SEVR Broadheads Are LETHAL

by HuntStand


Cranberry farming has been in the Martinovich family for generations, and Justin’s dad has owned the current farm for 20 years. The nice thing about a cranberry farm? It also offers some great whitetail habitat. The edges of the cranberry bogs on this particular farm hold some good stretches of timber. All things considered, it was a great place for HuntStand’s Justin Martinovich to hunt with a crossbow and SEVR mechanical broadheads for early season whitetails. Why SEVR? Well, SEVR broadheads are lethal, and this hunt proved it yet again.

Shared Passion for Deer

Justin began tagging along with his avid-deer-hunter dad back when he was just five years old. The youngster spent many an hour in the stand with his dad, jump-starting his own passion for whitetails. Several years ago his dad went through a stretch when he broke his shoulder, a few times, while farming. The injuries negatively impacted his hunting, but then he discovered crossbows. He’s now reignited his passion for deer hunting.

SEVR Saves the Day

So maybe it was fitting that when Justin returned home for the cranberry harvest this fall, he would be toting a TenPoint Turbo S1 crossbow topped by a Burris Oracle X Crossbow Rangefinding Scope, and arrows tipped with SEVR mechanical broadheads. Justin was also packing the power of a HuntStand Pro upgrade. The goal would be to bag a Wisconsin white-tailed doe, and fill the freezer with some fine venison. Spoiler alert: The goal was accomplished, but a slightly errant shot was helped immensely by the merciless design of the SEVR. You could say Justin’s SEVR broadhead saved the day.

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