Texas Rio Grande Turkey Hunt in the Devil’s Nest [POSSE]

by HuntStand


In this exciting episode the turkey POSSE heads to central Texas for an unforgettable turkey hunt. The crew will be turkey hunting “The Devil’s Nest.” From gobblers walking on vertical walls to an epic turkey kill in a rocky dry creek bed, this is a Rio Grande turkey hunt for the books.

What do you consider the coolest and most-scenic spot you’ve ever hunted the wild turkey? For POSSE member Josh Dahlke, the answer would be The Devil’s Nest in central Texas. Despite blowing out a few truck tires in the unforgiving Texas backcountry, the scenic backdrop that is The Devil’s Nest was well worth the trouble.

Soon after arriving Josh unpacks his gear that includes the Alps OutdoorZ Impact Vest, which he chose for several reasons. The compact and easily packable design was just the thing to stuff in his checked luggage.

Are Rios an easy addition to your Grand Slam quest? Hardly. Watch as the POSSE plays chess with a couple different wary gobblers, while dealing with a river barrier, and property lines. Luckily, the team knows exactly where the property lines are thanks to HuntStand Pro. But soon, things come together in an epic rocky, dry river bed encounter.

After turkey success in the Devil’s Nest, Josh prepares his gobbler for the flight back home. Can you really fly with turkey meat? You bet you can! Josh offers up some tips to get your trophy back home and ready for a memorable, mouth-watering meal.

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