Tip: Use The ScentCone To Hunt Multiple Stands On Same Day

Why check your ScentCone often? Not only can it point you to the right stand; it will also let you know when it's time to move.

by Mark Melotik

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Why check your ScentCone often? Not only can it point you to the right stand; it will also let you know when it’s time to move.

ScentConeLead900Day in and day out, all season long, one of the most-valuable features of the HuntStand app continues to be the incredibly helpful (and scary-accurate) ScentCone. Each year we receive dozens of amazing testimonials of how this cutting-edge feature—which is a cone-shaped, visual depiction of how your scent is relating to any specific point you might choose on the worldwide map—has helped HuntStand users select the best hunting locations for any specific day, and so, see more hunting success.


To access the ScentCone feature anywhere in the world, simply open the ScoutMap and drop a pin (to mark a stand site, parking spot or any point along the route to or from your stand). Immediately upon saving the specific location with a name and description, the ScentCone feature appears on screen, with a pair of scroll arrows, right or left.

ScentCone1 900As you save a location the ScentCone will show the wind coming off that point at that very moment. Then, it’s simply a matter of scrolling to the right to see what the wind will be doing at that specific location each and every hour of the day or night, out to 10 days!


To most veteran hunters the many ScentCone advantages are obvious, but just one of the benefits of this amazing feature is that it allows you to effectively choose the best daily stand sites…(even for an entire week-long hunt)…days in advance, and from the comfort of your home or cabin. Of course, things can change, but HuntStand’s wind and weather forecasts are constantly being updated for accuracy, so opening the app to double-check conditions the evening before a hunt (not to mention just before you leave for your stand in the morning) will ensure you have the most-accurate information possible.

ScentCone3 900As users have mentioned again and again, one of the most-powerful features of the ScentCone is its ability to show accurate, drastic wind changes during any specific day to help you make the most of your valuable hunt time. As an example, a user will know that a stand that might have ideal wind conditions for the first four hours of the day should be vacated at a certain time, as conditions change. In a case like this, the accurate ScentCone information not only prevents you from alerting deer relating to a specific stand site, HuntStand can also point you to a new stand that will give you the best chance for success the remainder of the day.

Do you have a story detailing your success with the HuntStand Hunting app ScentCone feature? We’d love to gain wisdom and learn from your experiences. Shoot an e-mail to Mark Melotik, executive editor, if you’re willing to share: [email protected]



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