Top Turkey Hunting Tools For 2021

Don’t get caught short on gear in the turkey woods. This must-see selection offers up more than 20 serious upgrades all turkey chasers need to consider for this spring.

by HuntStand


Don’t get caught short on gear in the turkey woods. This must-see selection offers up more than 20 serious upgrades all turkey chasers need to consider for this spring.


HuntStand Pro. Get the info you need to hunt smarter and fill all your turkey tags. The award-winning HuntStand app has a full suite of features to take your hunt to the next level. From turkey-specific map markers and scouting tools to advanced weather and nationwide property info, HuntStand has all the tools you need to scout, plan, and hunt more effectively.

With our new offline mapping, you can take HuntStand with you even if your quest for a big tom takes you far off grid. And don’t forget HuntStand offers detailed printed maps that are ideal for cabins and hunt groups. Click here for more info now!ALPSDashBlind 900ALPS OutdoorZ Dash Panel Blind. On-the-move ground hunters everywhere should be smiling. The lightweight and versatile Dash Blind (5 lbs., 8 oz.; 54 inches high, adjustable width 40-80 inches) was developed primarily for turkey hunters, but is equally suitable for a wide variety of hunting applications. The hybrid system combines the key benefits of traditional pop-up blinds with the high-mobility and lightweight of traditional panel blinds; the three-panel construction offers a generous three-directions of ground-level concealment for one to two hunters. The SILENT-TRAC front window system better accommodates the needs of rifle, shotgun, or compound/crossbow shooters, while top and bottom windows allow independent adjustment. Includes ground stakes and interior mesh pocket, and is offered in Mossy Oak Obsession camo. LacrosseSnake 900LaCrosse Alpha Agility Snake Boot. Turkey hunters everywhere will be moving further and faster thanks to the light weight, flexibility, and comfort of the new Alpha Agility Snake Boot ($170). Premium hand-laid rubber over 5mm of naturally insulating neoprene delivers waterproof durability; the flexible snake protection fabric is sandwiched between the liner and exterior of the boot, to give you complete snake protection without weighing you down. You’ll also find LaCrosse’s signature adjustable gusset that fits any size calf snugly and securely. Available in both men’s (shown) and women’s models.DryShod Snake 900Dryshod ViperStop Snake Boot. Better to be safe than sorry in the turkey woods. The new ViperStop snake boot ($189.95) was developed for those who hunt in areas and climates where encounters with venomous snakes are possible or likely. The Wixit Cool-Clad airmesh lining is ideal for active spring turkey hunters, as well as hog and deer hunters. Protection comes from the ViperStop’s hand-laid, penetration-resistant rubber, which sheathes the boot from the outsole to the top of the calf pipe. These boots are also two inches taller than other Dryshod outdoor boots to ensure added security from not only snake bites, but also the deeper water and brush typically found in snake country. An adjustable gusset accommodates larger calf sizes and allows for clothing to be comfortably tucked inside the boot. It’s available in men’s sizes 7-16 and comes dressed in Veil camo.

RMHC DirtyTrick 900

The Dirty Trick By Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls. Here’s a new take on a friction call all gobbler chasers need to see. Made with an aluminum pot and calling surface, the Dirty Trick ($24.95) is ultra-thin, so it fits easily in either your turkey vest or shirt pocket and is easy to handle in the field. The aluminum call surface creates incredible volume and high-pitched yelps, clucks and purrs that allows the sound to carry in thick timber or windy prairies. The high pitch will drive big toms crazy. The one-piece hardwood striker has a carbon-fiber tip inserted into the shaft for realistic sounds in all weather conditions.AvianXHDRStrutter 900Avian-X Customizable HDR Strutter Decoy. When it comes to turkeys, realism rules. The new Avian-X HDR Strutter ($249.99) rounds out the flock of decoys and postures in the Heavy-Duty Realism series. This convincing tom allows for intricate customization; interchangeable heads with two distinct aggression levels (dominant and submissive) help set the mood. The included tail fan adjusts between a tom and jake by shortening the outermost tail fan sections. The extremely durable injection-molded tail fan outperforms real feathers. It packs easily in a turkey vest when collapsed and quickly deploys when needed. The strutting wing pieces and fan also remove easily for real feather substitutions. Flocked feathers, realistic legs and a stunning iridescent paint scheme further authenticate reality down to the last feather.MontanaXDMissPurrfect 900Montana Decoy XD Turkey Decoy Collection. The most packable and lightweight 3D turkey decoys on the market just got a whole lot better. The new-for-2021 XD (extra detail) turkey decoy collection features the Miss Purrfect XD (shown above), Jake Purrfect XD, and the combination of the two, the Purrfect Pair XD. All feature realistic taxidermy eyes and improved printing to reflect a wild turkey’s iridescence, as well as Perfect Pose Technology, which allows you to create a variety of body, head, and neck positions. Both decoys transform from a folded 9×3-inch dinner plate to a full, 34-inch long decoy in a matter of seconds. Also, each decoy now comes with a portable carry bag for faster collapsing and easier travel.JakeFan 2Sides 900Killer Gear JakeFan. Get ready for some serious excitement. Use the JakeFan ($139.99) as a traditional stationary decoy or a run-and-gun fanning decoy all in one, to trigger the territorial response of a dominant tom. The super-realistic built-in manual function effectively mimics an

JakeFan Field 900adolescent bird going in and out of strut. A built-in ground stake recesses into the handle when not in use; it deploys for use as a traditional decoy, and allows you to be hands-free when fanning, at the moment of truth.BadlandsVest 900Badlands Turkey Vest. Get it right or go home. That was the attitude Badlands took in designing its thoughtful Turkey Vest ($169.99), a build the company says required more research and development than any other piece of Badlands gear. Made with KXO-32 fabric (covered in cutting-edge Approach camo) the Turkey Vest is lightweight, waterproof and quiet; front YKK zipper pockets are specifically designed for a pair of slate calls, while a striker pocket right behind them keeps your sticks quiet and safe until it’s time to talk Tom. You’ll also find a dedicated, hooked-flap box call pouch that also makes room for chalk, resin and scuff pads, and a pair of magnetically closed chest pockets that stow your mouth calls up close and handy. More cool features include a flip-down seat, hydration pocket and lapel pocket that will hold an inflatable decoy; adjustable buckles allow for a wide range of fits, and the quick-adjust shoulder straps feature the new Bino Connect system that allows attachment of a Badlands bino case.NOMADvest 900Nomad Pursuit Convertible Turkey Vest. What turkey hunter doesn’t love getting two pieces of gear in one? Great for run-and-gun hunts, the new-for-2021 Pursuit Convertible Vest ($100) can be worn as a traditional vest, or unclipped to be worn as a fanny pack. This versatile design features two friction call pockets and a zippered storage cargo pocket with striker and shotgun shell elastic loops; the vest features a box call pocket with an adjustable buckle and protective rigid-foam outer shell with a built-in chalk holder and locator call sleeve. An external Thermacell pocket helps fend off unwanted insect attacks and a chest pocket offers quick access to a rangefinder, GPS or a cell phone. You’ll also find a removable high-density foam seat for long-lasting comfort, and a handy stowable game bag. It’s available in two Mossy Oak patterns: Bottomland and Shadow Leaf.ALPSGrandSlam 900Alps OutdoorZ Grand Slam Turkey Vest. Here’s a true mack-daddy vest: a mobile turkey hunting work station for those who like to be prepared for any situation. The Grand Slam ($179.99) has plenty of pockets for all types of calls as you might expect, but also some nice touches that include a sit-anywhere removable kickstand frame with adjustable, fast-locking legs and swivel feet to prevent sinking. You’ll also find a smartphone sleeve that allows you to use your phone while in the pocket, as well as a removable memory foam foldaway seat, detachable shoulder straps and much, much more.NOMADKillinTimeTurkeyVest 900Nomad Killin’ Time Turkey Vest. Hard-core turkey hunters will likely salivate at the sight of this new-for-2021 design, which features 14 points of adjustability to get the perfect fit and 28 general and specialized pockets, strategically placed to give easy access to calls, cell phone, GPS, decoys and more. The Killin’ Time Turkey Vest ($180) incorporates a vertical, long box call pocket with an adjustable buckle and rigid-foam outer sleeve for added protection and a horizontal box call pocket with a built-in chalk holder and locator call sleeve. An external Thermacell pocket helps fend off unwanted insect attacks, and an adjustable, roomy game pouch can also hold decoy stakes. The unique stadium seat allows hunters to sit back and relax without having a tree for support while a removable, high-density, foam cushion provides long-lasting comfort during extended sits. It’s available in two Mossy Oak patterns: Bottomland and Shadow Leaf. ALPSHighRidgeChair 900ALPS OutdoorZ High Ridge Chair. Packed with first-of-its-kind features, the new High Ridge ($74.99) is designed to help the solo turkey hunter. The folding design (available in Mossy Oak Obsession camo) is based on the same low-profile concept as the ALPS OutdoorZ Vanish and Vanish MC hunting chairs, but with added features that include an integrated, supported fabric side table that easily accommodates two slate calls with strikers, a box call, and multiple diaphragm calls. Another welcome feature is a pocket attached to the left-side frame strut, designed to hold a Thermacell appliance—a device many turkey hunters use to repel mosquitos and biting insects. And you’ll also find two shotgun shell loops to facilitate reloading. Back height is 26.5 inches; seat measures 20.25×18 inches. Weight is 7 pounds, 4 ounces.

PR_Photos_21Easton 4MM Full Metal Jacket. More sizes mean more hunting versatility, and the new 4MM FMJ expands Easton’s flagship FMJ hunting arrow line with a new spine configuration, an all-new 8-32 point outsert system and redesigned graphics. The new aluminum point outsert (50 grains) optimizes front-of-center for easier broadhead tuning and more durability; all Full Metal Jacket arrows combine a full metal jacket (7075 aluminum alloy) over an ultra-micro diameter carbon core. The ultra-micro diameter FMJ 4MM come pre-installed with 4MM nocks and aluminum point outserts. They’re compatible with standard thread 8-32 broadheads and field points, and are available in the most popular hunting spine sizes: 250, 300, 340, and 400. Offered in both ±.003-inch standard ($159.99 6-pack fletched) and ±.001-inch Match Grade ($179.99 6-pack fletched) straightness. VictoryVForce Sport 900VictoryVForce Sport 900VictoryVForce Sport 900Victory VForce TKO Arrow. Why settle for inferior arrows? Victory is calling this one the most advanced standard diameter (.245) hunting arrow available on the market. Like all Victory Archery arrows, these come spine-aligned by the dozen and boast some of the tightest straightness tolerances of any arrows in the industry. Available in three versions, there’s sure to be a VF TKO arrow to match your needs. The Elite version provides an unmatched ±.001-inch straightness tolerance while the more economical Gamer and Sport versions boast tolerances of ±.003- and ±.006-inch respectively. All feature 100-percent high modulus carbon fiber construction; the exterior features Victory Archery’s famous ICE Nano Ceramic Coating that maximizes penetration when hunting and makes for easy removal from your targets during practice sessions. TitaniumXQuadcutter 900Titanium X Quadcutter Broadhead. Whether your goal is turkeys or deer, the four-blade, no-fail Quadcutter ($39.99/3) ensures that your broadhead will never be the weak link in your arsenal. The one-piece, Grade 5 titanium ferrule has been CNC-machined for precision balance and accuracy. Leading the ferrule is a cut-on-impact point with four sharp and concave beveled edges to deliver maximum penetration in thick hide and bone. Boasting a generous 1 3/16-inch cutting diameter, the four premium, surgical-grade stainless steel blades are .031 inches thick to effectively cut through the largest game animals and produce massive blood trails. Included with each 3-pack is spare set of blades for practice or hunting, and a broadhead wrench.SEVR2.0 900SEVR Titanium 2.0 Mechanical. Turkeys beware. Redesigned in 2020 to feature a more swept-back blade angle, re-engineered deployment arm geometry, and a new 2-inch cutting diameter max-cut blade, this fine head now delivers up to 15 percent more penetration than the original Ti 2.1. Additionally, re-engineered deployment arm geometry exposes more of the blades’ leading edge for improved cutting. All Ti 2.1 ferrules can accept the new Ti 2.0 replacement blades. The Ti 2.0 couples SEVR’s patented rear-deploy locking-pivoting blade technology with a titanium ferrule that provides higher strength for more durability. The SEVR  2.0 comes in three configurations: 100 and 125 grain (for standard 8-32 threads) and 100 grain (for Deep Six). All SEVR heads offer the innovative Practice Lock Practice Mode; a supplied set screw can be inserted into the ferrule to lock the blades in their protected, undeployed position for target practice.WaspJakHammer 900Wasp Jak-Hammer Mechanical. Wasp has taken home several awards in our recent broadhead tests and when it comes to turkeys, the deadly three-blade Jak-Hammer with its 1 ¾-inch cutting diameter is a proven favorite. As with all Wasp SST broadheads, the Jak-Hammer features a pre-aligned, Stainless Smart Tip (SST). The edges of the trocar, Smart Tip are factory-aligned with the rise of the three stainless steel blades creating a straight cutting path that opens a gaping wound channel, ensuring maximum penetration. The three surgically sharp stainless steel blades fold forward in flight and are retained by an O-ring. Blades deploy on impact. FedTSS 2021 900Federal Expands HEAVYWEIGHT TSS Options. Turkeys beware. Federal has stretched the deadly reach of its popular and proven HEAVYWEIGHT TSS, with a new 2-ounce 12-gauge (3-inch) load of mixed No. 7 and 9 shot ($67.99/5). The tungsten-alloy material’s 18 g/cc density is 22 percent higher than standard tungsten and 56 percent more than lead, and these new loads offer more than double the pellet count of lead No. 5 loads of the same weight. The result is the most energy and highest velocities at extreme range. The loads’ rear-braking FliteControl FLEX wad is designed to perform flawlessly through ported and standard turkey chokes for the most consistent, deadly patterns possible. A portion of the proceeds are donated to the National Wild Turkey Federation.FedRobertsCustom1 900Federal Custom Shop Rob Roberts Special Edition TSS Turkey Loads. Looking for the best premium turkey loads available? Patterns, precision and personalization all come together in two new turkey options from Federal Custom Shop. Federal collaborated with legendary choke tube designer Rob Roberts Custom Gunworks, to deliver optimal pattern density and downrange energy from the No. 9 Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) payloads. The 20-gauge option ($119.99/10) is loaded with 1 3/4 ounce—approximately 634 pellets—and the 2-ounce 12-gauge load ($139.99/10) tallies a pellet count of 725.FedRobertsCustom20 900TSS payloads offer more than double the pellet count of lead No. 5 loads of the same weight; TSS is 22-percent denser than standard tungsten, and 56 percent denser than lead. Like all Federal Custom Shop ammunition, the new loads are handcrafted to order by Federal’s team of experts, not pulled out of inventory in a warehouse, for quality that’s simply unmatched. KENT UT12GA 900Kent Ultimate Turkey Loads. Made better to perform better in the turkey woods. Ultimate Turkey Loads (available in 12- and 20-gauge) make use of high antimony, super-hard Diamond Shot—precision lead shot that’s taken to the next level with a proprietary production process that

KENT UT20GA 900sees it graded further than standard lead shot, and then polished to produce highly consistent and uniform shot, delivering unmatched patterns. You’ll also find a High-Density polymer hull specifically built to deliver easy loading and smooth ejection in high-performance loads. In the end, you get uniform pellets and custom blended powders that increase payloads and deliver dense, uniform patterns with enhanced knockdown power.PlanoFieldLockerElement2 900Plano Field Locker Element Long Gun Cases. Traveling turkey hunters rejoice—these bombproof designs can take whatever you or Mother Nature throws at them, and keep your prized firearms protected and ready to rock. Choose from Single ($199.99) or Double ($269.99, shown above with Easy-Glide Wheels) models, tested to meet or exceed Mil-Spec recommendations; the shock resistant protection that surrounds the firearm also extends to the accessories stored inside, as each case has additional room for accessory storage. Ammunition, magazines, optics, or any other item case also be stored and transported while held in place with customizable double density foam and extra wide dual stage draw down latches. Each case is equipped with a continuous, molded in Dri-Loc gasket for waterproof construction and pressure release valve for drastic temperature and altitude changes. All Element cases are Made in the USA and airline approved.

goat-box-900-mainGOAT HUB 70. It’s not just a cooler, it’s an adventure system. The unique engineering of the GOAT HUB 70 includes CAN storage containers on all four corners, allowing you to store critical camping or hunting gear. Optionally, you can upgrade to a variety of pre-filled containers with categorical essentials: pandemic, basic first aid, medic and more.


Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener. Tuck a Guided Field Sharpener into your turkey vest this season. It’s the ideal compact knife-sharpening solution, with built-in angle guides to give your blades a consistent edge. The sharpening guides are designed to accommodate hunting knives, pocket knives and filet knives, making easy work of sharpening flat, curved and serrated blades—as well as camp tools such as axes, hatchets and machetes. Oh, and you can even use it to sharpen fish hooks for slamming bass after your gobbler is on ice.

StealthCamREACTOR 900Stealth Cam Reactor Wireless Trail Camera. Ready to experience a whole new wireless advantage? The new Reactor ($199.99) is easy to set up, requires less batteries, and captures premium-quality images and videos with class-leading performance and program customization. It uses the latest in wireless data transmission technology to provide fast image and video transfer from remote camera locations, to anywhere you have a network connection. With this technology, users can employ the free Stealth Cam App to download photos and videos on demand, set transmission schedules, delete data from the memory card, and control all camera functions and image management features without having to be on-site. Boasting 26-megapixel photo and 1080P video recording, the Reactor delivers superior imaging day or night; it’s compatible for AT&T users in the US, Canada, and Mexico and available as a 4G Verizon network compatibility model, also in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.SpyPointLINK-S-DARK 900SPYPOINT LINK-S-DARK Cellular Trail Camera. The new LINK-S-DARK is designed to deliver important scouting information, while doing more to limit intrusion than any other trail camera before it. As part of the LTE-network connected LINK series from SPYPOINT, the LINK-S-DARK transfers photos out by the cellular network in the area, so you can stop making disruptive weekly trips to pull cards; you can now see what is happening via the free SPYPOINT app. In addition, the LINK-S-DARK uses integrated solar panel and lithium battery technology that greatly extends battery life. Like all other SPYPOINT cellular trail cameras, the LINK-S-DARK is available in two carrier models. Because photo transmission plans are managed in the SPYPOINT app, and purchased directly from SPYPOINT, hunters can select the carrier that offers the best, most-reliable cellular signal instead of being forced to purchase a camera based on their personal cell phone carrier.TactacamReveal 900Tactacam Reveal Cellular Camera. Most know Tactacam from its premium POV action cameras—but it’s used that technology to build one of the most-exciting new cellular trail cameras we’ve seen, complete with supporting app. The new Reveal by Tactacam ($119.99) is not only nicely affordable, but is also unusually user-friendly. The unit is up and ready with a quick scan of the color LCD screen, and takes less than two minutes to set up. Standout Reveal features include ease of setup with the Tactacam Reveal app, and it’s built to detect animals up to 96+ feet away. You’ll also find 24 MP images, and adjustable night illumination. And of course, the ability to keep your hunting area undisturbed while scouting and taking inventory of your animals, with the convenience of using just your phone. The Tactacam Reveal offers monthly plans starting as low as $5 a month (USA: ATT and Verizon), which allows photos to be temporarily stored in the Cloud and then be reviewed and managed either on the Reveal app or an SD card.MoultrieMobile Delta 900Moultrie Mobile Delta Cellular Trail Camera. More power, more better. Moultrie Mobile is calling its new Delta Trail Camera ($99.99) the most-powerful cellular trail camera ever built. Advanced features include industry-first High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging, combined with best-in-class 32MP resolution. The HDR imaging allows the Delta to capture enhanced detail in highlights and shadows—even in the most difficult lighting conditions. The camera’s 32MP ILLUMI-NIGHT 3 Sensor delivers images and video with vivid colors by day and crisp, bright clarity at night with invisible infrared flash. The Delta further separates itself with up to 50-percent improved battery life than previous models, and you also get an 80-foot invisible flash range and 80-foot detection range.WildGameKickerIR 900Wildgame Innovations The Kicker. Who says you have to spend a bundle on trail cameras to get all the info you need across several tracts? The new-for-2021 Kicker ($49.99) from Wildgame Innovations is an excellent option for budget-minded hunters who want to cover a lot of ground all at once; it will capture crisp 14 MP images and high-definition 20p HD video (with an illumination range of 65 feet) to help you find the right spots at the right times. And even if target animals are moving you can expect detailed images, helped along by the Kicker’s sub one-second trigger speed.

big-game-brew-coffee-turkeyBig Game Brew’s Full Strut Roast. Fight your turkey-season sleep deprivation and stay on your game for those painstakingly early-morning hunts with Full Strut Roast. This flavorful coffee is infused with notes of toasted cinnamon and nutty pecan.




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