Sneak Peek: Must-See Bowhunting Gear For 2020

Sweet new bows. Awesome bowhunting accessories. Team HuntStand traveled to the industry-only 2020 ATA Show to eyeball some of the year's most exciting new gear.

by Mark Melotik

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Sweet new bows. Awesome bowhunting accessories. Team HuntStand traveled to the industry-only 2020 ATA Show to eyeball some of the year’s most exciting new gear.

MathewsLeviATA 900
Pro shooter and accomplished bowhunter Levi Morgan showing off the the new-for-2020 Mathews VXR compound, which is available in two lengths.

OEata 900

For the record, bowhunters (and hunters everywhere) just can’t have enough knives. The Jaeger Pak from Outdoor Edge is rigged and ready to make meat on your next adventure.

BowtechATA 900

What’s new and hot at Bowtech for 2020? Plenty, but it all starts with the Revolt and Revolt X compounds you’ve got to shoot to believe.

ALPSata 900

Some sweet new camo pattern options from pack specialist ALPS OutdoorZ include great-looking Realtree eXcape.

PRIMEata 900

The great-looking Black series compounds from Prime Archery shoot even better, and offer new modular adjustable cams that make tweaking draw length quick and easy for both consumers and pro shop owners alike.

LaCROSSEata 900

The big news from boot specialist Danner is the new Recurve that’s inspired by traditional hunting boots, as well as Danner’s best-selling hiking boots.

BEARata 900

HuntStand Executive Editor Mark Melotik taking the new Bear Status Eko, the company’s new flagship compound, for a test-drive. Our take? Lots of speed without the shock.

RAGEata 900

Rage broadheads first introduced its exciting No-Collar design with its Hypodermic in 2019; the company has followed that successful debut by also introducing No-Collar options for its Hypodermic Plus P and X-Treme heads for 2020.

PSEata 900

There’s plenty of exciting news at PSE Archery for 2020 including its new Carbon Air Stealth Mach 1 that high-performance bowhunters everywhere need to try.

WASPata 900

Award-winning Wasp Archery broadheads introduced a couple new styles for 2020 including the Mortem, a good-looking compact three-blade fixed head that will only be available at archery pro shops.

ELITEata 900

Elite’s new top-of-the-line hunting bow, the Kure, offers ground-breaking new S.E.T. (Simplified Exact Tuning) Technology that enables micro-adjustments to the cam at the limb pocket, to achieve perfect arrow and broadhead flight. Amazing stuff.

G5ata 900

Lots of broadhead innovation at G5 Outdoors for 2020 includes the four-blade Striker X, the three-blade one-piece fixed Montec M3, and a new three-blade mechanical.


Two lightweight, ultra-comfortable hunting boot options from LaCrosse include the new Women’s Alpha Agility (top left) and Lodestar.

XpeditionATA 900

The new Xpedition Archery flagship hunter for 2020 is the MX-16 that measures 32.75 inches axle to axle, and delivers IBO speeds to 352 fps.

RAVINata 900

The Ravin Crossbows booth was hopping with attendees who were interested in the premium lineup that includes the new-for-2020 R29X that delivers a blazing 450 fps.

CXARRASata 900

Looking for a new hunting arrow? The Carbon Express small-diameter Triad offers Trispine carbon construction that helps stabilize the arrow faster at the shot, to deliver better downrange accuracy and penetration.

YETIata 900

Dress up your base camp with the new and functional, retro-looking stainless Yeti V Series cooler that delivers vacuum insulation much like the brand’s popular Rambler drinkware.

ORACLEata 900

The Burris Oracle rangefinding bowsight continues to draw strong interest with its ultra-convenient design that allows bowhunters to range targets while at full draw; the sight instantly illuminates the correct pin for increased accuracy in all conditions.

MRanchata 900

All elk and backcountry hunters need to check out the feature-packed new Pop-Up 38 pack from Mystery Ranch; it offers an ingenious and ultra-durable, meat-packing-friendly extendible frame made of aluminum.

MATHEWS1ata 900

Is it spring yet? Ground-blinding turkey hunters and 3-D archers alike will be digging the award-winning new Engage Limb Legs bow stand from Mathews.

EASTONata 900

The new Easton Matrix 6.5 carbon hunting arrow uses seamless construction to deliver consistent accuracy at a great price.

KLOAKata 900

Luring monster bucks into bow range gets a whole lot easier with the neat new Gen 3 Kloak Mister technology that offers both attractant and cover scent options, as well as a mosquito-repelling citronella option.

WRCata 900Wildlife Research Center rolled out plenty of neat new scent-reducing innovation, including the scent-absorbing Tote Tamers that can be placed in boots, backpacks and totes to help you get closer to game.

MuzzyATA 900

Among the big news from Muzzy for 2020 is the addition of a 125-grain option for its proven Muzzy One broadhead, and the introduction of its first-ever mechanical head, the two-blade Shank.

PYROata 900

Backcountry bowhunters always need to be prepared. Pyro Putty is a next-generation fire starter all hunters should have in their backcountry kit.

HHAata 900

In the market for a new bowsight? Several smart new tweaks to the proven adjustable-pin lineup from HHA Sports make them a must-see for 2020.


Looking to take your “hang and hunt” treestanding to the next level in 2020? Check out the insanely light and packable stands and climbing sticks from Lone Wolf Custom Gear.

MTDECOYata 900

Among the new and notable from Montana Decoy is this great-looking, ultra-packable coyote that is ready to draw aggressive yodel-dogs wherever they roam.


Premium arrow rests including the XV. Hardcore-bowhunter-friendly sights. Schaffer Performance Archery continues to offer accessories designed for next-level success.

VENOMata 900

Whether helping remove arrows from 3-D targets, conditioning bowstrings or keeping zippers and gear in top working order, all bowhunters can benefit from the innovative products offered by Scorpion Venom.



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