SENDERO SHUFFLE | Hunting Predators in South Texas

by HuntStand


When a veteran predator hunting duo gets access to a prime tract of land, they come locked and loaded with high hopes of wild success. However, experience has taught them that predators are infamously cagey. Watch as HuntStand’s Brian Murphy and Will Cooper team up to collect fur and fangs during a classic predator hunting adventure in South Texas.

Predator hunting is a great way to pass the time between the end of deer season and start of turkey season. You can experience some fast-paced hunting action and collect some gorgeous pelts (learn how to skin a coyote right here). However, it’s important to remember that unless you’re intensively managing predators through aggressive trapping, it’s unlikely that you’ll make much of a dent in predator populations at the landscape level (learn more here).

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On this hunt Team HuntStand manages to bag several coyotes, and even a bonus, beautifully marked bobcat. The two predator hunters lean on a variety of stellar gear including the HuntStand app. The app was indispensable in several areas including accurate weather forecasting during some unsettling conditions. The HuntStand Property Info feature, detailing accurate property lines of the extensive property, was useful in many predator setups.

Also earning its keep on this South Texas predator hunting trip were two different Springfield Armory rifles. They are the Model 2020 Waypoint rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor, and the Saint Victor AR-15 chambered in 5.56NATO/.223 Rem. Both rifles were loaded with Federal ammunition. More killer gear included the Burris Veracity riflescope, and the ALPS OutdoorZ  Enforcer predator vest. In addition, after several fine predators were bagged, the Work Sharp Knife Sharpener: MK.2 helped make quick work of hides.

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Follow along with Brian Murphy and Will Cooper as they break down how to use HuntStand to ambush predators on a piece of property you've never set foot on before.



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