The Gotta-See New Deer Hunting Rifles For 2019

More popular calibers. Fine-tuned weights and lengths. Cool camo finishes. The year's best new deer rifles have it all...and more.

by Mark Melotik

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More popular calibers. Fine-tuned weights and lengths. Cool camo finishes. The year’s best new deer rifles have it all…and more.

CZ527 AMERICAN 900CZ 527 American. You say you like to hunt deer? And varmints? Enjoy heading to the range to punch paper? The CZ 527 American ($752) is built on a .223-length action, the tiniest of CZ’s centerfire platforms is also one of the most beloved by CZ fans. Chambered in a number of cartridges from .17 Hornet and .204 Ruger up to 6.5 Grendel and 7.62×39, it’ll take everything from small game to deer. You’ll find a classic American pattern stock, a sporter-weight hammer forged barrel, a single set trigger and a recessed target crown. Made to be used with optics, the American has no sights but is equipped with a 16mm dovetail for mounting rails or ringmounts.Model700NRAAmHunter 900Remington Model 700 NRA American Hunter. Looking for the ideal whitetail rifle? The Model 700 NRA American Hunter ($1,349) was designed to be just that, following a collaboration between the NRA’s American Hunter magazine and Remington Arms Company. The rifle, chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, balances weight, length, knockdown power and upgraded features that are all focused on ultimate whitetail success. You’ll find a 20-inch fluted barrel with 5R rifling and threaded muzzle, upgraded Leupold Mark 4 scope bases, premium Bell & Carlson stock with aluminum bedding block, and engraved floorplate. Nice touches include durable black Cerakote finish on the barreled action, and a user-adjustable X Mark Pro trigger, set at 3.25 pounds from the factory.SavageRidgeWarrior6.5Crdmr 900Savage 110 Ridge Warrior. Here’s a sweet versatile rifle that’s well equipped for a day plunking targets on the range, and then on into the field hunting our favorite game animal. Features like the low-friction PVD coating and threaded heavy barrel create an all-around utility rifle up for any challenge. The AccuFit system lets hunters customize length-of-pull and comb height of the Mossy Oak Overwatch synthetic stock, the official camouflage of the National Rifle Association. Plus, the user-adjustable AccuTrigger offers a crisp, clean pull critical for making precise shots at extreme distances. The 110 Ridge Warrior ($949) is available in .308 Win. and 6.5 Creedmoor. SavageOverwatchHunter 900Savage MSR 10 Overwatch Hunter. This great-looking rifle ($1,599) builds on the trusted MSR 10 Hunter platform, while adding Mossy Oak Overwatch camo, the official pattern of the National Rifle Association. This rugged rifle is ready for the hunt, thanks to its Magpul MOE buttstock and pistol grip, and its two-stage trigger and 5R button rifling that provides the accuracy to fill your deer tag at a variety of ranges. It’s available in .308 Win. and 6.5 Creedmoor. BrowningHellsRifle 900Browning X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Speed. How do you make a great deer rifle even better? Add another great caliber option. Now available in 15 calibers including new-for-2019 6.5 PRC, the X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Speed ($1,229.99 to $1,299.99) comes dressed in great-looking A-TACS AU (Arid/Urban) camouflage. You’ll also find a composite stock, Cerakote finish, fluted, sporter barrel with threaded muzzle brake, detachable rotary magazine, short throw bolt and adjustable trigger.WinchesterWPR 900Winchester XPR. If you’re looking for maximum value in your next deer rifle, the proven Winchester XPR ($549.99) demands a strong look, especially since it’s available in 13 different calibers including the new-for-2019 350 Legend that offers about 20 percent less recoil than the .243 Win., with 20 percent more penetration. The XPR is a rugged, reliable and precise bolt-action rifle with an advanced polymer stock built for durability and superior grip in wet conditions. The matte blued finish is tough and non-reflective, and the detachable box magazine is a built-in feature that is typically an expensive after-market addition, allowing you to keep extra shells in a spare mag instead of jingling loose in your pocket. Mossberg2019Rifle900Mossberg Patriot Predator—Cerakote/Strata Camo. Deer hunters like smart options, and when it comes to deer rifles, Mossberg has added a boatload of new choices for 2019. Included is the great-looking, ultra-affordable Patriot Predator—Cerakote/True Timber Strata Camo ($524). This suppressor-ready bolt-action is available in four calibers (6.5mm Creedmoor, 22-250 Rem, 243 Win and 308 Win) and combines a weather-resistant, synthetic stock dipped in TrueTimber Strata camo with Cerakote Patriot Brown coating on the bolt and barrel, providing enhanced protection from abrasions, chemicals and corrosion. Completing the package is a 22-inch fluted, threaded barrel (5/8”-24 TPI) with protective thread cap; top-mounted, Picatinny rail; spiral-fluted bolt; and sling swivel studs. MossbergPatriotWalnut 900Mossberg Patriot Walnut—450 Bushmaster. Your next deer stops here. Packed with stopping power, the new Patriot Predator and Patriot Walnut bolt-action rifles ($410-$542) chambered in 450 Bushmaster are ideal for deer, hog or bear hunting at moderate ranges. Deer hunting opportunities are also expanded with the knockdown power of the 450 Bushmaster in areas where straight-walled cartridges are now allowed in previously-restricted (slug-shotgun, handgun and muzzleloader) zones. These classically-styled bolt-action rifles feature a 16.25-inch threaded barrel on the Patriot Predator offering and a 20-inch threaded barrel on the Patriot Walnut (shown above) and Patriot Synthetic-stocked versions. The stock is reinforced with a crossbolt in the Walnut offering. WthbyVanguardFirstLite 900Weatherby Vanguard First Lite. What do you get when you mesh Weatherby’s legendary fit and finish with a special Monte Carlo stock covered in great-looking and proven First Lite Fusion camo? For many deer hunters, the answer is their next gun. The special stock of the Vanguard First Lite ($1,099) comes complete with a right-side palm swell and textured forearm and grip areas, and you’ll also find an Accubrake included on all calibers, as well as an Adjustable Match Quality, Two-stage Trigger, Fluted Bolt Body, and One-piece Machined Bolt Body. Choose from 10 popular calibers including 6.5 Creedmoor and 240 Wby. Mag. WthbyMarkVSubalpine 900Weatherby Mark V Sitka Subalpine. What a stunner. Sitka aficionados will be happy to see a Weatherby Mark V production rifle wrapped in proven Gore Optifade Subalpine camo ($2,700). Weighing as little as 5 1/2 pounds, this combination of weight, accuracy, and finish means this rifle deserves to go deep into the backcountry. The composite stock with aluminum bedding blocks gives this rifle a strong foundation to make those challenging cross-canyon shots. The fluted bolt body aides in the reduction of weight, and the Flat Dark Earth Cerakote finish on all metalwork guarantees rugged dependability. Choose from 257 Wby. Mag., 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5-300 Wby Mag., 270 Wby. Mag. and 300 Wby. Mag.BegaraHighlander900Bergara Premier Highlander. Deer beware. This fine new-for-2019 rifle ($1,850) features the proven Bergara Premier action and is available in 9 different calibers including 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 PRC. You’ll also find a Fiberglass stock, hinged floor plate and Cerakote Sniper Gray finish, as well as a pre-threaded 5/8×24 muzzle with knurled thread protector, and a trigger featuring TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology.



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