Turkeys From A Distance: Federal Extends & Blends TSS Options For 2019

Following a stellar TSS debut last year, Federal has launched Heavyweight TSS blended loads for turkey hunters in 2019.

by Mark Melotik

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Following a stellar TSS debut last year, Federal has launched Heavyweight TSS blended loads for turkey hunters in 2019.

After nearly a full hour of exciting running and gunning after distant gobbles, it looked like my 2018 northern Wisconsin turkey season was melting down. The past several late-May days had largely been filled with promising but fruitless setups, but now, on my hunt’s last morning, I’d finally closed the distance enough to clearly see my target: A dominant eastern northwoods gobbler displaying for a handful of adoring hens out there in front of me. The primary dilemma? The strutting tom, somewhat below me in a slight depression, still seemed a good distance away. And I’d more or less run out of precious ground cover in the mostly mature, jackpine forest. Classic bigwoods country.

All my options, including belly-crawling further ahead and backing up and circling, seemed weak. But then the gobbler helped me choose. Instead of continuing his unique strut-and-circle-slowly dance, the big bird froze in a stationary strut. He stood there, facing me head-on, for what seemed several agonizing minutes. Watching that floating, bright blue and red head through the red-dot scope became too much. As I squeezed the trigger, the bird collapsed on the spot. The new, 3.5-inch Federal 12-gauge load featuring No. 7 HEAVYWEIGHT TSS had done its deadly work. Later, because I had a rangefinder handy, I’d find that the shot was made on a bird well over half a football field away.

Make no mistake, my spring 2018 success was far from unique, and for 2019 Small Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) shot is, quite predictably, in big demand with turkey hunters. Ultra-dense TSS pellets fly farther, penetrate deeper and stay on target longer, plus, there are more of them in the payload. All that is better when your goal is to take down a turkey, which is why Federal has increased its product lineup of HEAVYWEIGHT TSS turkey loads for 2019.TSS12gaBox 900Six New TSS Load Options. TSS is a metal alloy comprised primarily of tungsten. It has a density of 18 grams per cubic centimeter and is harder than steel. TSS is more than double the density of steel and 50 percent denser than lead. The increased density retains velocity, and penetrates deep. Hardness also prevents pellet deformation, which improves pattern efficiency and penetration. Because of its increased density, you can use a smaller TSS pellet to deliver the same amount of energy as much larger lead shot or steel shot. This means you can greatly increase the pellet count of a payload by using a smaller shot size, but the pellets penetrate as much or more because of the increased density. Overall patterns densities are increased, so there are more hits on the target. TSS is also certified non-toxic by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, so it can be used for waterfowl hunting.

Federal Premium HEAVYWEIGHT TSS turkey loads extend their deadly reach on gobblers with four new offerings, including blended loads that combine No. 7 and No. 9, or No. 8 and No. 10 Tungsten Super Shot to deliver the extremely high pellet-count patterns some turkey hunters are constantly striving for. In fact, some of the new payloads eclipse 1,000 pellets in one shell.

New TSS Blended Turkey Loads. Last year (2018), Federal’s engineers introduced seven HEAVYWEIGHT TSS loads using small TSS pellets in 12- and 20-gauge and .410. Those offerings included 3-inch 12-gauge loads with 1 3/4 ounces of No. 7 or No. 9 TSS shot; 3 1/2-inch 12-gauge loads with 2 1/4 ounces of No. 7 or No. 9 shot; a 3-inch 20-gauge load with 1 1/2 ounces of No. 7 shot; and a 3-inch .410 load with 13/16 ounce of No. 9 shot. There was also a lower-recoil 20-gauge option with 1 ½ ounces of No. 9 shot pushed at 1,000 fps. The loads were wildly popular with die-hard turkey hunters.HeavyweightTSS 900New for 2019, The two new 12-gauge, 3 1/2-inch TSS Blended options are a 2 1/2-ounce No. 7/9 mix or a 2-1/2-ounce No. 8/10 mix, each at an MSRP of $63.95. The two options of 20-gauge 3-inch loads include a 1 5/8-ounce No. 7/9 mix, or a 1 5/8-ounce No. 8/10 mix at an MSRP of $46.95.

HEAVYWEIGHT TSS is loaded using advanced buffering material and is 22-percent denser than standard tungsten. Other features and benefits include a roll crimp and clear card wad to keep buffering material in place: Full-length wads prevent direct contact of the extra-hard pellets and the bore, protecting the barrel. The shells come in five-count packs, and a portion of all proceeds is donated to the National Wild Turkey Federation.

The FLEX Wad Advantage. All of the new Heavyweight TSS offerings use the full-length FLITECONTROL FLEX wad. Its unique design improves pattern density and consistency when fired through ported and non-ported chokes, even the high-tech, high-performance, after-market chokes diehard turkey hunters desire most.

The wad’s redesigned rear-deploying brake fins and side-mounted vents stimulate the payload for separation from the wad at precisely the right moment for the densest, most consistent patterns possible. The brake fins open, so payloads separate exactly when they’re supposed to, regardless of the gas pressure behind them. The result is improved performance in flight leading to longer range capability and improved pattern efficiency.Markturk2 900The new-for-2019 TSS options certainly offer major advantages for turkey hunters, especially those seeking longer-range performance, and are available at Federal Ammunition’s wide network of dealers and distribution partners worldwide.



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