Sneak Peek: Cutting-Edge Bowhunting Gear For 2019

Must-see compounds. Crazy-cool lighted nocks. Gotta-see game cameras. Here's a quick look at some of the year's stand-out new bow gear.

by Mark Melotik

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Must-see compounds. Crazy-cool lighted nocks. Gotta-see game cameras. Here’s a quick look at some of the year’s stand-out new bow gear.

BenPearson 900Cy Weichert of Team ScoutLook checking out the new-for-2019 Atlas 32 from Pearson Archery…a legendary bow company now under new management. The best part? The new owners are dyed-in-the-wool bowhunters churning out some exciting new models. Great news for an iconic company.EliteRitual30 900The sweet new Ritual 30 from Elite Archery was one of the most dead-in-hand bows shot by Team HuntStand at the 2019 ATA Trade Show; just one of the great new models from this proven innovator.BreadCrumbNocks 900Easily some of the most-impressive innovation seen at the 2019 ATA Show, the Breadcrumb Bluetooth Trackable Nocks offer truly game-changing game-retrieval technology. Just as cool? The company’s compact Bluetooth Location Marker that will ensure quick and easy arrival at even the most-remote treestands and game cameras, and is a great safety device when kept in a pocket or pack. Bowtech19 900The exciting new Bowtech Realm SR6 is the fastest model in the company’s award-winning Realm lineup, while keeping the silky smooth draw and minimal hand shock of its proven siblings. How proven? Just one of those great bows is the 2018 HuntStand’s Steal award-winning Realm.TenPointXbow 900Today’s crossbow technology is off-the-charts impressive; one more example is the TenPoint Nitro XRT that delivers 470 fps with its next-gen reverse-draw powerplant.Oracle1 900Talk about a sweet reception. The amazing Burris Oracle rangefinding bowsight was a mid-year 2018 introduction, and by looking at the packed Burris Optics booth at the 2019 ATA Show, many archery dealers couldn’t wait to place orders. As you might recall, Team HuntStand was among the very first to field-test this incredible sight; HuntStand Executive Editor Mark Melotik used one to anchor a trophyMarkBear2018 900Alberta black bear (shown above, story to come soon) in May of 2018, the first big game animal taken with the ground-breaking sight last year. Our advice? All bowhunters need to consider this incredible design and experience its jaw-dropping capabilities. G5StrikerV2 900The new Striker V2 from G5 Outdoors is a sweet-looking fixed head with replaceable blades, and a machined steel ferrule that offers tighter tolerances, for increased durability and accuracy. Very excited about this head.Trueflight 900Plastic vanes aren’t your only option to stabilize hunting arrows shot from today’s high-tech compounds. These two-inch shield-cut feathers from Trueflight will do the job nicely, and for those chasing top speeds, nothing is lighter than feathers.BigFoot 900Here’s one of the coolest innovations seen at the 2019 ATA Show: The Bigfoot ultra-affordable cellular camera system from Western Recreation Industries. The Bigfoot has the option of using pre-loaded SIM cards rather than a monthly cell plan, saving you big bucks (while helping you find them).BearTrad 900Is it time to try traditional? The well-rounded 2019 traditional bow lineup from Bear Archery is a great place to begin the journey. And while you’re at it, a must-listen is the company’s new Fred Bear’s Field Notes podcast, which detail many of Papa Bear’s exciting traditional hunts in Alaska, Canada, Africa and more. Listening to these amazingly well done podcasts you feel as though you’re right there in camp with Bear and friends, stalking grizzly bears, bull moose, caribou, stone sheep, mountain goats and more as the rain and snow beats down and mountain-top winds howl. Kenetrek 900Looking for a mountain boot you can bet your life on during your next elk, sheep, or mule deer adventure? Check out the Mountain Extreme, and other stellar designs from Kennetrek.ALPSpacks 900No pack company had a more-impressive display at the 2019 ATA Show than innovator Alps OutdoorZ; here’s just a fraction of their 2019 lineup that includes models making use of Elimishield scent-eliminating technology.Cuddebak900Some of the neat news from Cuddeback game cameras is the company’s Cuddelink proprietary wireless mesh network that is not cell service or Wi-Fi. Cuddelink transmits images from up to 15 remote cameras to one Home image collection camera, making your scouting faster and easier than ever.  GloryNocks 900Here’s another stunning example of smart innovation: Glory Nock lighted nocks not only have one of the most easy-to-use and hunter-friendly designs on the market, for 2019 they now offer micro-diameter and crossbow models that now allow them to fit every type of hunting arrow shaft.HunterCoffee 900What a story behind Hunter’s Blend Coffee. This company is truly making a difference by going direct to growers, to bring great-tasting blends that not only satisfy our collective caffeine fix, but also help impoverished communities thrive.ALPS2 900Treestanders, especially, will dig the new Contender X pack from ALPS OutdoorZ, as it features a cool zip-open design that reveals a slew of easy-access gear pockets designed to hang open once situated up in your stand.UnderArmour900There is all kinds of neat apparel innovation from Under Armour for 2019; new hunter-friendly fabrics and designs that include the expanded Ridge Reaper series.

Nikon2019 900Several new laser rangefinders from hunting optics specialist Nikon include the Prostaff 1000 and Prostaff 1000i, aimed at providing bowhunters unmatched accuracy no matter the distance or angle. LaCrosse 900Hunting footwear innovator LaCrosse has rolled out several sweet new styles and tweaked a few proven models, which include expanding the camo offerings of the popular Aerohead Sport to include Optifade Elevated II to match your Sitka gear arsenal.HawkeOptics 900In the market for a new rangefinder? The new models from Hawke Sport Optics are both feature-packed and eye-popping affordable.RinehartELk 900One of the coolest new 3-D targets on the market is the new one-third scale Woodland Elk from Rinehart Targets. At 20 yards this sweet target appears as a full-size herd bull a full 60 yards away. Our take? Grab one of these and September won’t get here fast enough, but you’ll certainly be ready.RageHypo19 900It’s time for mechanical broadhead fans to rejoice. Why? The new-for-2019 Rage Hypodermic NC requires NO collar or o-ring.Morrell 900It’s great to see Morrell Targets roll out a slew of new target innovation for 2019; you might recall they were our target of choice for the 2018 Ultimate Compound Bow and Broadhead Field Tests. Great stuff, and now there’s many more to choose from, including more options with the company’s crazy-cool High Roller weatherproof foam.ScentLok 900ScentLok is another company rocking and rolling out some great new gear, a great example being the new Bowhunter Elite:1 Series, offered in an exclusive True Timber O2 Whitetail pattern (see above). It’s ideal for elevated stand hunting and will include multiple outerwear and base-layer options, news that has many dedicated whitetail hunters trembling with excitement for fall. You can count Team HuntStand among the tremblers (and droolers).SummitBlinds 900To this point Summit Stands hasn’t been known for hunting blind innovation, but that has changed in a big way for 2019. Check out their many exciting new models here.PEAKmeals 900Elk and other backcountry hunters take their meal times seriously, which means finding lightweight freeze-dried meals that taste great can be a huge score. When dinner or lunch back at camp does not include fresh backstraps, these fine meals sampled by Team HuntStand are ready to deliver a satisfying and tasty “second-best” option.TenpointHead 900When you’re TenPoint crossbows and you offer several models that shoot 400 fps, and one that delivers a blistering 470 fps, you can’t always count on broadhead makers turning out compatible heads. So you offer your own: the EVO-X Center Punch.LakewoodCase 900New from Lakewood is the Drop-In Crossbow Case Combo, a great way to keep your pricey investment (and accessories) safe and protected, and rigged and ready to hunt.WASP 900Here’s an exciting new collaboration between Havalon Knives and our 2018 Ultimate Broadhead Field Test Editor’s Choice award winner Wasp Archery. The Wasp Havalon HV looks like one very promising fixed head.WRC 900Scent Killer No Zone is one of the latest odor-eliminating technologies from the hunting scent specialists at Wildlife Research Center.BadlandsVario 900The great-looking new Vario pack system from Badlands is being touted as the most-versatile modular system ever developed; elk and backcountry hunters, especially, need to check this one out.MysteryRanch900In a year that’s seeing some amazing pack innovation the talented folks at Mystery Ranch have met the challenge; the new Beartooth 80 and Selway 60 are two smartly designed load haulers that give backcountry hunters lots of great options.Pelican 900All traveling bowhunters need to check out this new bombproof, well-thought-out design from case specialist Pelican.QADrest 900Among the head-turning arrow rest innovation found at the 2019 ATA Show was the Ultrarest Integrate MX from Quality Archery Designs; this slick new model fits Mathews bows so well it appears molded right into the riser.MontanaTom 900Turkey season will be here before you know it. The new Wiley Tom decoy from Montana Decoy features 18 individual feather sleeves that let you create a jake or longbeard, and side sleeves also allow you to add wing feathers for even more gobbler-fooling realism.Schaffer900Not all arrow rests are created equal, and a great example is the ground-breaking XV rest from Schaffer Archery. Instead of drop-away technology this rest utilizes unique horizontal glide-away action.VaporTrail 900Several years in development, the new full-capture Gen 7 arrow rest from Vapor Trail Archery uses proven limb-driven technology and comes in a wide range of colors to customize your rig.ColdSteel 900New from Cold Steel comes two Cheap Shot broadheads made out of polymer, the Wrecking Ball blunts (10/$10) and the Buzz Saw (10/$17). Load your quiver with a couple of these inexpensive heads and you’ll stop passing on opportunities at small game to save your spendy premium broadheads. Great idea.



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