Turkey Hunting in Minnesota – Six Gobblers Down! [POSSE]

by HuntStand


On this episode of the Turkey POSSE series, we get things kicking into overdrive for opening weekend of turkey season in Minnesota. The weather was wild, but we managed to get six turkeys down in Minnesota!

When is the best time to hunt turkeys? Well, any time you can. That proved to be exactly the case for several members of the Turkey POSSE in Minnesota. A couple members were able to get off work for just a few hours to make this epic hunt. But thankfully, those hours proved productive.

The challenges, of course, were many. Like many areas of the country, Minnesota is experiencing a very late spring. Snow and sleet have been regular occurrences in April 2022. It’s been downright crazy weather, including frigid temps. And don’t forget next-level setup strategies that include predawn creek crossings in waders. Hey, it’s all part of the game.

Day Four of the challenging hunt finds half of the team set up perfectly on a known roost area, and the big birds are seen hanging shortly after first light. After flydown things get crazy; the flock walks into their laps. Moments later, the Federal Heavyweight TSS loads again do their job. Two gobblers are down: a double!

Unbelievably, it was just the start of an incredible run that would see the POSSE anchor two separate Minnesota gobbler doubles. In the end, there would be six turkeys down in Minnesota during the season’s first week. It added up to one happy Easter celebration.

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