TOP POST-SEASON Trail Camera Tactics With Josh Honeycutt

by HuntStand


Find more “survivor” whitetails after seasons have ended with these top post-season trail camera tactics from HuntStand Pro Josh Honeycutt. Why are we talking about trail cameras right now in late winter? To clarify, many wise hunters use trail cameras year-round to monitor changes to their local deer population. And of course, a big part of that is finding mature bucks that have survived the hunting season.

A critical part of getting images of the most deer possible on your chosen tract is placing your trail cameras in the best spots. In this video Honeycutt explains why the three best spots for trail cameras in the post season are bedding areas, feeding areas, and water sources.

Bedding Area Edges Can Be Hot

Honeycutt explains that great bedding areas are epitomized by thick nasty tangles of cover. However, he also points out that deer in late season gravitate to areas of good solar cover, such as sunny south-facing slopes. In addition, good bedding might well contain good thermal cover, such as stands of coniferous trees that block strong winter winds.

Good food sources include cut and standing corn, and woody or general browse that is often a primary food source. Good water sources can include lakes, streams and rivers.

More good spots for post-season trail cameras include travel corridors such as pinch points, and where trails intersect. Past knowledge of popular travel routes can also be helpful. Remember to avoid setting cameras facing southward if possible, to avoid direct sunlight and improve your image quality.

Are you ready to improve your future deer hunting success with help from setting post-season trail cameras? Get your hands on some trail cameras, set them in recommended locations, and prepare to start learning. The more you learn about your local deer now, will help you become a better deer hunter this fall.

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