Smell Of Success: 2020 Deer Scents & Lures

You've selected a great stand site but deer can (and often do) pass by most anywhere. That's when some good scent can help close the deal.

by Mark Melotik

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You’ve selected a great stand site but deer can (and often do) pass by most anywhere. That’s when some good scent can help close the deal.

BuckPuckLEAD 900Tink’s #69 Doe-in-Rut Buck Pucks. Attracting bucks to your stand site has never been easier than with Tink’s #69 Buck Pucks ($7.99/3-pack). As their name implies these compact, convenient Pucks come pre-loaded with Tink’s legendary #69 Doe-in-Rut formula;

TinksBuckPuck 900

use the included looped handle for quick and easy, no-mess hanging near your stand site. Buck Pucks (RT-QuIC tested to be CWD free) are available in both Natural and Synthetic; the powerful attractant lasts for up to one week.

WRCTrapperJohns 900

Trapper John’s Ultimate Buck Lure by Wildlife Research Center. Looking for an effective lure you can use not only during the rut, but all season? Look no further. Trapper John’s Ultimate Buck Lure ($29.99/4 oz. w/magnum Key Wick) is a tribute to late WRC founder John Burgeson, made with a secret recipe that had been locked in a vault for 30 years. It’s part of WRC’s premium new line of Micro Brew Craft Scents and combines old forgotten secrets from trappers of long ago, including highly attractive oils and super premium doe urine with estrus secretions. This premium lure line is carefully crafted in small batches, to optimize their strengths and attraction qualities. 

WRCChainsawBrians 900

Chainsaw Brian’s Premium Doe Estrus by Wildlife Research Center. When the rut starts building, this is the scent to run. Chainsaw Brian’s Premium Doe Estrus ($29.99/4 oz. w/magnum Key Wick) is a tribute to WRC’s founders and family story. This revved-up estrus scent is part of WRC’s premium new line of Micro Brew Craft Scents, and features the company’s most premium doe urine with estrus secretions, and is supercharged with territorial musk and another secret ingredient to make it even hotter.  TinksPeefuser 900Tink’s PeeFuser Scent Diffuser. Most scent options on the market require target deer to be quite close to get a reaction; Tink’s new PeeFuser ($29.99 w/.5 oz. scent bottle) is changing the game. This ultrasonic scent diffuser converts deer urine into an irresistible long-range mist, with the ability to be used on the ground or hung from a tree limb. The battery-powered PeeFuser (3 AAA batteries) diffuses scent for 30 seconds every 2 minutes; a .5-oz. bottle lasts up to 7 hours. PeeFuser bottles are available in #69 Doe-in-Rut Natural & Synthetic.BuckBomb ScrapeKit 900Buck Bomb Scrape Kit Plus. Veteran hunters know proper construction of a mock scrape, or “doctoring” an existing natural scrape, can be deadly. This fine kit ($19.99) includes everything you need to lure bucks in daylight, including one (1) 4-oz. bottle of Buck Bomb Synthetic Scrape Generator liquid scent, one (1) 4-oz. bottle of Buck Bomb Synthetic Forehead Gland liquid scent, two (2) Scent Wicks and the Scent Hammock that can be used with any Buck Bomb 4-oz. liquid scent. Simply hang the soft rubber Scent Hammock from a tree limb with the Synthetic Scrape Generator 4-oz. scent inserted, and loosen the cap of the bottle to release the scent at the desired pace to drip on the ground. Use the Forehead Gland scent with the Scent Wicks on the tree limb above the scrape. The Scent Hammock is hunter orange for easy visibility; great for use as a yardage marker.BuckBombScrapeStrips 900Buck Bomb Synthetic Scrape Gen Strips. Building mock scrapes has never been easier. These pre-packaged scent strips ($9.99/3) are made of shammy material, pre-soaked with the company’s synthetic forehead gland scent. No more spills, messes and malfunctions; you simply wrap the strip around your overhanging branch, let the strip hang, and you’re ready to go. You can add additional hot doe scents to the strip as the season progresses toward peak rut.CodeBlueScentStalk 900Code Blue Doe Estrous Scent Stalks. Quick and convenient. Reusable. No-mess construction. There’s lots to like about Code Blue Scent Stalks ($14.99/5) that feature the latest in synthetic-scent-dispersal technology. The reusable Scent Stalks are impregnated with doe-in-estrous scent and last for 8 to 10 days; simply hang from a tree limb or stick into the ground in an active or mock scrape to help lure a buck into range of your stand, blind or game camera. Unlike real urine, synthetics will not break down over time and are also legal to use in CWD zones. Just hang and hunt! CodeBlueGel 900Code Blue Doe Estrous Gel. Are you gelling? Maybe it’s time. Code Blue’s Doe Estrous Gel ($12.99) offers the buck-attracting power of pure doe estrous urine in a thick gel formula that resists evaporation, freezing and washing away. The gel is made from 100-percent pure estrous urine collected from a single doe in heat; the amber glass bottle locks in freshness and potency and is even labeled with the deer’s unique registration number.




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