Springfield Armory Q & A: Model 2020 Waypoint Rifle

We speak with the creator of one of the most-talked-about new guns for 2020.

by Mark Melotik

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We speak with the creator of one of the most-talked-about new guns for 2020.

Model2020 Facing 900A treasured gift. Maybe your new “go-to” bolt-action. Introduced back in September, the new Model 2020 Waypoint rifle is the first bolt-action hunting rifle to come out of Springfield Armory, a rifle that’s created some serious buzz among sportsmen most everywhere, and by all accounts, has lived up to its substantial hype.

HuntStand was among the first to get the word out on this hot new gun and we’ve also used it in the field and experienced its easy-packing, fast-handling accuracy.

For an update on the Model 2020 Waypoint that’s currently available in two different camo finishes (Evergreen & Ridgeline) and four separate calibers (6mm CM, 6.5 CM, .308 Win. and 6.5 PRC) we spoke recently with Springfield Armory.

Q. Springfield’s introduction of the Model 2020 Waypoint bolt-action rifle back in late September became one of the most-talked-about new gun launches for all of 2020. Was this early fall launch the plan from the start, and what did Springfield think of the initial response?

Springfield Armory: The launch of the Model 2020 Waypoint was the culmination of years of planning, development and refinement. The goal was to introduce a rifle for the hunting market that not only competed with other offerings currently available, but surpassed them—and at an extremely competitive price.

The response to the rifle’s launch was even better than we had hoped. We received compliments and kudos from knowledgeable outdoorsmen, long-range shooters and more for the rifle’s combination of exceptional features and performance with a price well below competitive products.WaypointLEAD 900Q. Now that the Model 2020 Waypoint has gotten into the hands of rabid hunters and into the field, what has been some of the significant feedback you’re hearing?

Springfield Armory: We have received very positive comments on the overall design and the performance of the rifle. Of particular note has been the light weight of the carbon fiber components, the smoothness of the action, and the exceptional accuracy—and on the latter point that it, more often than not, not only meets the .75-inch MOA guarantee, but exceeds it.WaypointBackpack 900Q. HuntStand was the one of the first media outlets to break the news about the new Waypoint 2020, which features a premium carbon-fiber stock and the option of a steel or carbon fiber barrel. Which barrel has so far proved to be most popular with consumers?

Springfield Armory: People have been very impressed with the BSF carbon fiber barrel, which offers light weight and very impressive performance—including being part of the rifle’s ability to meet the impressive .75 MOA accuracy guarantee.

Model2020 Laydown 900

Q: For 2020, the Waypoint is being offered in four calibers: 6mm CM, 6.5 CM, .308 Win. and 6.5 PRC. Can we expect those offerings to expand in 2021?

Springfield Armory: With the creation of the heart of the new rifle series in the Model 2020 action, Springfield Armory has built the foundation for many more offerings to come in this family. We plan to expand and grow this line beyond these initial offerings.

Model 2020 Ridgeline 900

Q: What are three compelling reasons for hunters who don’t currently own a Model 2020 Waypoint, to add one to their arsenal?

Springfield Armory: The Model 2020 Waypoint is a rifle that offers hunters a firearm that is ready out of the box for their next hunting destination adventure. Rather than paying twice as much or more for a custom-built rifle, the Model 2020 Waypoint gives you everything you need at a great price. Most every hunter wants to own that one, special rifle—the Model 2020 Waypoint gives them the means to do that, and at a much lower price than a comparable custom-built rifle.



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