and it’s rugged, armor-coated, waterproof body is built to take the abuse any backcountry adventure can dish out. Five models in this series include the amazing 15×56 ($1,819.99) that, when paired with a tripod, will have you leaving your favorite spotter behind for its versatility and incredible all-day glassing comfort. BushnellForge 900Bushnell Forge 15×56. Every detail matters to avid hunters and expert shooters. Bushnell Forge binoculars are built with the most-exacting specs to ensure nothing is missed, and for 2019 there’s more good news: This fine lineup has expanded to include the far-reaching 15×56 model ($829.99). Every element in the Forge optical path features the very best coatings Bushnell has to offer. The brightness, resolution and color produced by Forge binoculars are designed to be the best in class; industry leading features include the EXO Barrier—A protective coating that bonds to exterior lenses, repelling water, oil, dust and debris for clear viewing in even the worst weather. Ultra Wide Band Coating is an anti-reflection coating for lenses and prism for the absolute brightest images, and PC-3 Phase Coating is applied to the prisms to enhance resolution and contrast.Steiner predator900Steiner Predator AF 8×30. There’s nothing like a truly versatile binocular wrapped in a go-anywhere compact design. Steiner’s unique, advanced CAT (Color Adjusted Transmission) lens technology lets you see deer and other game that are hiding in foliage and shade, and even better, the new Predator AF keeps prey in focus at any speed, any distance. Grab this waterproof, fogproof bino and you’ll find bright 3-D depth and detail that will enhance your target in all conditions. Also available in 10×42 ($459.99), the Predator AF 8×30 ($344.99) features a bombproof Makrolon body and agile open-bridge design for razor-sharp hunting and scouting anywhere.NikonMONARCHHG8x30 900Nikon MONARCH HG 8×30 & 10×30. How do you make an award-winning binocular better? Make it smaller. The all-new 8×30 ($949.95) and 10×30 ($969.95) additions to the Monarch HG series were built from the ground up to achieve class-ruling optical performance, unrivaled ruggedness and exceptional handling. Because a binocular of this caliber must perform without weighing you down, MONARCH HG’s body is die-cast magnesium alloy. The slim body profile is further enhanced with rubberized panels to provide a sure grip in any conditions. Even better, Nikon’s No-Fault Repair/Replacement Policy protects them for life. You’ll also find high-quality multilayer coating applied to all lenses and prisms, while dielectric high-reflective multilayer coating is applied to the roof prisms, achieving a bright view of up to 92 percent or higher light transmittance, and natural color fidelity.MavenC3 900Maven C.3 Binocular. Here’s a dependable and powerful hunting optic that’s also nicely affordable. Offered in 10×50 ($400) and 12×50 ($425) models, the Maven C.3 features a large 50mm objective lens with crystal clear extra low-dispersion (ED) glass, fully multi-coated lenses, and a durable, yet lightweight polymer frame. At 28 ounces, it is one of the lightest mid-sized binoculars in its category. It utilizes a dielectric coated Schmidt-Pechan prism system to produce a clear, bright, and high-contrast image. Waterproof, fogproof, and scratch resistant lens coatings ensure unimpeded field use. Simmons8x42 900Simmons Venture Binoculars. Hunting on a budget? Tired of hunting optics sticker shock? Simmons has developed a new lineup that won’t let you down when you’ve waited hours or even days for an opportunity of a lifetime. Specifically designed for hunters, Venture binoculars ($19.99 to $64.99) will make sure you’re ready when the chance presents itself. Fully multicoated lenses transmit the maximum amount of light, revealing the finest of details even at first and last light when game is most active. Available in five configurations, these weather-resistant binoculars can go anywhere, arming you with quality optics when you need it most. Carrying case, neck strap and lens cloth are included. FrontierEDX42mm 900Hawke Frontier ED X Binoculars. Here’s another stand-out value in quality hunting optics. The Frontier ED X offers exceptional clarity at a price far lower ($339 for 8X42; $349 for 10X42) than you’d guess, and they come complete with a lifetime warranty. Hawke starts with Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass that provides premium optical clarity. From there, Hawke uses Dielectric Coating that increases the reflectivity of the light coming into the lens. They then fully multi-coat the optics to further sharpen the clarity of the image you see, especially at greater distances.


MoultrieXV-7000i 900Moultrie Mobile Integrated Cellular Game Cameras. Moultrie unveiled one of the world’s most-advanced wireless game camera systems back in 2016, and for 2019, wow: Moultrie Mobile has released all-new integrated wireless game cameras. The Moultrie Mobile XV-7000i and XA-7000i  ($179.99 each) combine proven Moultrie quality and reliability with revolutionary Moultrie Mobile technology to deliver game-camera images from the field directly to your smartphone, tablet and computer. The XV-7000i runs on the Verizon 4G network and the XA-7000i operates on AT&T’s 4G network. Both cameras feature 20-megapixel images, iNVISIBLE flash, 80-foot detection and flash range, illumi-Night 2 sensor for crisp and clear night images, blazing .3 second trigger speed, and records 1080p video with audio. Bushnell-CORE-DS 900Bushnell CORE DS Trail Camera. Most trail cameras use only one image sensor to capture images 24 hours a day. So you end up settling for daytime images that are less sharp and rich, and nighttime images that lack consistent illumination and range. Bushnell CORE DS Dual Sensor Technology gives you two image sensors—one optimized for more sharp and rich images during the day and another optimized for images with consistent and further illumination at night. So you can plot game animal movements more reliably and plan your hunts more strategically. Choose from the 30MP Core DS Treebark Camo Low Glow ($199.99) or 30MP Core DS Treebark Camo No Glow ($219.99).PrimosAutopilotNoGlow 900Primos AutoPilot Trail Camera. Primos built this new cam from the inside out to be exactly what hunters want their cameras to be: Reliably Simple. This camera practically drives itself. Just put it out, flip a few switches and you are snapping best-in-class images. You’ll experience crystal-clear 16MP images with rapid 0.3-second trigger speed, as well as 100-foot detection and night range, and 1080p HD video with audio. Auto exposure prevents “white out” images. Choose from 16MP Autopilot OD Green Low Glow ($99.99) and 16MP Autopilot Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo No Glow ($129.99).BigFoot 900Bigfoot Game Camera. Here’s an idea that’s long overdue. Every Bigfoot Game Camera ($229.95) comes pre-loaded with a SIMHero Data Card that will automatically connect to the AT&T Cellular network (if available) and send up to 350 free pictures that can be used within 30 days of the trial period. After the 30-day free trial the card may be reloaded. SimHero provides the following options: 1,500 pictures to be used over 12 months: $29.90; 4,000 pictures to be used over 12 months: $39.90; 8,000 pictures to be used over 12 months: $63.90; 16,000 pictures to be used over 12 months: $69.90. The Bigfoot camera features 1080P video recording; 0.4-second trigger speed, and comes complete with 56 IR LEDs that deliver night vision out to 65 feet, with crystal-clear day/night photo/video quality. Runs on 12 AA batteries (not included).StealthCamG34MAX 900Stealth Cam G34X. Tired of blurry, nondescript trail cam photos that make determining deer and antler size next to impossible? Here’s the answer; the G34X from Stealth Cam advances the popular G34 Pro platform with its new 26 Megapixel resolution, taking still photo and video clarity and detail to new heights in trail camera imaging. With its 16:9 wide image ratio, HD video recording, and SD card compatibility up to a massive 512GB, the G34X not only offers exquisite resolution but also high-capacity recording and ultimate image quality and quantity for high triggering event locations or for remote locations with infrequent card checks.  BrowningProX 900Browning Trail Cameras Strike Force HD Pro X. Building on the proven, original Strike Force Pro, the reconstructed 2019 Strike Force HD Pro X ($169.99) offers upgraded features including a 1.5-inch color view screen and an all-steel adjustable mounting bracket for easy installation in the field. Powerful IR illumination allows you to customize your night images with three modes of operation (Power Save, Long Range and Fast Motion) to get the best-possible nighttime images. Other features include SD card management, 900p video clips with sound and a unique “Timelapse Plus” feature. The Strike Force HD Pro X is also compatible with up to 512 GB SDXC memory cards and is equipped with a 12-volt external power jack.LINK-MICRO 900SPYPOINT Link-Micro Cellular Trail Camera. Touted to be the smallest cellular trail camera available, the Link-Micro ($169.99; just 4.4×3.1×2.2 inches) still delivers 4G photo transmission (where available), 0.5-second trigger speed, and 80-foot flash range courtesy of low-glow LEDs. Best of all, the SPYPOINT LINK APP allows you to manage settings and view photos remotely, wherever your phone has service. As easy as that is, it gets better. The exclusive BUCK TRACKER feature sorts your photos using advanced photo analysis technology. Skip the photos of raccoons and focus on pictures of the bucks you are watching. The easiest activation in cellular trail cams has only three steps: Download the free SPYPOINT APP, connect your camera, and start receiving photos courtesy of the pre-activated SIM card. Cuddebak900Cuddeback Game Cameras w/Cuddelink. Some of the neat news from Cuddeback Game Cameras is the company’s CuddeLink proprietary wireless mesh network that is not cell service or Wi-Fi. CuddeLink transmits images from up to 15 remote cameras to one Home image collection camera, making your scouting faster and easier than ever.


19WolverineX2R-Spec 900Yamaha Wolverine X2 R-Spec. Start with a top-shelf, fully adjustable suspension, driver-centric On-Command 4WD, and industry-leading, speed-sensitive Electric Power Steering. Then add class-leading suspension performance that blurs the line between utility comfort and sports performance, and full-adjustable shocks that offer extensive adjustment range, plush control and long-lasting durability. The truth is these are just a few of the many features of this fine hunt-ready side by side, but you get the picture. The Wolverine X2 R-Spec (starting at $14,499) offers a balance of work-ready functionality, refined comfort and trail-proven capability that makes this versatile rig a great choice for your ultimate outdoor adventure partner.TextronHavoc 900Textron Off Road Havoc Side-by-Side. Built with precision engineering, the Havoc delivers the type of power and performance hunters demand. Eye-popping specs include its 100HP EFI engine and a class-leading suspension system with 2.5-inch King Piggyback Reservoir Shocks, 12.8-inch front and 12.9-inch rear suspension travel and 13 inches of ground clearance. Coupled with a class-leading 2,000-pound towing capacity and 600-pound dump bed, the Havoc has the muscle to handle the toughest jobs. The Havoc X (starting at $16,299) is the first model in the Havoc line and offers Textron Off Road’s industry-first extended cab for additional storage space; it comes standard with a brush guard and 4,000-pound Warn Winch. CanAmDefender 900Can-Am Defender. Is this the toughest, most capable, and most clever Can-Am ever? Can-Am built it to excel at everything outdoorsmen demand, with a superior feel that’s immediately noticeable. The Defender (starting at $9,999) offers two very capable powerplant options. The work-focused Rotax HD8 V-Twin delivers 50 hp and 50 lb.-ft. torque for tough tasks. To simply get the job done, the new Defender HD5 single cylinder Rotax engine delivers 38 hp. The Defender heavy-duty Torsional Trailing A-arms (TTA) rear suspension was designed specifically for utility and recreational usage, and offers a full 10-in. of travel to provide a smooth ride whatever the terrain.



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